Phillip Daniels didn’t like his year working for Redskins


Now this is refreshing: A former Redskins player is complaining about his old team, and it has nothing to do with the nickname.

Former defensive lineman Phillip Daniels spent a year as the team’s director of player development, but said he never had the access or the budget he needed to do the job properly.

Daniels spelled out his gripes on the Two Guys and a Goat podcast, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, with the gist of it that he was “on an island” while with the team.

“There’s a lot of things that other people in my position on other teams, they got,” he said. “I just say it like this: I never had a budget or anything like that. I never had that. I couldn’t do things for the guys’ families that I wanted to do. I wanted to help the guys out in every way possible. There were a lot of ideas I had that could have made things a lot better for the players and their families, and I just couldn’t do that.”

Daniels said he never met with coach Mike Shanahan or General Manager Bruce Allen the entire time he worked there, and bemoaned the lack of involvement of former players with the current team.

“It could be a whole lot better if they just worked with the guy in the developmental system, worked with him and make sure he’s got everything he needs for the families,” Daniels said. “I’m gonna tell you this, a lot of times, when families come to that team — if those wives are unhappy, if those girlfriends are unhappy, it makes a big difference on whether they stay or not when free agency comes around. Because they’re gonna be the first ones to say, if the money’s close, let’s leave. They aren’t saying if the money’s close let’s stay; they’re saying if the money’s close, let’s leave.”

It’s almost as if the Redskins set up a phony baloney job for the sake of having it filled, while they directed their energies at other more important goals.

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  1. “It’s almost as if the Redskins set up a phony baloney job (two years ago) :” for a player who had got to old to cut it as a player anymore.

    Also, how unusual to hear a former employee talking about how a former employer didn’t recognise the value of their opinions.

  2. The Redskins seem to do a pretty good job of keeping the FAs they want. Their problem has been developing their draft picks. Wasn’t that part of Daniels’ job? What is he doing now? I’m guessing it isn’t any sort of position with an NFL team.

  3. Daniels should be pleased he never had to talk to Ratahan or Bruce Allen though. Addition through subtraction.

  4. These guys make six figure salaries, minimum. What on earth would the team do for their families? His job was to set up players with things like financial planners and lawyers to help them start their own foundations. You know, help them meet people who can educate them on bring responsible. Buying their mom a new hip/house/car doesn’t count as “player development.”

  5. Good luck with future gigs Daniels! Writing Redskins is such a non racial title to 8 of 10 native americans thanks for getting over it

  6. Even with the little snippet at the end, I still support the name. As do the vast majority, native Americans included.

  7. I know ZERO about what that job is supposed to be, I’ll admit…..But it sounds like he was trying to help out families of players, etc., not so much developing players to reach their potential….

    I thought Dan Snyder helped the families by paying huge sums of money to play football, to kids who for the most part otherwise wouldn’t have a pot to p**s in….I must know nothing because I assumed Director of Player Development was probably about developing players. Not Director of Morale Welfare & Recreation, but Director of Player Development…Ehhh, Guess I don’t know what goes in inside those places

  8. Being that this was his first “post football playing” job, he should have been happy to be making that next step. He sounds like a college kid entering the work force and realizing the work they’re actually doing is entry level.

  9. I am just befuddled from what Phillip Daniels believes his job is.

    Let’s see…..Director of Player Development. You help develop a player by allowing him inroads to life inside football and out.

    This is not a handout system for the extended families.

    Obama already has doubled welfare across the country since he took office.

    Though you are in DC, this is not a linked system.

    Develop the players and give them some guidance with planners and life after football.

    Good grief, this is the philosophy that breeds today in our country……led by the commander in chief……SAD!!!!!!!!

  10. To show diversity the Redskins gave an African American the equivalent of a no-show job(Rooney Rule). I don’t see what the big deal is most former football players, had the exact same thing while in college.

    I guess because your not working for a booster anymore now it matters what you do for a paycheck?

  11. it’s really sad he could not do more for those multi- million dollar players and their families. it must suck having to struggle to survive on what those guys make. I know not everyone makes millions but they make enough so the team should not have to provide anything more than a paycheck to them. if they can’t then maybe it is time to think about finding another line of work.

  12. Look at the Ravens if you want to see player development. They have OJ Brigance and a whole department dedicated to player development. Before the trolls start on Ravens off field issues, player development has nothing to do with booking cabs for drunk players.

  13. The Shanarats are scum, a trait developed with the faiders and donkeys. Perhaps the most dishonest head coach in history, although Carrol is doing his best.

  14. I’m going to out a limb and say all the people who disagree with Daniels or try to discredit him are fans of the football team in Washington…and i use the word “Team” loosely…

  15. Latest Poll on a PFT post to date: Keep Redskins name (1265). Change it (206). 84% in favor of Keeping the name.

  16. Yeah, a poll on the PFT site frequented by football fans, including Redskins fans, is certainly accurate and representative.

  17. Um, Yeah… and there are ALOT of Native American fans of the Redskins. I am one. Don’t let the PC Ultra Liberal media brainwash you into believing all Natives despise the team and the name/logo. Most think it’s Honorable and Respectful.

  18. Go to a Reservation and I guarantee you will see lots of Redskins fans and the Skins flag flying.

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