No charges against Aldon Smith for bomb threat


Aldon Smith might have plenty of problems (perhaps even 99), but a bomb threat’s not one.

According to Bill Williamson of, the 49ers outside linebacker won’t face charges from the fake bomb threat case.

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office declined to press charges, stemming from the April incident at Los Angeles International Airport.

Smith still faces sentencing on July 25 from his no contest pleas to three felony gun charges.

The league will review his accumulated incidents, and he will still likely face a suspension from the NFL.

39 responses to “No charges against Aldon Smith for bomb threat

  1. Tank Carradine will be a great replacement for him while he’s out, so don’t get too comfortable Seahawks, Cardinals and Rams fans.

  2. That blows! I would love to hear a statement from Homeland Security that made any sense.

  3. Yea it’s not like he was driving drunk or anything dangerous…..

    Because he would’ve gotten away with that one too

    oh wait he already has

  4. I would like to hear a statement from the LA attorneys office explaining why he will not be charged like I would have been.

  5. have to say since Harbaugh got there, seems to be a lot more off the field stuff with the niners.

  6. This is so typical. If we, the average working joe did this, we would be looking at prosecution, no question. Not to even mention all the other things this guy has on his record and yet they sweep it under the carpet and pat him on the back. Maybe he’ll go out and have a drink to celebrate. I know this guy has some problems but to continue to give him and third and forth chances is not going to help his situation.

  7. I said when it happened that some overzealous official wanted to flex his authoritative muscle in front of this big, powerful black man to show him who’s in charge. (put him in his place)

    Everybody there, knew there was nothing to that charge. See how that works. BOGUS.

  8. “Must be nice to have money. I would be in jail.”

    Put your (lack of) money where your mouth is. Call in a bomb threat and see what happens.

  9. I believe he went through security multiple times and then was further searched. After being ‘randomly selected’ for further screening and being cleared, he said something along the lines of:

    “You don’t want to check to see if I have a bomb?”

    It’s easy to hate on the guy because he’s made his share of mistakes and by all account, has a legitimate alcohol dependency. All that being said, he said something, obviously in jest, at an airport and is not being cited for it.

    Going through airport security and further screening can be frustrating and upsetting. What he allegedly said is stupid, for sure, but there’s really nothing to see here.

  10. One more thing, the reason this is getting so much attention in the first place is because Aldon Smith is a great football player and the 49ers and Seahawks have such an amazing rivalry.

    Da’Quan Bowers was caught going through security with a gun (and ammo) a couple years ago. He got off with a $370 fine.

  11. All you legal experts assuming that you’d be charged for sure . . . how do you know this? Do you know all the facts that led to the charges being dropped? I’m sure it feels good to act indignant, but if they had a solid case they would have charged him.

  12. If the extent of his other legal issues aren’t enough to teach him a lesson, this one probably wouldn’t have either,

    That being said, less famous or less money would have meant detainment, cavity searches and a day in court.

    He is a very talented player with a lot of growing up to do. I hope those around him look to help him rather than enabling him.

  13. No one would go to jail over this, it was a stupid response in an annoying situation. Bomb threats are a chargeable offense because of the redirection security personnel and the potential threat to civilians as a result of that. None of that happened , he was taken last the gate and then arrested after. No real threat, nothing to see here, move on.

  14. He asked if they wanted to search his bag. They said no. He replied “Why not? I have a bomb”. Don’t make it out to be better than it was. He deliberately provoked them.

  15. Aldon probably got away because they probably had “he said/she said” kind of evidence. When you have good lawyers, they will take that theory apart. The DA would rather not get embarrassed. Its still quite a bit stupid of Aldon given what else he had done.

    On the other hand, I am ‘randomly’ selected for screening ‘every time’ at the airport but I know even I say a word about that they would jump all over me 😉

  16. I don’t understand a lot of the comments…were many of you actually there? Sounds like it…lol

  17. Actually, most people who say something stupid in the security line at the airport get a stern talking too and no charges filed.

    Sorry haters, but that’s reality. Now go talk about your one SB winning dynasty team.

  18. Russell Wilson is pretty much a five foot version of “Jump Ball Joe.” Go look at all his lucky deep throws last season and in the playoffs. Just like JBJ, his team will be garbage this year.

  19. Cool. Well I’ll be sure to do the same next time I’m fed up with the check in process at the airport. Apparently bomb threats at the airport are fun jokes now.
    Oh wait, bad idea if I’m not a millionaire celebrity?

  20. I love bloggers these days, everything sounds like they were standing there watching the whole thing:

    Yo man he did say I have a bomb not I am the bomb lol.

    Incredible what reality actually is to certain people. Fair enough if you hate the person, you can still hate him, but tell it like it is

  21. Mr. prosecutor, your season tickets for 4 seats on the 50 yrd line are in the mail and thanks again. Sincerely …… Jed York.

  22. He was exonerated when a video of him at the airport turned up. It was then clear he had actually been saying, “I have a balm,” as he produced a tub of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm.

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