Vonta Leach hopes to sign with someone for training camp


Fullback Vonta Leach didn’t sign with the Ravens until camp was getting underway last summer and he hopes to do the same thing again this summer whether it is with the Ravens or someone else.

Leach has not generated much activity on the open market since the Ravens let him go early in free agency, but he still believes he’ll be on a roster when the 2014 season gets underway.

“It’s never easy going through free agency,” Leach said, via the Robesonian. “It’s just a waiting game. I probably won’t sign with a team until training camp.”

Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun reports that a second straight summer return to the Ravens is unlikely as the team plans to give Kyle Juszczyk a bigger role in the offense this time around and it’s not clear where other interest in Leach’s services could be coming from at this point in the offseason. Perhaps things will heat up in the next few weeks, but there’s also a chance that Leach will need to sit tight and wait for an injury to open up a roster spot for him to fill in his 11th NFL season.

12 responses to “Vonta Leach hopes to sign with someone for training camp

  1. Nobody’s going to pay big bucks for a fullback any more. Just not a key position these days.

  2. It is tough enough for a veteran running back to find work. A veteran blocking full back is going to really have a rough go at it. He’ll pretty much be waiting for an injury.

  3. Call Miami and let them know they still don’t have a back that can block or get 2 yards on 3rd and 1.

  4. This guy is a HAMMER, and makes every running back behind him look better. Great blocker and picks up blitzes well. He will have a job somewhere. But teams are phasing out the fullback position, which actually makes it ripe to be cool again! Great pickup for a division who runs a lot of 3-4, he can catch the ball too!

  5. Had a lot of fun watching this brute open holes for Ravens RBs. I understand why the Ravens will not be bringing him back, but he will always be a favorite of mine. Glad he got a Ring in Bmore.

  6. Leach was a class act here in Baltimore but the writing was on the wall that last season was his last one in Baltimore. Towards the end of the season they had phased him out of the offense completely and now with the new West Coast style and Zone blocking scheme…this fits a hybrid FB/TE like Juszcyzk (I didn’t bother looking up the spelling this time).

    Kyle is not nearly the blocker that Vonta is, but Kyle is a sleeper as a pass catching threat. He’s essentially as good as having a third TE on the field. This guy was a great receiver in college as a TE. He’s just too small for that position. I guess they would refer to him as an H-back…something the Joe Gibbs Redskins used a lot.

    Since this is a passing league now and the goal is to put up a ton of points, a big bruising blocking FB that is pretty much one dimensional is not very useful anymore. Vonta could catch the ball once in awhile in the flat and turn it into a few yards, but that was about it. Kyle can actually run some patterns.

    But if there is a power run offensive team out there, you need to be calling Vonta. This guy will open the holes like nobody else. The last drop of football life we got out of Lorenzo Neal was pretty darn good too.

  7. He definitely made Ray Rice look good! Hate to see him go. Good luck down the road.

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