Jordan Cameron is no longer a Pro Bowl tight end — sort of

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Jordan Cameron might get caught within 4 yards of the tackle, but he won’t get caught with his social media guard down.

The Browns tight end responded promptly to today’s Jimmy Graham ruling in the most tech-savvy way possible.

Cameron has changed the bio on his Twitter account to read “Pro Bowl pass catcher for the Cleveland Browns,” after previously identifying himself as merely a “Pro Bowl TE for the Browns.”

Cameron caught 80 passes last year for the Browns (playing for an extremely tight end-friendly coach) and has the chance to be targeted just as often without Josh Gordon clogging up the stat line this year.

And since he’s entering the final year of his rookie contract, he is hitting the market in time to cash in quite nicely.

While his change in nom de internet might not be enough for the Browns or Stephen Burbank to consider him anything other than a tight end when it comes contract time, it does show he has a sense of humor to go with his pass-catching skills.

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  1. Really it should come down to a players role on the team, not their position designation. Teams don’t scheme to follow antiquated position conventions, they scheme to exploit matchups. Teams shouldn’t be able to franchise players at a discount because half the teams don’t scheme the same way.


    Interior Lineman (includes 3/4 DEs)
    Edge Rusher
    Defensive back


    Pay players the top amounts for each of those categories. Yes that means franchising your blocking fullback means paying them LT money. It’s an edge case that would never happen anyways. Hopefully, the NFLPA does their job by getting this changed in the next CBA.

  2. I don’t understand the push to re-classify.

    If Graham, Vernon Davis, Rob Gronkowski, and the Cameron/J.Thomas deals all get done as pass-catching TEs, then the new TE number will accurately reflect pass-catching TEs as they will be the highest-paid players. If they keep trying to classify themselves as something else, then the TE numbers won’t ever catch up.

  3. If Graham, Vernon Davis, Rob Gronkowski, and the Cameron/J.Thomas deals all get done as pass-catching TEs,

    apparently you only see the highlight reels of gronk. He is used for blocking a lot more than pass catching. He is like having another tackle on the field. This is the reason I think Gronk should be paid more than Graham and J. Thomas (I don’t watch enough of the browns to know if cameron actually blocks).

  4. Just another reason why teams will request a move from a 53-man roster to a 63-man roster. TEs will play the TE position only. If they need a WR on a certain play, they will bring one in. (And pay him minimum salary to do so)

  5. Since tight ends do even MORE than receivers…. They catch AND block… Teams better wisen-up before guys just refuse to play the position and only play wideout since the pay is drastically different.

  6. He won’t get a big pay day. He can’t block, is slow, and disappears over the stretch of games. The only reason he made the pro bowl last years is because pitta was out. Th ravens defense destroyed him last year.

    3-13 browns

  7. Well I know of at least one defensive player in the league that is not happy about the disappearing Tight Ends.

  8. I know some of you are not big fans of fantasy football, and there are receivers and ends in that too !
    so receiver plays receiver, and end play end !

    Why don’t you find out what Shannon Sharpe, Mike Ditka, Kellen Winslow, Ozzie Newsome, and Tony Gonzales think of this, whole TE / WR pay day ?

  9. Cameron better get signed soon. I have a feeling that under Shanahan’s offense, he’ll be seeing fewer passes. Seems like Shanahan likes TE’s that can block.

  10. Does this mean that a bunch of FFL games have to be redone as some rosters would have fielded too many WR’s (or whatever their new title is)?

  11. He was ok. More like a security blanket for his QBs. ProBowl player is not good enough. Heck Vince Young and Schaub went there not too long ago. How about getting your team to win more than 5 games and then maybe play the value game. Just sayin

  12. This shows how stupid it is to cite a players twitter account in determining what position he lined up at in various formations last season.

  13. I have liked him since the browns drafted him. That clown of a coach pat shermur was to smart to play him.( go figure ) norv comes to town and he is a pro bowler! Sign him now before he has another monster year and the we have to overpay!! Go browns!

  14. Hey some guys are the trailblazers and less-deserving types get to earn the big bucks…

    Gonzo, Gates, Gronk and Graham have redefined the position with their athletic play at the position…

    Sadly, some punk like the rookie in Detroit who speaks as if he’s done something will probably be the beneficiary of their hard work and play…

    It’ll be just like the NBA whereby some far lesser talent will lead the league at the position with a whole 8 TDs and be paid like a HOFer…

    That’s just the way it is…

  15. The best response to this whole thing is TJ Lang of the Packers, who has reclassified himself as an “NFL QB”, whilst claiming to also be the best cornerback in the NFL.

  16. Amazing, Jordan if you were a receiver lining up against corners you would be just average, You are a Pro Bowl tight end because you are an extreme mismatch for linebackers and safeties.

    Be happy who you are.

  17. I’d love to see Jimmy Graham line up as a WR1 against teams best corners and see what would happen to his stats. He sure wouldn’t put up Megatron numbers. Maybe Mike Wallace numbers.

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