Zach Mettenberger aiming to be the Titans’ Week One starter


Jake Locker is no sure thing to win the Titans’ starting quarterback position, according to one of the Titans’ backups.

Titans sixth-round pick Zach Mettenberger said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that his goal is to get the job “from day one.”

“I’m going to make Jake work that much harder, make Charlie [Whitehurst] work that much harder, cause I’m coming everyday. And I’m bringing my best effort and my hardest work to the facility everyday to show that I shot be the guy playing,” Mettenberger said.

Mettenberger isn’t trying to stir up a quarterback controversy, he’s just saying that he wouldn’t be doing his job if he weren’t working every day as if he plans to start.

“I think that’s the approach any guy worth his salt has,” Mettenberger said. “You’re not only thinking about the short team, but you also have a long-term view of yourself as a player and a person. We don’t play this game to ride the bench, you don’t play this game to just get a paycheck – at least the good ones don’t. You play this game because you love it, you love competing, and you wanna play. That’s what I’m doing.”

Realistically, it’s almost impossible for Mettenberger — or any sixth-round draft pick — to beat out an established starter, even one with some questions about his long-term viability like Locker. The far more likely scenario is that Locker opens the season as the starter, Whitehurst opens the season as the backup, and Mettenberger opens the season third on the depth chart.

But Locker has struggled to stay healthy, and there are questions about whether the new coaching staff believes in him as the long-term answer. Mettenberger almost certainly won’t be the Titans’ Week One starter, but it wouldn’t be at all surprising if he’s the Titans’ Week 17 starter.

27 responses to “Zach Mettenberger aiming to be the Titans’ Week One starter

  1. Whitehurst couldn’t start in a junior league arena game. Locker is always hurt. Mettenburg will start at some point

  2. I’m an LSU fan so I know if Mettenberger faces a decent pass rush he’s not too good. Hopefully he can improve his pocket presence because that is his biggest flaw coming out of college..

  3. He’s a throwback QB in a lot of respects. I hope he makes it, if not in Nashville, then with somebody else. He has more pure throwing ability than several guys currently starting for NFL teams.

  4. Big Zach was a terrific value Draft pick for the Titans. He’s definitely better than some of the guys who were drafted ahead of him.
    However, in Tennessee, he doesn’t have the likes of Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr to bail him out like he had back at LSU.
    Titan fans will be surprised by big Zach’s self confidence. He has Roethlisburger type confidence and isn’t joking when he says he’s aiming to be the week 1 starter. If/when Jake Locker goes down injured, watch Big Zach grab the QB position.

  5. While I love his confidence in shooting for the top job, you have to let a developmental player develop. Give him time to get all the way healthy, learn the system and get up to NFL speed. Then, when Locker walks in free agency next year, he’ll be ready to go.

  6. I like Mettenberger. But I’m not crazy. Jake Locker … All. The. Way.

  7. Good attitude. Fact is, the Titans have no established QB. Locker is as new as Mettenberger in the new system. He may not beat anyone out, but his is the exact demeanor I want in everybody in camp.

  8. He has a shot. He has a better player in front of him then Hoyer, but since he isn’t partying down and probably actually studying and preparing, he’s got a legitimate shot, unlike Johnny Moron.

  9. I like the confidence, & I’m ok with him taking over the top backup spot right away. But Locker is the starter if he’s healthy. No question. Locker has played well in his career when he is healthy. He just hasn’t been healthy all that much.

    Anyone who hasn’t really watched Locker play (basically all non-Titans fans, or at least not AFC South team fans) should just keep your uninformed opinion about him to themselves.

    And to the guy who said something about Metts WRs bailing him out, um the Titans have some pretty damn good WRs now. Wright & Hunter are still young, but certainly more established than Odell Beckham & Jarvis Landry.

  10. That’s certainly the mindset you want your QB to have, and even hurt he’s better than Whitehurst. But I doubt he starts week 1. He’ll probably get some playing time – probably right after Watt & Clowney have Locker and the O-line for lunch.

  11. Wow a story about a 6th round QB wanting to start, and not a single mention of Tom Brady?

  12. Ha! Manziel even gets mentioned in posts not even concerning him. That guy is a goldmine for the NFL and media without throwing a pass.

  13. If the Vikings had’nt drafted a QB in the first round this year!! Mettenberger was the low round QB the Vikings should have targeted he’s gonna be like Ben Roethlisberger!!! Maybe without the early superbowls…. Go Teddy!!!

  14. Ditto. His pocket presence is lacking and he has absolutely no mobility. A decent pass rush and he’s done…

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