Patriots argue they are done paying Aaron Hernandez


The Patriots don’t intend to write any more checks to Aaron Hernandez, and counsel for the families of two men he’s accused of killing don’t want him getting any more money, either.

According to The Associated Press, the Patriots argued in Suffolk County (Mass.) Superior Court Wednesday that they are free of any responsibility to pay $3.25 million in unpaid signing bonus to Hernandez, whom they released in June 2013 after he was charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Per the AP, the Patriots were in court for a hearing in the wrongful death lawsuits filed against Hernandez by the families of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, whom Hernandez is charged with murdering in 2012.

According to the AP, the Patriots have agreed to inform the court if Hernandez wins an NFLPA-filed grievance to receive money he claims he’s still owed by the franchise. Also, Judge Bonnie H. MacLeod indicated she’s probably not inclined to grant a motion to add the Patriots as a defendant to the wrongful death lawsuit, per the AP.

21 responses to “Patriots argue they are done paying Aaron Hernandez

  1. Mannn…those untold millions sure did dry up fast for this clown. Pretty soon he’ll be doing “favors” for guys named Slick and Tyrone for a bag of Ramen noodles. My how the tables have turned…

  2. If the Patriots argue they are done paying Hernandez, what is Hernandez’s argument — that he is in really good shape and is going to stop murdering people?

  3. I think they should still give the money to Hernandez just because it was in his contract (I only say that because I don’t like the leverage NFL owners have over the players& this is worst-case scenario)… However he doesn’t deserve it and it won’t do him any good in prison.. It’s a classy move by the patriots to not give money to a possible murder(innocent until proven guilty) and I’m not even a fan of their team. They should just give the money to family.. If they don’t I take back that classy statement.. Family has a right for that money because nothing will bring back Odin Lloyd.

  4. Lawyers will get the money anyway, not a big deal. When Dirty gets to the JOINT the Pouncey boys will have plenty of cash to keep Dirty’s books fat so he can max out on Honey Buns and Top Ramen every week. He can only spend about $400 per month anyway and he will do at least 600 months(50 years) so a measly 24K will keep OL’ Dirty fat stacked for life. Each Pouncey pitches in 12K, they make that in an offensive series of downs. And the Patriots can crawl back into their hole along with Wal-Mart and all the other grimy thieves. Dude has yet to be convicted, keep that in mind.

  5. So does this set the precedence that any team can renege on a contract when a player is sent to jail. This can be very dangerous for player. Despite the evidence, hernandez is still currently innocent.

  6. Just pay him.
    I really want to see a high-profile, big money murder trial. This is the biggest thing since OJ. Let it run it’s course and his attorneys being paid.

  7. When is an unpaid signing bonus of $3.25M as a guaranteed amount to be paid not actually guaranteed?
    Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, doesn’t want to pay the money owed because he believes he was conned by Hernandez re his nefarious activities, but it will be interesting to see if the court chooses to ignore the law.
    At this time, Aaron Hernandez is still innocent until proven guilty but not in the realm of public opinion.

  8. All Choices have consequences… Arron Hernandez has got to be the “Poster Child for Stupidity” where he exchanges a Seat at the Top of Professional Sports and Luxury for Life on Death Row! Count The Costs folks before you make BAD CHOICES!

  9. I just got around to watching a CNN report I DVR’d on this case.

    This young man is a head case. His father died and he had no role model to reel him in. This speaks volumes of the importance of how children are brought up with or without fathers.

    It by no means excuses his alleged behavior, but the more that comes out on this case…the more that these are not just allegations.

    Before he can be allowed to walk the streets again, he will need many, many years of therapy. And he has shattered to many lives to get off scott free.

  10. They knew they were gonna have to pay him his guaranteed bonus once they released him but they were too busy patting themselves on the back for doing the right thing.

    They should have kept him, then fined him $30,000 a day for missed OTAs, training camp, in season practices, and games. Once he missed 110 days, and racked up $3.3 million in fines, plus more days for whatever his base salary would have been, the Pats could have cut him plus kept the bonus as payment.

  11. It must be fun to charge an NFL team for billable hours. I wonder if the Patriots will spend more on attorneys fees than is owed just to keep the aggrieved from his bonus.

  12. If everyone had learned the first time and just put the “Ray Lewis” clause in every contract stating “you lose your signing bonus if implicated in double murder” we wouldn’t have this legal mess.

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