Manziel’s partying with Bieber carries a very specific legal risk

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In defending his work hard, play harder approach to life as a millionaire in his early 20s, Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel says he has done nothing wrong.

The key word to attach to that is “yet.”

Even if he never does anything wrong, Manziel risks a wrong place/wrong time outcome in which someone seeking 15 minutes of fame and/or 15 pounds of cash accuses him of doing something he didn’t do.

His most recent high-profile act of partying — a visit to Justin Bieber’s house only a few days after reports surfaced that the Browns want Manziel to tone it down — has a wrinkle that could go awry for Manziel, if he makes a habit of hanging out with young pop stars.  Per a source who briefly attended the soiree, underage girls were present at the Bieber party.

Apparently, Bieber’s friends have a habit of showing up with underage girls, which in and of itself isn’t against the law.  But if something happens between a sufficiently overage male and an underage girl, the overage male can go to jail even if the underage girl convinced him that she’s not underage.  (If you think this is far-fetched, Google Mark Chmura.)

Or an underage girl can falsely accuse the overage male of doing something that didn’t happen.  Which at a minimum could turn the overage male’s life upside down until the charges are resolved.  And there’s a chance — as Brian Banks found out — that lies will be believed and an innocent man will go to jail for several years.

Again, there’s no evidence that Manziel has ever done anything wrong.  But that moth apparently doesn’t realize the potential power of the flame he’s currently dancing with.

116 responses to “Manziel’s partying with Bieber carries a very specific legal risk

  1. Manziel is the biggest D’bag to ever enter the NFL. Hope his 15 minutes of fame are soon over.

  2. No excuses Cleveland!!

    What did you think you were going to get?

    Way to screw the fanbase once again.

  3. “Before I do anything I ask myself “Would an idiot do that?” And if the answer is yes, I do not do that thing.” Dwight Schrute.

    All you need to do is replace the work “idiot” with Beiber.

  4. Have been trying to give Manziel the benefit of the doubt, until I read this, now I think he’s an idiot…

  5. Chmura never claimed the girl lied about her age. He knew her previously as she had been the family babysitter.

  6. If it were up to the National Flag Commercial Penalty-Filled No Fun Ever Football League, they’d bubble wrap every player for every minute of the day except for 4 hours on Sunday.

  7. You’d think Bieber’s reps would be more worried about headlines like “Bieber sighted hanging out with third string Browns QB”.

  8. Can we stop already? When he breaks the law let’s talk about it then!! How about talking about Smith from San Fran who made a threat in an Airport, but nothing happened to him? Or about someone else who broke the law? Enough of talking about what players are doing on their own time!!!!!

  9. .
    Manziel could wind up bunking at the Ecuadorian embassy with Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange.

  10. Mark Chumura was and is an innocent man.

    Doctors testified the girls hymen was in tact, and the attorneys demonstrated conclusively that the girls story was a fabrication.
    It was all on Court TV.

    The NFL never suspended Chumura because of the false accusation.

    Only uniformed viking followers think Mr. Chumura did anything improper.

  11. maybe that’s what this guy needs to wake him up. He doesn’t appear to be the sharpest tool in the woodshed.
    Sometimes reality needs to smack you in the face before you realize what an a$$ you’ve been.

  12. I’m guessing he went there for the girls in the first place….not to hang out with Justin Bieber. Probably not the underage ones but I doubt this guy will have much self control when they start throwing themselves at him and it is a recipe for disaster. Better not to put yourself in that position.

  13. Didn’t Bieber just try to “hot box” an entire floor of a hotel in LA? Hopefully Johnny was smarter than he looks and kept clear of the weed while partying there.

  14. Wow, if Manziel does something wrong and his NFL career goes away, he’ll have to go back to being the spoiled child of a wealthy Texas oil baron. The horror!

  15. I was fairly ambivalent on Manziel — that is until I just learned that he parties with Bieber.

  16. Johnny Football may think that “…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, but Florio’s advice is spot on. And, it’s free.

    Is there any over/under yet on whether JF will listen?

  17. There’s also Bieber’s propensity to have drugs and/or alcohol present at his parties. Even if the girls don’t accuse Manziel of anything, if a cop shows up, he could be charged with possession or providing alcohol to a minor. Bieber himself is only 20, so just the two of them drinking together is a risk.

  18. WHO. CARES? I know this will get downvoted/deleted….but honestly…he’s hanging out with other famous people. This has NOTHING to do with his performance on the field. You guys sound jealous more than anything; “Oh I may not be a millionaire NFL quarterback…but at least I don’t hang out with BIEBER!!!! HURRRR”. Grow up. Manziel is what, 22 years old? EVERY GUY IN THE NFL IS DOING THE SAME THING AT THIS AGE. Partying, hooking up, having fun. All these 40 year olds on here that are bitter they didn’t get to do the same are just pathetic. Handle your own life, and your own business, and stop worrying about what some kid is doing.

  19. I wonder if Manziel will start wearing a glove on his right hand like his buddy Biebs.

    What happens in Bieber, stays in Bieber

  20. As much as Manziel is an idiot for hanging out with justin bieber… anyone who doesn’t see his talent translating at the professional level is a bad judge of football talent.

    – Not dumb
    – Great arm
    – Mobile
    – Pass Happy NFL Officiating

    The terrible receiving depth in Cleveland is what will/can/could hamstring him.

  21. Totally done defending Johnny after hanging out with Bieber. Hope Hoyer steps up his game. I think we’d rather see Johnny partying with OJ Simpson instead of Bieber.

  22. Baby Baby Baby Oh No! Admit it America, Manzel is the Anti-Tebow. How we wish we were him. Aside from hanging w/Beebs, that’s regoddamndiculus.

  23. He doesn’t care because his millionaire parents will pick up the pieces when he falls.

  24. Another stretch of an article to badmouth Manziel. And to generate hatred, tapping in to people’s weaknesses. Too bad. Just listen to some of his interviews rather that knee-jerk respond to some of the candy quotes. He doesn’t appear to be such a bad guy. We’ll see if he changes his behavior in time – because this has become an avalanche.

  25. of all the things you people who have accused him of doing I have to say there is no defending of hanging out with a talentless hack like bieber. keep doing what you are doing Johnny except for this.

  26. I’m glad the Brian Banks situation was mentioned. Don’t be fooled. Innocent until proven guilty is just a saying, but it is far from a fact in the current American way of life, but entirely the opposite. You are guilty until proven innocent, and then likely presumed to be guilty but slick enough to get off if you are proven innocent by many people thereafter.

    I have seen accusations get people fired, and then what was said was proven to be a lie and now the suspected perpetrator is now a victim with no job. It isn’t safe out there, especially not with famous people. JFF better watch out, because I guarantee you that someone, or many people, are watching him right now and trying to concoct ways of relieving him of his $$$, and he is making it easier for them.

  27. Like Chmura would have ever been convicted of anything in Wisconsin while he was still playing for the Packers.

  28. bighat8 says:
    Jul 2, 2014 11:00 AM
    What a bunch of self righteous pricks judging this kid. I’m sure no poster here has ever done anything irresponsible..
    It’s not about being able to judge someone based on whether or not you’ve done it too. The ‘kid’ just signed a multi-million dollar deal to become the face of a franchise. He has million dollar endorsements to his name. He has an entire fanbase hoping he can bring them out of the cellar. It’s his responsibility to be responsible and smart and not succumb to the lifestyle that has gotten many player in trouble and ended careers early. He is acting reckless and risks his career more than he should. Cleveland invested in him and he’s showing them that he simply does not care about being responsible and intelligent, and would rather run risks and put the organization in a bad light. It’s immature and childish. And that is what people are criticizing. And rightfully so.

  29. accipiterq says:Jul 2, 2014 11:09 AM

    WHO. CARES? I know this will get downvoted/deleted….but honestly…he’s hanging out with other famous people. This has NOTHING to do with his performance on the field. You guys sound jealous more than anything; “Oh I may not be a millionaire NFL quarterback…but at least I don’t hang out with BIEBER!!!! HURRRR”. Grow up. Manziel is what, 22 years old? EVERY GUY IN THE NFL IS DOING THE SAME THING AT THIS AGE. Partying, hooking up, having fun. All these 40 year olds on here that are bitter they didn’t get to do the same are just pathetic. Handle your own life, and your own business, and stop worrying about what some kid is doing

    Is this what Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, etc were doing as well? Funny, we never read about them like this. Perhaps they were studfing their playbook and watching film. You know the things you need to do to become the best you can possibly be.
    You sound like a 22 year old fool. Grow have no idea what life is all about.

  30. Personally, I don’t care what he does or doesn’t do. But to those who are saying that he is just having fun and to leave him alone…….its not that this behavior means that he will be gauranteed to screw up sooner or later, its more that this behavior is not what you prefer to see in your star QB. I am in no way comparing this guy to any of the great QB’s, but can you picture any of today’s top guys doing this? Do we hear about Luck or Wilson or Griffen doing this? Did Manning/Brees/Rodgers do this kind of thing. And if they do, clearly they are more careful or discreet about it. The point of this article is not that Manziel shouldn’t be doing these things, its that he is potentially playing with fire. And yes, we have all done irresponsible things. But most of us don’t have an NFL career with millions of dollars to potentially lose over it.

  31. Reminds me of a player who became a media favorite in the late 60’s early 70’s. Bold , Brash , the king of glitz, girls on his arm, and high life partying. Joe Willie Namath.
    Leave the kid alone. If he needs a swift kick, his employer will most certainly oblige.

  32. Even though I have been critical of the distractions Johnny football creates, the recent pictures involving Justin Bieber look to be just what the Brown’s asked for.

    I’m guessing the Browns management said something like this, no videos involving foul language or drunken behavior and no pictures involving large bottles of alcohol and ridiculous stunts.

  33. Eutaws, I completely agree. Perhaps he should be showing his employer a little gratitude by respecting their wishes to tone it down? They gave him the chance I am sure he has dreamed of for a very long time and I don’t think it is too much to ask to respect them in return. He also needs to think about his team mates who are getting a little sick and tired of the distracting questions about his lifestyle. Again, Johnny Fratboy needs to think that he is impacting them as well. Respect goes both ways Johnny.

  34. How can he be a bigger bust than Leaf? He wasn’t picked nearly in the same spot. He wasn’t even his teams first pick.

  35. The higher someone is placed on a pedestal, the harder people push to knock them off and see how far they fall. J Football has no chance, as too many people are focused on pushing him off instead of waiting for him to fall on his own. Little people that never played a down of real football that are bitter will bring him down, otherwise they would be wrong, and well, they just can’t have that!

  36. I did a lot of wild things when I was in college, but I settled down after I got a full-time job. If Johnny D. Football wanted to party all the time, he should have stayed in college. When you make the decision to become a professional, you have to realize that there are responsibilities that come with that. There is no “time off” when you’re a rookie trying to become the face of a franchise.

  37. So wait justin b. can drink n drive, get DUI, get arrested, have drugs in his car, street race, have underage girls at his house getting drunk and high and he’s not deported?!?!

    Have a immigrant from a Latin American country break any of those laws. Jail time then deportation. If it ain’t white it ain’t right I guess.

  38. Hanging with Bieber is dancing with the devil. He is one extra bottle consumed away from a little hottie saying take me in the other room,the one with all the candy in it..I ,ll make sure you feel real good..Then BAM. A rock star doesn’t have the same contractual agreements that are now in place for Mr Football. Or the same penalties I wonder if this guy even makes it to training camp…I,ll bet the other F.A.and draft picks are looking for their new homes. Settling in to a routine or home packing saying goodbye for the season to their friends and family.Where is the 22nd pick every spear moment he gets. Playing Caligula with the BeeBS…Brian Hoyer our Hometown hero must be laughing his ass off!!!!

  39. The lifestyle goes away if he sucks and only grows if he becomes a super bowl champion. He will succeed because he is motivated by something more powerful than his next contract…. partying with hot chicks.

  40. I am continually amazed at how many people are getting worked up over this kid.

    I think his agents are pursuing two paths with him:

    1. Football hero
    2. Famous notoriety (e.g. paris hilton, kim kardashian, etc). These people are making money with no discernible skill, so its a great fallback position if plan 1 does not work out.

    As a football fan, I hope he’s number 1. I already ignore number 2, so I just don’t care what he does off the field.

  41. statistically, less than 10% the of sexual assaults reported are false. in that light it seems a little unsettling that this website would imply that false accusations happen frequently. they don’t, but sexual assaults do.

  42. I’m pretty sure you guys write down these remarks and repost them on every Manziel blog. New stories require new posts. Ride that swan Johnny!

  43. Say what you will about Tebow being overrated, but at least that guy was all about football and wasn’t out there making himself a distraction for his team. All he did was be active in religious causes which he believed strongly in. He wasn’t out there in the limelight every chance he got putting himself into questionable situations that could tarnish his image.

    Manziel should know better. Yes he as the right to do whatever he wants, that doesn’t mean it’s smart.

    Like Chris Rock said, “You can drive a car with your feet if you want to, that don’t make it a good friggin idea!”

  44. I was a big Manziel fan before the draft. Everything he did in college was childs play compared to the things we all probably did at the same age. But, now things should be different for him. He is out of college, with a very important, highly-paying full-time job. He essentially has an entire city praying he is successful over the next decade. The fact that he seems he can’t take one weekend off from partying to spend some extra time studying the playbook really makes me question his decidation. I have done a complete 180 since the draft. I’m sensing bust.

  45. @tonyc920

    Please do not compare this moron to Namath. Namath had a ton of respect for the Jets owner and coach, he also won a National championship at Bama as the starting QB. He was the toast of NY.

    This punk has done absolutely nothing.

  46. Have a immigrant from a Latin American country break any of those laws. Jail time then deportation. If it ain’t white it ain’t right I guess.

    The only people this administration would deport are German homeschoolers.

  47. For the record, Mark Churma was falsely accused and proven so in court. Secondly, he had already played his last down with the Packers prior to being accused so he was not a Packer at the time. And lastly, Churma was a successful football player in his career, something Johnny Football cannot said right now and the way things are looking, will likely never be able to say.

  48. Well, if their dad, Floyd lets his kids Johnny, Justin, and Miley party with underage kids, it must be to celebrate some kid’s birthday party because apparently there are clowns present.

  49. The media won’t let up on him until he goes into hiding and only provides perfect, robotic , phoney, answers like most in the the NFL’ers do….
    Unfortunate, all of you followers ride the media’s initiative, to make sure this happens… it’s like uh- oh….here’s somebody who has a personality , and isn’t afraid to say what he thinks , and do what he wants….we must bust his chops and ruin his career so that we can go back to the dull boring norm….. That’s why there’s no more legends or cool players….the media and fans that can’t think outside the box….

  50. Awesome incorporation of a Dwight Schrute quote.

    However, Johnny Manziel is just fine. He’s doing everything we all would probably do, like chill with Mayweather (I know I would). Give the guy a break, bc if he produces, we (y’all) will be making SNL jokes about how awesome he is that he can balance his lifestyle and be a productive QB with all the hype he had going in opposed to the never-ending scrutiny from haters of all denominations.

    Just my thoughts

  51. Some of the posters want to say “leave him alone he is just a kid doing kid stuff” or “your just jealous and old and bitter” – Manziel is now an employee of a muti-billion dollar organization that is part of the entertainment business. He is no longer a college kid and does not get a free pass for his childish antics. Yes I drank and partied in college but when I stated my career I had responsibilities that also included behavior expectations outside of work. Your behavior outside of work is a reflection on the corporation- ask the fired ex’s that tweet stupid comments. Manziels JOB is to play football and it does not end on the field on Sundays. He sells jerseys and has appearances and all kinds of responsibilities for the organization.

    You are right that I am older but I am not bitter towards Manziel. I am glad my team did not pick him (we picked Bortles) because I want my QB known for working hard to become a top level QB. Partying with Beiber is a poor decision and I think a few weeks from camp studying play books is more important.

    Manziel is now a professional and the immature pleading ” leave him alone” is a child’s thought process. Go back to playing Madden and have your mom do your laundry and stop posting.

  52. Johnny football on one end of the behavioral spectrum, Russell Wilson on the other…. I worry they may both implode…..Balance lads, balance!

  53. Can’t wait to hear about this all next offseason.

    ‘Manziel out partying at 60% while recovering from knee/elbow/shoulder surgey that ended his rookie campaign in october’

  54. For the record, Chmura was still on the Packer’s roster and was not released until after he was charged with the crime — yes, he was a Packer. And he also admitted that his conduct was inappropriate — after refusing to visit the White House because of the Bill / Monica scandal.

  55. Gee’s it took you guys long enough for the Daily “Manziel report”. I’ll give you a pass since this article is basically him hypothetically doing something and not actually doing something.

    Can tomorrows be about what would happen if Manziel hypothetically took his best friends dads favorite car on a joyride while skipping class?

  56. To the ones who says who cares, what manziel is doing hurting his nfl career. Have ever once heard anything about Peyton manning, drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Andrew luck, Russell Wilson or RG3 partying like a rock star? Look at their careers and careers to become, 4 of them are elites and get mega contracts every time, 3 are up and coming and soon to be 20mil a year QBs. Nobody’s saying that you can’t have fun during your off time but there’s responsible fun and there’s careless fun. Johnny is having the careless fun that can get you caught up in a legal situation. He’s not putting in the effort to become a good QB in the nfl, he acts like the starting job is already a lock for him. The browns just don’t know how to draft QBs, mistakes after mistakes after mistakes, when will they learn

  57. Look what happened to “Birdman” Chris Anderson. He almost had his life ruined forever with the setup some underage girl and her family concocted just because he was an easy target with money

  58. My two favorite train wrecks! Hopefully right into each other, please, please, please!

  59. So much talk and wasted energy for a guy who hasn’t even played a down yet. I’m a Browns fan and didn’t think Manziel should be drafted by Cleveland, but now that he is, I am rooting for him. As long as he stays out of trouble I don’t care what he does in his off time. It’s all about football and what he does ON the field. Will he hold up, stay in the pocket, make good reads, and most of all win games? Nothing else matters.

  60. LOL yeah she is gonna sue jhonny for rape and get her dad to beat him up….LOL I am sure the exact opposite would happen. She will be in love and daddy will be asking for an autograph.

  61. Jerry Jones is probably kicking himself that he didn’t draft Johnny. Look at all this coverage the ‘boys could be getting!

  62. I just don’t get Manziel. He tells everyone to get off his back, and then he goes and hangs out with the walking tabloid Bieber. How immature do you have to be to not realize your actions do affect the stories in the media sometimes? I guarantee if he just went to the bars with his college buddies (without shooting any money phone videos), that wouldn’t make the headlines. Go out and have a good time, but don’t act like you don’t want attention and tell everyone to leave you alone, and then go party with Bieber! Makes no sense.

  63. it’s fun to think of and make a list of all the football -related things Peyton, Brady and the other top tier QBs are doing to gain a competitive advantage on during the party when Manziel was watching Bieber free style rap or throw things in his pool or whatever they were doing.

  64. If Bieber is only 20 years old like was posted above, then old Johnny could end up with a “Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor”…….

  65. Those who compare Joe Namath with Johnny Manziel really aren’t giving Joe the respect he deserves.

    Broadway Joe was a smooth operator that boldly predicted infamy and had an aura of style and cool that till this day is still admired.

    Johnny football, not so much.

  66. I wonder if the Vikings continue to thank their lucky stars they didn’t have what it took to leapfrog Cleveland to take Manziel?

    Word is they wanted Manziel but couldn’t offer what was needed to beat Cleveland to the #22 spot to take him. They ended up “settling” for Bridgewater.

    While Johnny continues to put himself in questionable situations that put his dedication to question, all Bridgewater does the exact opposite. Teddy is the first in the building, the last to leave, and even during time away he’s spending most of his time continuing to study the play book and even get mental reps with the offense by importing the playbook into Madden. He understands the last thing the Vikings need is more drama, and he’s determined to not tarnish his image or create disruption for his teammates.

    Teddy is displaying that he “gets it” and understands what is required to have any chance of becoming a true franchise QB. No matter what level of talent or intelligence you have, you aren’t automatically elite in the NFL. Even if you are Peyton Manning, you became the best by fully dedicating all your time to football and outworking every other guy in the building.

  67. The Browns offensive line is already perfecting their signals to each other for the good old “Lookout !!! Block”.

    A “Lookout Block” is when an offensive misses his assignment so badly the only thing he can do is yell lookout !!!

    If Johnny Boyziel keeps acting like an immature fool his own team mates will make sure he has a short career.

  68. The Browns offensive line is already perfecting their signals to each other for the good old “Lookout !!! Block”.

    A “Lookout Block” is when an offensive lineman misses his assignment so badly the only thing he can do is yell lookout !!!

    If Johnny Boyziel keeps acting like an immature fool his own team mates will make sure he has a short career.

  69. I remember Johnny compulsively drinking water while the other QB’s and players got drafted. He was crowned to be the #1 but was passed over. He looked quite anxious. I was thinking the poor kid must be embarrassed and was thankful when his name finally got picked. I also thought that because of this he would work hard and show everyone that he’s the best, pretty much the way Tom Brady steeled himself to be the best. Brady did not forget the humiliation and the hurt. Brady was not even over-hyped during his draft. So it baffles me that manziel just carries on like the status of elite will just be automatically conferred to him because he is Johnny Football. He asked Brady once for advice… Brady said that there is no entitlement in football. Johnny should take heed. If you take your job half-as-ed you’ll be down full-as-sed. Johnny starts with champagne spraying, inflatable toy, money phone, now Biebs. Who’s next Kimye?…

  70. Johnny has no intention of ever being out of the spotlight. I honestly don’t care as long as his play speaks for itself. At this moment, he better be comparable to Andrew Luck to be demanding so much attention.

  71. I’m waiting for Johnny to go to North Korea with Dennis Rodman and party with Kim Jung Un!

    Notice how Bieber’s hair is looking more and more like Kim’s???

  72. This is going to end badly for Manziel. Personally I don’t see his game translating well into the NFL; he’ll have a much harder time making guys miss, and he doesn’t read the field and coverage well at all. I see him more as RGIII 2.0.

  73. and this is what happens when you give immature kids millions of dollar to do with as they please. it is only a matter of time before allegations come out, true or not. given what we know about Manziel’s lifestyle, he will be guilty until proven innocent.

  74. He is living it up off of the popularity he gained while playing college ball. NFL lots different and lets see how many A lister shindigs he gets invited to if his career is a flop…

  75. Manziel’s future roughly:
    He does terrible in Cleveland and only starts his second year, but gets benched for throwing 9 picks in a game. Cleveland cuts him at the end of the season, and the Dolphins sign him as a backup. But Tannehill gets hurt and Manziel leads them 4-12. Then gets cut. Then Manziel realizes that he’s not Johnny Football, he’s Johnny McDonalds, and works minimum wage at McDonalds for about 12 years. So, 3 years in the NFL and a minimum wage job.

  76. The opportunity to commit a crime = legal risk?

    By that logic isn’t everyone a legal risk?

    Better stop driving cars, you might hit and kill someone.

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