Mike Evans, Brandon Marshall working out together before camp


Before the draft, Mike Evans got compared to two current NFL wide receivers more than any others.

Buccaneers teammate Vincent Jackson and the other was Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall have the same imposing size and impressive athletic ability that Evans showed while he was at Texas A&M, leading many to point to the duo as a sign of what Evans could become once he hit the NFL. Evans got to spend the spring working with Jackson and he’s spending the early part of his summer working with Marshall.

Both men are training with Fit Speed Athletic Performance in Florida and the company has shared a slew of photos and videos of the two wideouts working out with several other athletes at their facility.

Evans may be able to learn more than general tips about how to succeed as a big wideout in today’s NFL. Marshall played with Bucs quarterback Josh McCown in Chicago the last two years and he could give Evans some insight into how to make the man throwing the balls send more of them his way. Evans may not need them as McCown has already talked about the comfort level he has with wideouts built like Evans and Jackson, but it couldn’t hurt Evans’ attempt to make a big impact as a rookie.