Cam Newton working out with some non-Panthers


At this stage in the offseason, there’s little more that can be done to help the Panthers’ wide receiver corps.

But you can’t blame quarterback Cam Newton for doing a little window shopping.

According to Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Newton was recently throwing with Packers wideout Randall Cobb, Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith and his newest target on his own team Kelvin Benjamin.

Now it’s July, and this is far from tampering, as Newton was at an Under Armour event in Baltimore.

And as Voth points out, this could be a completely honest and coincidental meeting of clients of a certain shoe company.

But it has to be tempting for Newton to work out with far more talent than he’s going to have to work with this fall.

Other than first-rounder Benjamin, who is quickly becoming his new BFF, Newton doesn’t have much to work with. Journeymen Jason Avant and Jerricho Cotchery are there with a bunch of projects and wishful-thinking, so the idea of top talent has to be appealing.

Again, this won’t help the Panthers land Cobb and Smith when they become free agents next offseason. It will take money to do that.

But you can’t blame Newton if that’s what’s in the back of his mind, and he’s crossing his fingers.

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  1. QB’s make WR’s not the other way. He has 2 skilled RB’s, solid TE, & 3 WR that can be moved around the field. It might not be the greatest show on turf, but they can compete for another NFC S crown.

  2. Avant and Cotchery are going to be just fine. They’ll appreciate Newton’s height and the zip he can put on the long ball. Nobody has Steve Smith’s fire but these guys are better than the other ones that left.

  3. Cam should take advantage of not having an elite, clear-cut number 1 receiver, only because it will allow him to establish himself as one of the top 7 QB’s without a doubt if he becomes a true pocket passer this season and puts up numbers. As a Pats fan I hate him cuz of what he did to us last year (or what the refs did to us) but no doubt he has talent.

  4. Jason Avant is one of the best route-runners in the NFL, and he might have the single most underrated pair of hands in the league. He won’t make any blockbuster plays for you with his legs, but he’s capable of some absolute circus catches. He’s tailor-made for moving the chains, and he’s a hell of a leader as well, someone who will take hours and hours of extra time to make sure his younger teammates know all of the little nuances of the position. Avant is gonna be one hell of a WRs coach someday…

  5. Without a true #1 alpha-make WR, it will be much easier for Cam to be good…no need to worry about making some prima Donna happy by helping to pad his stats.

  6. C’mon folks, at least look up the word before you criticize its usage. Journeyman does not have anything to do with travelling or the number of teams a guy has played for. It is an experience/skill level.

  7. Why is everyone so hell-bent on dismissing Avant and Cotchery as garbage? Avant doesn’t suck, he’s just not the super-elite that DeSean Jackson has been. There is nothing wrong with his production. He’s a possession receiver who catches what is thrown to him. Beats Brandon LaFell every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    Cotchery is money in the red zone. Ask Big Ben how much garbage Cotchery was last year.

    Benjamin is going to be a super-stud. I can’t wait to watch him make mince-meat out of Champ Bailey and Jarius Byrd, and whatever stiffs Tampa and Atlanta line up to try to stop him.

    Is Benjamin an upgrade over Smith? Not sure; Smith makes up for what he lacks in height with fire and passion. We’ll see how that plays out. How do Avant and Cotchery compare to LaFell and Ginn? About the same way the Seahawks compare to the Broncos.

    All Underwood/McNutt have to do to represent an upgrade over Hixon is to catch at least 15 passes and 2 TDs between them.

    Greg Olsen is still the TE – one of the league’s 10 best, in fact.

    So ENOUGH ALREADY with the “Panthers lost all their WRs and now have none” crap!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Avant reminds me of another former Philly wide out. But this one played in the old USFL, Gregg Garrity. His knock name was The Garbage Man. Great hands, ran good routs and always got open just enough to make the catch for a first down. Fig, you’re a good enough QB that you should be able to make these guy work out. Look at McNugget. He had really bad receivers before he got Owens or Westbrook. Yes I know he was a RB, but #5 was a master at the screen pass

  9. The essence of the piece is that, Cam threw to receivers that are much better than the ones he has.

    How can anyone deny that Smith and Cobb are better than anyone on the Panthers squad? Anyone placing Cotchery and Avant in their class, simply doesn’t get it.

    There’s no controversy, he was throwing to better guys at a commercial event. Big deal.

  10. I’d trade flacco for Newton in a second.

    Would prove any decent QB can succeed with the team Baltimore has. And would prove flacco is a product of the talent around him… NOT his own.

  11. If they catch passes in more than 5 games, Avant and Cotchery have done better than Cobb did last year. You have to stay healthy to be considered a great receiver. You are not much of a threat sitting on the bench or walking the sidelines in street clothes.

  12. Wait, how is Jason Avant a journey man? He’s played for one other team in his 8+ year NFL career.

  13. Baltimore has had it’s most consistent and successful run at postseason success with Flacco as the QB than at any time the Ravens have been around. But yeah, don’t let facts get in the way.

  14. Instead of insulting the Panther’s recieving corp… you could’ve insulted the Lion’s Front Office for picking Titus Young over Cobb and Torrey.

  15. Can’t even imagine the disappointment T. Smith will feel when going back to catching flacco passes.

  16. NFL Net just put Cam as #16 QB.. that is bogus… no way he is that good….

    how long will his ego let him play game manager? as soon as he tries to show he is a real QB he will fail again… just don’t see any potential with Cam (all marketing)

  17. Then what is Pittsburgh’s excuse for not winning with the amount of talent Ben has around him? Does that mean Ben is a terrible QB too?

    Joe Flacco had no offensive line last year, no running game, and no reliable set of hands outside of Torrey Smith to throw to. Ed “Brick Hands” Dickson was filling in (horribly I might add) for Dennis Pitta and they also had Dallas Clark who seemed to lose the one thing he had going for him…his hands.

    80 year old Brandon Stokley kept getting hurt every time he caught a football and was supposed to replace Anquan Boldin. Jacoby Jones’ name will never be in front of the statement; “has great hands.” And then he had a rookie in Marlon Brown. Ray Rice was also hurt and banged up and not playing up to par.

    Now Flacco has a new and healthy offensive line that can block for him for more than a second and a half I think we’ll see Joe get back to his former elite self. Misses the playoffs one year at 8-8 after going to the playoffs every season (including his rookie year), winning a superbowl, being the superbowl MVP….and people want to dump on Flacco. Those people are not too bright and wish they could have that kind of success for their teams.

  18. w/in 2 years even Panther fans will be hoping that Newton is playing with non Panthers

    guy just does not have skills or potential to be a top QB, no matter the marketing… and Panther mgt knows it (hence the game manager shift)

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