Eric Ebron expects to line up all over the place


Last month, Lions first-round pick Eric Ebron said that he thought the NFL needs a designation for tight ends that line up in various places on offense while serving mainly as a receiver in order to avoid situations like the one the Saints and Jimmy Graham are going through over his franchise tag this offseason.

Ebron isn’t just looking out for Graham, though. If his career goes according to plan, he could find himself in a similar dispute down the road.

During an appearance on the Ross Tucker Football Podcast, Ebron said that he expects to line up in the slot about half the time while also seeing time as an in-line tight end and in the backfield over the course of the season. All that moving around is why Ebron says the mental adjustments have been his biggest focus this offseason.

“I’ve been everywhere,” Ebron said. “That’s what’s killing me.”

Ebron also said that the team has been working with him on his blocking after he wasn’t asked to do much of it during his final two years at North Carolina. Mastering that skill won’t do much for any hypothetical future arguments about Ebron being a wide receiver, but it would go a long way toward making him the player that the Lions want him to be.

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  1. that’s awesome…what happens when Jared Allen, Sharrif Floyd and Clay Matthews end up sitting on top of Matthew Stafford?

  2. NFC North is going to have some high scoring games this season. As a Packers fan the games against the Lions and Bears are going to be tough. Should be some great football to watch, just hope this “simplified” defense can slow down two outstanding offenses.

    Go Pack!!

    ~NFL Owner

  3. The problem with the Lions was Schwartz and the defense. Why get excited over how they will use a new TE. Suh & Fairley have not lived up to their hype. Suh gets more attention for being dirty than making plays.
    Until they fix the defense they will fight to stay out of the cellar. They are getting too much attention for doing so little.

  4. Kid seems smart enough to get it.
    Should have a nice career.

    Thank you Detroit for leapfrogging the vaGiants & making sure he didn’t wind up in the NFC East.

  5. Another big mouth hasn’t even played an NFL game yet. Typical Lions gorilla talk. Perfect fit on this dirty franchise.

    Worst Franchise in the NFCN

    2 seasons above .500 since 2000, 0 – 16 in 2008.

    Finally beat the Bears( who own the Lions for years and years) twice in one season and they still finish behind them in the division.

    Garbage, pathetic, terrible football!

    Calvinthegreat81 is a crybaby!

  6. Worst pick in the 1st round based on need, especially for a likely bust. Dude is a tweener, not big enough to play TE, and not fast enough to play receiver.

  7. Might not be a good idea to weight the guy down trying to do too much with him so soon. Let the guy make the transition to the NFL before you make him learn several different positions and responsibilities.

    You want a guy to make an impact right away and the best way to do that is to minimize what he has to learn his rookie year. Take what he does best and utilize that as much as possible and when he proves hes ready for more, than expand his role.

  8. that’s awesome…what happens when Jared Allen, Sharrif Floyd and Clay Matthews end up sitting on top of Matthew Stafford?

    Those 3 players play for 3 different teams. If they all somehow end up on top of Matthew Stafford at the same time, something is seriously wrong.

  9. Wasn’t exactly thrilled with the Ebron pick when it happened but I’m trying to accept it. It would be nice if he stopped talking though. Looks like he has legit talent as long as get can hold on to the ball.

    Bearshaterevrywhere is an exceptionally large DB and post the same stupid lines on all lions related post. Get out of your moms basement and grow a pair.

    Another lions sweep on the way!

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