Prime Numbers looks at No. 7 on Tuesday

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As the Prime Numbers series commences the process of pulling into the station, with the last show devoted to the topic coming on Thursday, Tuesday’s edition of NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk focuses on one of the most prime numbers.  Which also is an actual prime number in the mathematical sense.

It’s time to take up No. 7.  And it’s time for you to vote on the best three players to ever wear that number.

Cast your ballot below, and then tune in at 5:30 p.m. ET for a full hour that will look at No. 7, No. 15, No. 31, No. 71, and No. 73.

Yeah, we know the U.S. will be playing Belgium at about the same time.  So DVR our show.  Or do the split screen thing.  Or watch us during a commercial break.

(Even with this parenthetical pointing out that I realize that are no commercial breaks during a soccer game/match/whatever, there will still be at least a dozen comments pointing out that there are no commercial breaks during a soccer game/match/whatever.)

36 responses to “Prime Numbers looks at No. 7 on Tuesday

  1. I know not an option on this list…

    But when I was growing up, one of the most feared passers that I remember seeing was Bert Jones. As a Dolphins fan, he was pretty fantastic.

    Not better than Elway, and I am not old enough to remember Halas, Waterfield or Clark. But better than the others listed.

  2. If Flutie and Vick are good enough to be on there, where is Jaworski? He was better than both of them.

  3. A few years back, I saw some NFL Films piece on CHI LB Ed “The Claw” Sprinkle. Sprinkle was an old-timer, but in his day — he was also known as the Meanest Man in Football, plus he is an NFL Hall of Famer.

    George Halas, who is (quite deservedly) on this list above, referred to Sprinkle as “the greatest pass-rusher I’ve ever seen” and “a rough, tough ballplayer, but not a dirty one.”

    He wore #7, odd for a linebacker — but he wore #7 and it would have been fitting to see him at least on this list just out of respect.

  4. Gotta Be Mass Cassel for the Chiefs. He made $40+ million and gave us 1 playoff appearance and 3 depressing years. But he did wear #7.

  5. Roethlisberger shouldn’t be on this list. He’s one of the most overated QB’s in NFL History. His only success has been when he’s had the leagues top defense and solid running games.

  6. Seriously whoever compiled this list is pretty delusional. There is absolutely not one reason Vick should be on this list. People should do a little research first.

  7. I would say leeway, but he wouldn’t have won those Super Bowls without cheating the cap.

  8. Roethlisberger is 10 times the player Elway ever was. Elway is a 5 time Super Bowl choke who would have zero rings if it wasn’t for Terrell Davis carrying the 35 times. Talk about overrated. Elway is the poster child for overrated.

  9. Obviously it’s Elway, but how can Bert Jones not be on this list ahead about half these guys. His career was cut short by injuries, but still. A guy who won an NFL MVP is not better than Flutie or Vick?

  10. Elway, Flutie and Mickey Mantle.

    And no, Roethisberger is NOT 10 times better than Elway.

  11. Roethlisberger did when the pressure was on. Elway choked when the pressure was on. That’s all that needs to be said. The film and the stats speak for themselves.


  12. Bert Jones was a good qb but he was a pansy. He never got his team to the bowl and just lacked toughness. He couldn’t hold a candle to Boomer Esiason.

  13. Someone other than Elway wore # 7…..How can anyone else be getting vote….Not a Broncos fan but hell…he’s the best to have this #…….

  14. Elway can be your choice, but to say Ben doesn’t deserve to be on this list because of Defense, must mean you need some facts: BB has 23 fourth quarter comebacks, 32 game-winning drives + 1 in the SB, & a career winning percentage of almost 70%, 2004 ROY,10-4 in playoffs with 2 SB wins under his belt, all in 10 seasons… But haters gonna hate!

  15. Way too many votes for Mr. Prostate. Go run around on your wife and kids some more and while you’re at it, change the pronunciation of your last name back to what it was originally. You didn’t win the trophy.

  16. IMO my top 7s all time:
    1 Vick The dog fighting was inexcusable, but no player had ore physical gifts. Led a crap Atlanta team to playoff win by himself. Worst nightmare for D-coordinators.
    2 Roethlisberger: Already a top 5 or 6 Steeler all time.
    3 Elway: Most overrated QB post 1980.
    4 Esiason
    5 Bert Jones: ashame about the injuries.
    6 Randall Cunningham: Had maybe the best season a number 7 ever had.
    7 Waterfield: two world championships with the Rams.
    8 Clark
    9 Theismann
    10 Sprinkle
    11 Halas
    12 Flutie

  17. The real question should be who is the best to wear Number 7 that isn’t named John Elway. But Randall Cunningham should be on here, but he only wore number 7 for a small fraction of his career.

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