Who wore No. 8 better, Young or Aikman?

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For most of the PFT Planet polls posted in connection with the Prime Numbers series, we’ve had five or more options, with a goal of identifying the top two or three.

For No. 8, it’s much simpler. Two players. One winner. Steve Young or Troy Aikman.

Cast your vote below for the better of the two to wear the number, and tune in on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. ET to see the results. Along with the rest of the show.

95 responses to “Who wore No. 8 better, Young or Aikman?

  1. To me this isn’t really that close I think Young was the obvious better qb and had the athleticism to go with it. Aikman was pretty good but if you flip both qb to the opposite team I think cowboys easily win a few more Super Bowls

  2. Young was clearly the better QB. I mean c’mon, we’re not giving Aikman the majority of the credit for those Superbowl’s, are we?

  3. Chicago Bears Franchise Encyclopedia

    9 NFL Championships

    4 Conference Championships

    18 Divisional Championships

    All-time regular season record (1920–2013)
    730 – 534 – 42 .575


    Bears wins 93
    Packers Wins 89
    Ties 6

    Got to respect the oldest and BEST rivalry in sports!

  4. I’m obviously a niner fan, but Aikman wins this one. Both great quarterbacks with great teams, but Aikman edges him out.

  5. anyone who thinks Young did is crazy Troy was there thru the 1-15 seasons and the Superbowls and even after the Winning Young inherited a great team From Montana, I like Steve Young But he is not better than Aikman the numbers only reflect in Youngs Favor Cause Troy had Emmitt to hand the ball off too Aikman could have done the Samething if he was the Qb of the 49ers team that young had!!!

  6. I voted for Aikman, and I’m kinda surprised that at this point Young has a 2 to 1 advantage in the poll. Granted, Young won the super bowl against the Chargers in a complete blowout, but Aikman won 3 super bowls that were mostly blowouts. Aikman wasn’t NEARLY as mobile as Young, but he was extremely accurate. They’re both great, but Aikman gets my vote.

  7. Troy Aikman was a below average QB on a team full of great players with a great coach for most of his career. Young had the benefit of some great players and coaching too, but he was by far the better QB of the two.

  8. Gotta go with Young. More accurate, much more mobile and posted better numbers accross the board. Aikman was no slouch, but Emmitt carried those offenses.

  9. Not to be bias but Aikman was very Alex Smith like. Relied heavily on a run game and defense. Steve Young set many records

  10. Love ’em both, and hate to make the call. But, a gun to my head, I’ll go with Steve.

  11. DAMN! That’s tough. I’m leaning toward Young. No particular reason. I’ve just always liked his game.

  12. Troy was part of the glue and a true professional. Steve was a true athlete running Joe’s/Mr. Walsh’s team. Both were and are great!

  13. The guy that said Steve Young was a more accurate passer than Aikman (probably THE most accurate passer in recent history) is a funny, funny man. Young won 1 SB against a joke D. Aikman made 3 elite defenses look like a joke D in the big game. Was Steve a better runner? Hands down. The better QB? No chance.

  14. I voted for Aikman. As much as I have a disdain for all things Cowboy, and the arrogance that pours from that franchise like water over Niagara falls, I have infinitely more loathing for the pretentious little b@#ch that is Steve Young.

  15. Career QB rating: Young 96.8; Aikman 81.6
    Career Comp. %: Young 64.3; Aikman 61.5
    TD Passes: Young 232; Aikman 165
    Int %: Young 2.6; Aikman 3.0
    TD %: 5.6; Aikman 3.5

    Both great QB’s, but Young has better QB numbers all around.

  16. Aikman started in 165 games in 12 years, went 94-71-0 with a 61.5% completion rating, 32942 passing yards, 165 touchdowns, and 141 interceptions.

    Young started in 143 games in 13 years, was 94-49-0, with a 64.3% completion rating, 33124 passing yards, 232 touchdowns, and 107 interceptions. That includes two years in Tampa and four years as a backup to Montana.

    Numbers don’t lie.

  17. Young has three rings as well. He was only the 49ers starter for one of them, however.

    They were both great QBs. Both Hall of Fame-worthy. But if I were starting a team and could pick one of them in their prime, I’d go with Young.

  18. Not only does Young have better numbers as a passer, he could completely breakdown and demoralize a defense with his legs. All time top 5 QBs:
    1 Rodgers
    2 Manning
    3 Young
    4 Brady
    5 Montana

    Top 8s
    1 Young
    2 Aikman
    3 Larry Wilson
    4 Hasselbeck
    5 Guy
    7A Manning

  19. Regarding the “no love for” comments, stop it.

    Once a poster used “Rex Grossman,” that is end of thread. You can’t do better. 🙂

  20. Pretty funny how everyone hates on Emmitt, until someone tries to give Aikman the credit, then it’s OHHH that was all Emmitt!! F’ing Cowboy haters are so pathetic.

  21. cueghost says: Jul 2, 2014 11:46 AM

    Pretty funny how everyone hates on Emmitt, until someone tries to give Aikman the credit, then it’s OHHH that was all Emmitt!! F’ing Cowboy haters are so pathetic.

    Not as pathetic as someone that lists Paid-a-ton in a top 5 of all time QB list.

  22. I love polls like this. Because it immediately exposes the people who can’t make a value judgement based on a multitude of factors.

    “Uh.. duh… More supabawls means Akeman… of couse…”

    Caleb Hanie would be an All Pro with Larry Allen and Company blocking for him…

  23. I don’t even know why they have stupid polls like this. The results are already in. We watched them. Aikman 3 – Young 1. End of story.

  24. WOW! Can’t believe “anyone”.. even a Cowboy fan.. could, in good conscience vote for Troy Aikman.

    Aikman is strictly a team accomplishment guy…. game manager blessed with incredible talent around him.. never one of the top 3 players on his own offense.. with LSwann, perhaps the weakest and least deserving of all non vet pick HOFers….

    Young is underrated…… I have him at #8-9 all-time and pretty much equal with the more popular JMontana.. but clearly a top 9 all-time QB…… mentioning Aikman is an insult

  25. Too funny all the haters out there. Everyone loves to hate on Romo about how he can’t win the big one. Aikman did 3 times to Youngs 1. Young played with great talent around him as did Aikman. For me it is Aikman – look at them since he has been gone.

  26. Both players had amazing supporting casts, Young put up better stats by far but Aikman won in the clutch. I will say that Aikman’s supporting cast in its prime was better that Steve’s, but Steve’s cast lasted till the end of the 90’s. The Cowboys were done by then.

  27. Archie Manning would have been the best if it weren’t for a horrible owner in John Mecom Jr. who made the Bidwells look better…

    His teams were so bad and yet he was the 1978 NFC player of the year on a 7-9 team!!!

    But if I’m choosing between Young and Aikman – Young…

    And Troy, you need to server larger wings at Wing Stop for those prices; and leave the fries alone…

  28. Aikman is the least deserving HOFer of all…. I am mystified how anyone.. even a Cowboy fan.. could even consider him

    Aikman was nothing but a game manager and never a top 3-4 player on his own offense… never 1st team AP….

    to vote for Aikman is not simply dumb it is insulting

    Young is an all-timer; IMO top 9 and right there or immediately after Montana in the 6-9 hole

  29. Young, the 49ers had crap for a running game for much of his time along with a makeshift OL. Aikman had one of the greatest RB’s in NFL history and an OL where every single could have been an All Pro.

    To me, Young was far more a playmaker and Aikman a game manager type.

  30. One of the 49ers biggest problems over the years with Young at QB, was he never had a dominant RB. That is why they passed so much. Terry Kirby? Rickey Watters? Really? The best RB Steve had to work with was Charlie Garner but that was at the end of his career when all those late hits to the head took its toll.

    Troy had a huge advantage is every game because if he was off, and he usually was, you had to account for Emmitt Smith, one of the best RB’s to play the game that you could count on week in week out.

    Steve did have Jerry Rice and John Taylor, but Aikman also had Michael Irvin and Harper. Dallas always had the better offensive line, in their prime, that line would dominate today too. The Cowboys always had the better defense too.

    Having said this, I would pick Young over Aikman anyday. If you switch teams, Young would have done more with the Cowboys than Aikman ever could. His career might have lasted a lot longer too, even though Troy had his fair share of hits to the head too.

    For those of you who believe superbowl rings say it all, Dan Marino never won one, but would throw the ball all over your defense with mediocre talent around hm.

    Steve Young wore #8 better than Aikman.

  31. this one is actually offensive….. to compare Troy Aikman with an actual, not a poser, great QB is simply wrong

    the ring crowd does not know football…. we are talking individual in this discussion… not team accomplishments…. and even for team, consider that there was no drop off in 49er achievement after Montana when Young took over..

    not a niner fan at all…but to vote Aikman shows complete lack of integrity

  32. Career games played
    Aikman – 165
    Young – 169

    Career TDs passing and rushing
    Aikman – 174
    Young – 275

    Career Interceptions
    Aikman – 141
    Young – 107

    No contest Young in a landslide, 101 more TDs in 4 more career games, with 34 fewer INTs.

  33. why is Aikman in the HOF? I thought the HOF was for individual greatness…. Aikman was not great… embarrassing for the NFL

    same with Lynn Swann…. also not a HOFer

  34. wow… we are in trouble..

    this poll shows over 5000 ignorant morons incapable of reason or overcoming bias

    anyone.. ANYONE.. voting for Aikman is flat out nuts.. this one is not a debate

  35. Not only the vote, but the comments as well can be broken up into 2 groups.

    Dallas fans are clearly going to think Aikman.

    And of course, everyone else is going to know Young.

  36. 3-1 in Super Bowls and the 49ers needed 5 turnovers to get past Dallas in the one they won. Dallas haters might carry a stupid poll, so eager to jump in with jelly, but Aikman went head to head with Young and came out on top. Even with all the sideways passes Young threw their comp. % was very close, and Aikman played in a vertical passing game.

    Aikman > Young and it’s not even close.
    BTW he’s better at his TV job than Young is, but Young knows this and is used to being second fiddle to Aikman.

  37. Definitely Steve.

    I have heard folks say that the Boys Defense may be in trouble this year. I am watching the boys Broncos week 5 replay on NFL Network. The boys have these three amazing defensive players. They are making at least 70% of the plays on D in this game. they are all over the field. Ware, Hatcher and Lee! See Ya this fall. A Skins fan.

  38. pretty scary seeing almost 40% of voters to be warped as to do something so outright wrong for god only knows what reason……. unfortunately, people do things like this in other polls/votes as well

    there in NO valid rationale for voting Aikman over Young in a question as to individual greatness… no valid rationale… none…

    I would challenge anyone voting Aikman to provide an objective or even a sound reason

  39. Young was the stats baby who inherited Joe Montana’s team (actually kicked him out).

    Aikman inherited the rebuilding team and led them to 3 SB’s.

    Also, anyone who thinks Young had an arm in the league of Aikman was clearly born after ’95.

    No offense to Young but he threw west coast swing passes into the flat while Troy threw the deep slants. Let us also not forget how weak the NFC West was back then. Go play the Giants/Eagles/Redskins towards the end of the year.

  40. Obviously a lot of Cowboy hate going on here. Yes,Young put up better stats because the Niners were more pass happy than the Boy’s. However,Aikman has 3 rings and Young has one. Also,remember the year that Young got his ring they barely held off a furious Cowboy rally after Dallas fumbled away 21 points before the first quarter was over,so he is mighty lucky to have got to the Bowl that year. I love Young and think he was one of the most amazing QB’s to ever play the game and was more athletic than Aikman,however,in terms of leadership,accuracy and clutch play…Aikman has the edge. Now if I were starting a team and both were rookies,I may take Young simply for his ability to move,however,if I had an established contender and needed a QB to put me over the edge…Aikman would be the choice. Both are/were great and are hall of famers and I would take either and do well.

  41. You guys saying Aikman isn’t Hall of Fame..just plain old haters! Sad,I am a Cowboy fan but can admit that other players are awesome as well. I loved watching Young and he was definitely one of the greats. However,those who pooh-pooh Aikman for being on a great team..think of how silly that is for a minute! Really? Football is a team sport not an individual sport like boxing,tennis etc. so that argument only makes Aikman more valuable. He was a leader,had an arm that was accurate as any in the game and kept a temperamental team with several egos in check through 3 title runs in 4 seasons. Yes,Young put up numbers and was a great QB,one of the most athletic and exciting to ever play the position,however,the bottom line in football is winning and Aikman was as good as any while in his prime. It’s funny,the same things said about Bradshaw is now being said about Aikman. Punish a guy because he leads his team to success. To QB one super bowl win can be done by an average qb who can be a game manager(ala Dilfer,Wilson etc.)but to win multiple titles takes a GREAT QB and regardless of what the haters say..Aikman was a great QB. For the record..so was Young. I miss them both and the great battles those two franchises had back in the day. The Super Bowl was the NFC Championship game for the better part of the 90’s!!

  42. Man, I was a huge Steve Young fan but I never got the impression that he was better than Aikman. Troy could stay in the pocket, get hammered to the ground, get up and keep throwing bullets downfield. The guy was a warrior. I think people gloss over what Troy did because of Emmitt. And Steve’s numbers were definitely helped by a West Coast offense designed to get big numbers for the QB. Troy didn’t pile up passing yards – he just piled up rings.

  43. A SB victory is a TEAM accomplishment! You people voting Aikmen must believe Trent Dilfer must be better than Marino, Kelly and Moon! Idiots! Was Aikmen ever an mvp? Young was twice! Every stat is owned by young by a mile!He has over 100 more td’s for God sakes and the second highest passer rating of all time! Argument over!

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