Chris Johnson: I can’t make plays from the sideline


Jets running backs coach Anthony Lynn said that the team plans to be “strategic” with Chris Johnson’s workload so that he will be fresh and explosive enough to make the big plays that helped make his reputation with the Titans.

Of course, Lynn has also said that the team has “always played the hot guy” and Johnson thinks that his production on the field will wind up outweighing any attempts to deploy him strategically during the 2014 season.

“Once the season starts and once we’re playing and I’m doing my thing, I’m pretty sure if I’m making plays they’re going to want to keep handing the ball off to me. If they want me to continue making plays, I’m pretty sure I can’t do that if I’m on the sideline,” Johnson said, via “That’s with any position on the field, if we have a receiver that’s continuing to make play after play I’m pretty sure they’re going to keep getting the ball. [Offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] is a smart guy, he knows how to put his players in the right position to make plays, so at the end of the day, if I continue to play like I’ve been playing, they’re going to keep handing the ball off to me.”

Johnson is almost certainly correct about how things will play out if he puts up good performances early in the season. His ability to do that will have something to do with the state of his knee after offseason surgery and Johnson said he’s not quite 100 percent although he has been “pretty much cleared” by Dr. James Andrews after a recent visit.

64 responses to “Chris Johnson: I can’t make plays from the sideline

  1. Chris Johnson:

    “whine, whine, whine”
    “2000 yards”
    “me, me, me”
    “2000 yards”
    “whine, whine, whine”

  2. by my count from that one quote:

    CJ said a version of “I” or “Me”: 13 times

    and he said “we”–2 times.

    team player right?

  3. If I was any running back in that league I’d be PISSED at Chris Johnson for wrecking any possibility of me getting paid anything significant for an extended period of time. Dude took the money and laid down.

  4. This guy may be comeback player of the year but I for one am sick of hearing of how much of a playmaker he is. Playmakers don’t need to tell anyone they need the ball, coaches somehow find a way to get it to them. Football is weird like that.

  5. Is this like “I cant throw the ball and catch it”? Mr. Johnson, you might also keep in mind that you cannot do anything, ever on the field without total commitment and support of the 10 other guys on your team and excellent game planning and coaching from your staff. CJ2K: 780 yards, 3 TDs. 3.9 ypa–he will blame all these other folks mentioned above for this.

  6. “This guy may be comeback player of the year but I for one am sick of hearing of how much of a playmaker he is. Playmakers don’t need to tell anyone they need the ball, coaches somehow find a way to get it to them. Football is weird like that.”

    If he really was a playmaker, he wouldn’t have to say it EVERY SINGLE DAY!


    You can’t tell me that Chris Ivory can carry CJ’s jock.
    Talent level is no where near equal.

  8. I have to agree with bdfun400. I would like to have seen something along the lines of ” I would love to be the primary back but most importantly I want to do my part to help the team win.” There is nothing like that in there. No wonder he isn’t with the Titans when they are rebuilding with young players.

  9. The guy counting the “I’s” and “We’s” is a total moron. How was he supposed to answer questions aimed at himself? With “we”? That’s the dumbest comment ever.

  10. The beauty in his comments is that this will pump up Chris Ivory and that combination is going to punish teams esp Patsies just like last year.

    Even Geno can be effective when you run the ball over 150 yds per game!

  11. HC: Chris, you’re in

    Chris: NO!!! I WANTED TO START!!!!!!

    HC: Chris, this is a great screen pass for you!!

    Chris: NO, I WANT A HANDOFF!!!!!!!

    HC: Shut up Johnson I’m talking to Ivory.

  12. Sal Alosi can teach you how Chris….
    He was on the same team as you are now….just discreetly extend the knee into an oncoming players leg and there you go!

  13. Way to go Chris. You’ve only been on your new team a couple months and you’re already pointing fingers and stirring up trouble. The coaches decide when or if you’re on the field. Not you. This is exactly why i’m glad you’re not on the Saints. Because you’re not happy unless you are causing trouble. This is also why you’re not on the Titans anymore. You are a very unhappy person. You don’t have any respect for yourself therefore you are unable to show respect for anybody else. Sucks to be a Jets fan! Ha Ha! Geaux Saints!

  14. You run our mouth 2,000 yards worth but your legs can’t seem to do it. You better do somethng worth while on that team, because it’s your last chance and I don’t see you ending up in a broadcasting position after football.

  15. Enough with the Tomlin stuff already. The guy did that one time by mistake in his entire coaching career. Jim Harbaugh steps onto the field all the time and nobody ever says boo. In fact a 49ers coach was able to clothesline a Seahawk player out of bounds last year with nothing said. If John Harbaugh would have done the same that night in Faultimore, he would be labeled as a savvy coach. Having said that, is it me or has CJ been opening his mouth more since joining the Jests?

  16. 1. CJ got the boot from the titans cause he had 8 million against his cap.

    2. he’s only saying what every nfl player thinks. if he has the hot hand and performs well, he’s going to keep getting the ball.

    3. if anyone watched the jets before goodson went down, the jets used a large amount of 2-3 back formations. they’re all going to see the field pretty evenly.

    i don’t understand what CJ said was wrong

  17. Johnson is worthless without an impressive offensive line. I mean twinkle toes literally needs a hole that a tornado can go through, which the titans oline opened when he rushed for 2k. He thought he was barry sanders, but he was even less then jamal lewis.

  18. CJ2K made his reputation with the Titans by having one explosive season, getting a big fat check and then doing next to nothing for the remainder of his time with the Titans.

    And if you don’t hand if off to him a bajillion times then he is not going to have a chance of being explosive on the field. He wants the ball every play because he knows it takes 50 attempts for him to get 200 yards in a game.

  19. He should also know that he can’t make plays from the trainer’s table and being injured.

    I agree with him that if he’s running like his old self that the Jets would probably use him a bit more than they originally intended. It would be stupid not to ride the hot hand. But, I would also see them still subbing him out for a series or two to help protect him. Let him catch his breath and reduce his total number of hits he takes as he reaches the time of his career for a RB where the wheels start to fall off.

    Tomlinson was used very well once they got him from San Diego. Tomlinson still had some football life left in him, but he wouldn’t have lasted quite as long if they continued to use him as a feature back. They reduced his carries by about half, he still ran for 914 yards and still averaged 4.2 yards a carry.

  20. It’s gotten to the point where there is no such circus with the Jets anymore that people are counting the amount of times a NY Jet says “We” and “I” in a statement and using it to bash them. Pretty sad if you ask me, I don’t really like CJ but I’m pretty sure he is talking about making plays for the team, you cant make plays for yourself.

  21. So if he gains 1 yard on first and 10, he is cool with coming out? Nice. What a team player.

  22. I bet CJ2K hits 2,000 yards this season……running up and down the sidelines watching the other guys make plays.

  23. This is a guy I’m really getting excited about cheering to see him fail. This combination of selfishness and delusion is toxic.

  24. Chris Johnson has 6 straight 1,000 yard seasons to begin his career. He’s only missed 3 games, two of those his rookie year. He’s averaging just under 10 total TDs a season for his career with 272 receptions and 2003 receiving yards thrown in.

    What a stiff!

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