PFT/NBC relationship turns five today

On July 1, 2009, the switch was flipped on a partnership that created plenty of excitement but also anxiety.  After nearly eight years of running PFT as an independent outlet with no one telling us what to do or how to do it, it was time to sell out.  To go mainstream.  To become something bigger and hopefully better than we had been.  Without becoming, you know, worse.

That balance of being edgy while also evolving into a more widely-read destination has been hard to strike, and we’re routinely accused of being too soft and of being too rough. It’s a small price to pay for a one-way ticket out of 18 years of practicing law, a platform far bigger than the one we had, a weekday web show, a weekday NBCSN show, a bunch of radio work, and involvement in NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

Five years later, the partnership with NBC continues to thrive.  It’ll last at least four more years, and probably (hopefully) a lot longer than that.  And we’ll continue to try to find ways to improve without changing.  And we’ll continue to look for more ways to deliver compelling content to PFT Planet with the goal of being at all times informative, honest, and entertaining.

And we expect to be criticized for loving — and hating — every team, and of being corporate shills and heartless rouges.  It’s still better than having to actually work.

We appreciate those who have found us since we landed at NBC, and we cherish those of you who have been reading the site since before July 1, 2009.  We hope you’ll keep coming back, and that you’ll keep telling your friends, family, acquaintances, and enemies about us.

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  1. Florio as a guy who has been here from day one I say congrats. Yeah it was more fun before it went mainstream but it is amazing how this thing has grown and how you have really changed the face of sports journalism as a result. Congrats again….

  2. Thanks for all you do, Mike. While I know it isn’t at the top of the pecking order, I would love for expanded commenting for a chance to have more voices heard. Some suggestions would be a chance to “reply” to comments and also to arrange comments in order of most agreed, to oldest, to newest, etc. Again, thank you.

  3. That’s cool and all, but seriously, can I have a job now? 😀

    Kidding aside, you do great work, and I hope this site continues on long into the future(thus allowing me more time to land a job and be able to do work that isn’t really work).

  4. PFT will outlive NBC. Strike your next contract negotiation position accordingly.

  5. I miss the old “Pic of the Day” photo chops from the early days! Congrats! Love the site! Will always come back for more!

  6. I first found PFT about 10 years ago, and have checked AT LEAST 2-3 times a day. Though I miss Taco Bills genius and the April Fools posts, it is amazing how far you all have come.

  7. Been a regular since March 2004 when I accidentally stumbled on this site. Kudos to all that work you do MF.

  8. While I’m tired of all my nice posts not be put up for some unknown reason – Florio and Co. have really done a great job. You’ve wasted I dunno how many manhours of lost labor especially during free agency and whatnot. Not many people can claim that type of feat…and you should all be proud.

    I’m going to stop, because the filter hamsters don’t like me.

  9. Great work Mike….enjoy your site a few times a day, and enjoy your weekly time on the Score in Chicago.

  10. yeah I tell my friends About this site. I say if you like TMZ and you like sports, then you’ll love tmz sports section. Then I tell them if tmz website isnt working then check out ProFootballTalk.

  11. I miss that NBC logo. It brings back memories of TV when I was a kid, and AFC games on NBC.

  12. “heartless rouges”

    Not sure what you meant. Maybe rogue is the word you are looking for. It’s a good thing NBC doesn’t insist on high standards for its, you know, reporters.

  13. Mike, personality wise you are the best pundit in my opinion. Your talent, humor and humanity are on display every day. You are also a true role model; you followed a passion later in life, did it well, and in the end achieved something great and got rewarded.

  14. I came here before because of the scoops and Florio was articulate pushed gossip in jest. He still does do that from time to time but now has to tow the line from NBC. It is sad since we have to hear his pro PC company agenda on the “REDSKINS” name all the time which I can really do without. However, it isn’t enough for me not to come here multiple times a day and still enjoy his work. Thanks.

  15. Nice job, Mr. Florio. This is one of my favorite sites I visit several times a day. Keep up the stories.

  16. The site was better before NBC. I don’t remember nearly as many political stories back then.

    Btw, everyone who has been reading PFT as long as I have knows you’re a Steelers homer from Steelers country.


  17. I appreciate and commend the PFT staff; everyone that works here, for their dedication and time they put into their craft. I am fairly new to the PFT community.

    I have apparently struck some chords with some people here; especially the man who wrote this article, for expressing a differing opinion than his and for pointing out factual and grammatical errors in his posts. As long as I am not personally attacking anyone, I don’t think my comments should be moderated simply for disagreeing with another person’s opinion. Everybody has one and if we were all the same and thought the same way…what on Earth would we have to talk about?

    I will take some issue with the word “edgy” for a site that due to its relationship with NBC will not refer to the Washington Football Team (and I think you should include DC as not to cause some mix up with those Seahawk fans) as the Redskins. How “edgy” is that? The team currently has a name until it is changed and it should be referred to as such. If you really want to make a statement and take a stand the edgy thing to do would be to not cover the team at all.

    If ALL of media is really that serious about taking a stand, they should all treat Washington, DC as if they do not have a football team. After all, part of the way the NFL makes its money is by the media coverage the teams have.

  18. “heartless rouges” = You heartlessly apply makeup

    “heartless rogues” is what you mean….at least I really, really hope so…..otherwise I feel an awkward moment coming on….

  19. Congrats to Mike and his staff for all their hard work. For most of us including me, this is one of maybe couple of sites I go to for my NFL news period. You don’t have to deal with the flashy websites with their endless ads and long load times some sites have, you get straight to the news and that’s it.

  20. This is one of the most frequented sites I have online, it’s at the top of my phone’s bookmark list. I wander over here several times a day to get my football fix, to post my opinion and argue with those of others. Thanks for all you do, PFT. It’s much appreciated!

  21. Turning off these comment threads should be the first change. They’ve long lost their value.

  22. I cant imagine being an NFL fan without PFT. Even though i don’t always agree with Florio using this platform to advance his own personal beliefs. Anybody that thinks the Redskins should change their name is being unAmerican. We took this country from Native Americans. Facts are facts. Political correctness is for weaklings. This great country was founded by very strong and brutally tough MEN! Its time for our current leaders to realize that and MAN UP! Geaux Saints!

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