Prime Numbers looks at No. 7 on Tuesday

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As the Prime Numbers series commences the process of pulling into the station, with the last show devoted to the topic coming on Thursday, Tuesday’s edition of NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk focuses on one of the most prime numbers.  Which also is an actual prime number in the mathematical sense.

It’s time to take up No. 7.  And it’s time for you to vote on the best three players to ever wear that number.

Cast your ballot below, and then tune in at 5:30 p.m. ET for a full hour that will look at No. 7, No. 15, No. 31, No. 71, and No. 73.

Yeah, we know the U.S. will be playing Belgium at about the same time.  So DVR our show.  Or do the split screen thing.  Or watch us during a commercial break.

(Even with this parenthetical pointing out that I realize that are no commercial breaks during a soccer game/match/whatever, there will still be at least a dozen comments pointing out that there are no commercial breaks during a soccer game/match/whatever.)