Matt McGloin staying positive as he slips down depth chart


When the Raiders traded for Matt Schaub, it was a pretty good sign that Matt McGloin wouldn’t be starting at quarterback again this season.

When they drafted Derek Carr in the second round in May, it opened up the possibility that McGloin wouldn’t even be Schaub’s primary backup. That possibility moved a lot closer to reality during OTAs as Carr passed McGloin on the depth chart to move into the No. 2 job while continuing to mount a challenge to Schaub for the starting job. That’s left McGloin feeling “further along” than he was in 2013 without much way to show off an increased mastery of the Oakland offense.

“All I can do is stay positive, control what I can control and make the most of my reps and my opportunities when I get in there,” McGloin said, via the Wilkes-Barre Citizens’ Voice. “Everything else is out of my hands. I’m just at the point where you’ve got to protect your job.”

McGloin started six games last season and finished the year with eight touchdowns and eight interceptions in an overall performance that did more to make him look like a capable backup than a long-term answer as a starter. If he’s going to be a backup in Oakland, it looks like he’ll need to wait until Carr moves into the starting lineup, though.

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  1. Matt McGloin is a cinderella story waiting to happen. He just needs the right team and a little development to make this happen. (Houston!)

  2. When you slip down the depth chart in Oakland, you have reached the very bottom of the barrel.

  3. As soon as Schaub starts to stink the joint up (likely game 3), McGloin will start shooting up that depth chart again. But it’s the Raiders, and stinking he joint up doesn’t seem to bother them anymore, so who knows.

  4. He says he’s staying positive in order to provide a good example for his son, McGimli.

  5. Stay positive. You look like a very, very good career backup. He’ll play well if the starter is out for a couple weeks, but you don’t want to go into a season with him as your starter

  6. Give the guy a break. He was an undrafted rooke last season. Give him a few years to get his feet set and his head straight. He was thrown into the fire last year. I think he did a good job with the lack of a front line and only Jennings as a RB.

  7. Oakland’s commitment to failure continues.

    Worst franchise in American sports.

  8. McGloin looked decent when thrown into regular season action as a rookie last year but he’s definitely not yet starting material. As a positive, he seems to be able to make competent reads and he does not suffer from delusions of grandeur (unlike Pryor). I think if he keeps working at his craft and maintains a professional attitude, McGloin can last for several more years in the NFL (although again, it’s not guaranteed that he’s future starting material).

  9. I like this kid.

    I would not be surprised to see another team pick him up, start him, and then see him excel.

    Seriously what QB under the tenure of Reggie and DA has succeeded?


    Haven’t we watched Stevie Brown and Sterling Moore depart and become very good elsewhere?

    Didn’t they miss there as well?


    Hell, even Matt Flynn looked like a champ after he left Oakland for Green Bay.

  10. mment
    jjackwagon says: Jul 1, 2014 9:48 AM

    When you slip down the depth chart in Oakland, you have reached the very bottom of the barrel.
    At least Oakland didn’t spend two 2nd round draft picks for a barrel scraper.

  11. @jjackwagon, you may be right. Now if he had slipped down the depth chart UNDER that barrel then he would be in San Diego. The city of losers.

  12. At least Oakland didn’t spend two 2nd round draft picks for a barrel scraper.

    You’re right, they spent a 1st & a 2nd for a barrel scraper.

  13. Being a PSU alum, I’m admittedly biased. But Matt is a great kid and a good QB. I just hope he gets a fair shake one of these days in the NFL. I think he got a raw deal last year, as the rest of the team around him stunk up the joint. I’m crossing my fingers he makes his way back into the starting job again.

    I’m also a bit surprised Coach O’Brien didn’t trade for him this winter. That would have been cool to see.

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