Agent says Rolando McClain is committed to football this time


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

Former top-10 pick Rolando McClain hasn’t played in an NFL game since November 2012, but his agent says this comeback is different, after the Cowboys traded for his rights yesterday.

He sounds as excited about football as I’ve ever heard him,” agent Pat Dye told Todd Archer of

The Cowboys certainly have a need at middle linebacker, with Sean Lee’s torn ACL which will cost him the season. And they certainly didn’t give up much for the chance to work with the twice-retired McClain, swapping a sixth-rounder for a seventh with the Ravens to complete the transaction.

Now the only question is whether McClain is ready to commit himself to football.

“I see, and Rolando sees, the Dallas situation as a great opportunity given Sean’s injury, and you’re talking about a great franchise and a great organization,” Dye said. “I’ve described to any of the clients we’ve had through the years there — Emmitt Smith, Dexter Coakley, DeMarcus Ware, Marcus Spears, Keith Brooking, DeMarco Murray — that playing for the Cowboys in football is kind of like playing for the Yankees in baseball. Just an iconic franchise.

“With kind of what he’s done going back to his time with the Raiders, I think that all of this has led him to a point where he feels like the game is too important to him to give up. He’s just 24 years old. He’s very talented. He’s very bright. Tough. Competitive. There’s a reason he was a top-10 pick at a position that is almost impossible to be a top-10 pick. Hopefully this situation will go smoothly.”

Perhaps it will. But last year was supposed to go smoothly as well.

When the Ravens signed him, it seemed like a natural fit, with a stable, winning organization, and a General Manager in Ozzie Newsome who shared his Alabama pedigree. Obviously, that didn’t last, and he didn’t play a snap for the Ravens before giving it up.

We’ll see if the star means that much to him. If it does, the Cowboys may have done good business. If not, they only wasted a few spots of draft position for the effort.

37 responses to “Agent says Rolando McClain is committed to football this time

  1. My guess is he sees a chance to get a fat a$$ check next year from Jerry as he over rewards yet another player with plenty of question marks.

  2. So the agent thinks the Dallas franchise is better than the Ravens franchise at this point? He could have had a great run in Baltimore but Oz wasn’t waiting for him to figure out his heart issues. Now I disagree with Oz sending a 7th round pick along with him but it’s time to move on! Time to move on!

  3. I’m sure McClain’s former employers – who paid him millions — must be pleased to hear their former highly paid employee is now ready to take it serious.

    By the way, few things in this world are as self-serving as agent-speak.

  4. If he is dedicated and his head is finally on straight this could be an absolute steal for Dallas.

  5. A wise man once said when you talk retirement , you usually already have checked out…and hes done this twice …so hes checked out two years ago….

  6. he was out of shape and lazy the last time he tried to play for the ravens. i think he really needs one more paycheck. but i doubt his skills will warrant one.

    that being said he will probably make the cowboys…

  7. Smart move by the Cowboys.

    What were my Giants thinking? With the end of the Jon Beason era on defense there is a big hole in the middle of the Giants defense. Why didn’t the Giants make a move to get this former superstar top 10 draft pick?

    My Giants will never catch up to the Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins by missing chances like this golden opportunity to fix their defense.

  8. As long as you don’t count on him at all, you won’t be disappointed. He’s not a “football first” kind of guy like Sean Lee.

  9. Iconic franchise? Yea right. They have only been around since the early 60’s. As long as plastic face is running that team they will never be anything.

  10. Shocking that an agent who gets paid by commission would tout his client’s interest in playing.

    If it works out for the Cowboys, then great for them and him. There was nothing there for the Ravens, so they have improved their draft position and it did not cost them anything. So it’s possible this will be a win-win, although I strongly doubt it.

  11. Bust on the Cowboys all you want, but this was a low risk move for them. What are odds that that very low round pick they shipped off was gonna be a stud? So they basically traded a project for a project…hardly makes them disfunctional. With McClain’s upside, it seems like a fair calculated risk…

  12. That agent is blowing smoke. Everyone in the NFL is playing for money. Players don’t care about the team logo on their helmet.

    And McClain has already played for an iconic franchise. I hate the Raiders but that team is just as iconic, if not more, than the Cowboys.

  13. If you are going to be a hater…. atleast be a consistent one… because if Pete Carroll or bill the genius traded for this guy for a 6th round pick everybody would be proclaiming that they got great value . But because it’s the Cowboys …. well you get my point. ..

    Don’t count out rod marinelli. .. for some strange reason… His players seem to play hard for him… He is tough ..but fair..If McClain has the right mindset. . Just watch…

  14. “I see, and Rolando sees, the Dallas situation as a great opportunity given Sean’s injury, ”

    First thats awful to say. Second do we presume Rolondo finds Seans injury a bigger opportunity than taking over for Ray Lewis after the Ravens had just come off a Super Bowl win?? Sorry Pat, that makes absolutely ZERO sense. The Cowboys are wasting their time with this guy.

  15. Bryant McKinnie, cut by Vikings for weight gain 2011

    “I’m really committed this time. That weight gain was exaggerated by the Vikings.”
    – Bryant McKinnie, Baltimore 2011

    Bryant McKinnie, benched by Ravens for conditioning issues, 2012

    “I’m really committed this time, I just need the opportunity to prove it.”
    – Bryant McKinnie, resigned to an incentive-laden contract with a pay cut in Baltimore 2013

    “It is a good opportunity for him,” [McKinnie’s agent] said. “This should be a positive change for Bryant and he’s very excited.”
    – Bryant McKinnie, traded to Miami 2013

    Bryant McKinnie, unsigned free agent 2014.

    Ravens got a 7th rounder for McKinnie from the Dolphins. Getting a 6th and swapping a 7th for a guy who’s never done anything on the field? I’d call that a bargain for the Ravens.

  16. “playing for the Cowboys in football is kind of like playing for the Yankees in baseball. Just an iconic franchise” What? I hate the Yankee’s but they have won almost 25% of the World Series in last 100 years. 1 out of 4.. The Cowgirls are a joke, and have been most of their short existence. What a douche comment.

  17. I’d guess McClain is broke and will put in just enough effort to get as much money out of this contract as possible – even if it’s $50,000 for showing up and running drills, it’s better than working at McDonalds.

  18. ravensterpsarmystrong says: Jul 2, 2014 8:30 AM

    So the agent thinks the Dallas franchise is better than the Ravens franchise at this point?


    Or not.

    There was much less of a chance for success in a talented Ravens LB corp then there is would be in a Cowboy LB corp that aside from Sean “what’s going to break down next?” Lee, consists of just about noone that anyone can name.

    There is also a ton less pressure in Dallas, where he wont be following Ray Lewis (and no need for knife skills).

  19. Oz has lost a step. They already had rights to McClain, and then spent a 1st rd pick on Mosley, who is not nearly as good as McClain.

    What’s next, an extension and more $ for Flacco?

  20. Actually, the fine print on this deal came out today.

    For the Ravens to get the Cowboys 6th, McClain has to play 50% of the defensive snaps this year.

    For the Ravens to get a swap of 7th rounders McClain has to be on the 53 for 5 games or the 46 for 3 games. If the cowboys have a better record, there is no pick swap.

    If he doesn’t make the team, the Ravens get nothing…
    Also, his contract is the same one that Ozzie signed him to, 1 yr. no guaranteed money.

    Sounds like Jerry gets a free look at a 24 yr old guy who was once a top 15 talent in the 2010 draft.

    Not a bad move if you ask me.

  21. He was great in college, but he has ZERO work ethic, and that’s the difference between being great in college and an absolute failure in the NFL. Nice job by the Ravens of fleecing senile Al Davis 2.0 out of a draft pick.

  22. Has anyone seen him play in the NFL?
    He sucks. Slow, can’t find the ball, constantly in the wrong gap…. And you REALLY don’t want to see him drop back in coverage.
    He’s not a has been, he’s a never was.
    He’s just hoping to cash a few checks. Guaranteed.

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