Sapp helps fill dead spot by stiffing waitress

Yes, Hall of Famer Warren Sapp went to a restaurant on Tuesday.  Yes, he stiffed the waitress.  Yes, he wrote “boys don’t tip” on the credit card receipt.

Sapp has admitted it on Twitter, claiming that the food was “horrible” the “service was worst,” and that the waitress “kept calling us boys.”

It’s impossible to know whether Sapp’s decision was justified without having all the facts.  But it’s probably never justified for a waiter or waitress who was stiffed or undertipped to disclose it to the world on social media.  That’s the quickest way for a waiter or waitress to no longer be a waiter or waitress.

Sapp surely knew there was a chance that something would be made of his decision not to leave a tip, as evidenced by the message displayed largely on the receipt and the signature signed with a flourish.  Regardless, that piece of paper never should have been disclosed publicly unless Sapp chose to do it himself.

While we’re on the topic (and since it’s slow right now), the decision to stiff a waiter or waitress shouldn’t be taken lightly.  It’s a tough job, and some patrons make it tougher by taking full advantage of the ability to boss another human being around for 30 minutes or so.  Most waiters and waitresses receive less than minimum wage, under the assumption that the difference will be made up via the non-mandatory social convention of leaving at least 15-20 percent of the pre-tax bill on the table or on the credit-card receipt.

Some people leave more.  Some people leave less.  Some people pay their bill with a credit card and leave the tip in cash on the table, creating the impression based on the receipt that they left no tip.  Regardless, the process of whether and to what extent someone tips should remain private — because restaurant owners don’t want people to choose to eat elsewhere for fear of deciding not to leave a tip (for whatever reason) and then being called out publicly for it.

Bottom line?  Sapp may or may not have been in the right.  The waitress was definitely in the wrong.  And we actually found something to write about on July 2.

144 responses to “Sapp helps fill dead spot by stiffing waitress

  1. Completely agree. Although, no matter how hard the job may be or how little they get paid. There is no excuse for poor customer service. (If that is indeed the case.) I don’t care how bad your day was. You’re only making it worse with bad customer service. Your problems aren’t mine. Its not called “waiter/waitress service.”

  2. So basically this topic is pointless and you have nothing else to wright about. At least you not talking about Manziel.


    Wright about, huh?

  3. Stop defending Sapp. He has proved to be a major jerk numerous times. No need to rehash them.

    The waiter/waitress had every right to release this. Why not?? Is Sapp that stupid he did not realize it would be released? he deserves whatever he gets!!

    Wish I knew where they worked. I would send a tip!!

  4. I see a white hand holding the receipt. I am willing to bet that this white person refers to groups of male consumers as “boys” in a friendly way. I am also willing to bet that Sapp took the term as a racist thing, and used it as a chance to save $15… Within the hour Sharpton will hold a press conference condemning white people everywhere…

  5. Not enough information for an opinion. Bad service deserves no tip. I wasn’t there to determine the level of service.

  6. If i was her boss she would be fired right away. I tip when the service is good and don’t tip when it is bad. And good waiters and waitress 90% of the time make damn good money and don’t even report all of it for taxes. And bad waiters and waitress dont make good money. Also employers are required to make up any difference between what a server makes an hour and min wage if they do not collect sufficient tips.

  7. Sapp is the man who believed Strahan didn’t believe in the hall of fame.

    Far as I’m concerned, Sapp is a first ballot Hall of Turd member.

  8. ITT (I tip twenty). Don’t be a chump. If you can afford the meal, you can afford to compensate your server properly. Is this the best system? Heck no. Servers should be paid regular wages and not have to rely on the mercy and goodness of customers. How many of us would want the majority of our pay each day based on whether someone thought we did a good enough job? Not many, I’m willing to wager.

  9. Sapp is just a fat cry baby. The tip money he didn’t pay most likely went for an ice cream cone.

  10. Rarely do I adjust my tip for the food itself, I tip them on service. If I do complain about it I will adjust on how they react/handle it. They definitely don’t cook it and I can tell you from working in restaurants as a teenager cooks are rarely friendly about people complaining about a dish. In regular human places anyway.

    I’m confused by the “boys” thing. Was she being hateful about it somehow? Or was this just part of her schtick trying to relate to customers?

  11. TIPS is an anachronim for: To Insure Prompt Service

    TIPS are earned not taken for granted. Poor service deserves a poor tip. I know that is an extremely difficult concept for many since more than half of America recieves government assistance. When did the American government become a charity?

  12. Also employers are required to make up any difference between what a server makes an hour and min wage if they do not collect sufficient tips

    Really? Thats fair, lol. That wasn’t around when i was a waiter. I wonder how much of those tips go unreported then.

  13. This sounds like a typical Warren Sapp thing to do and I’m sure he’s pulled this before. How soon will it be until he files for bankruptcy again? I’m sure he’s blowing all of his income on sneakers again along with not tipping.

  14. Also, why should the server pay the price for bad food??? That argument never makes sense to me. The server didnt make the food. Now, if the server completely messed up your order, that is one thing. But saying the food was lousy isnt the fault of the server…

  15. It all depends on the context.

    If the waitress was like: “So, what are you boys having?” in a charming manner, then it’s no big deal. Waitresses (especially some of the older ones) often refer to a large group of grown men as “boys”.

    Now, the ugly context would be if she specifically called Warren Sapp “boy” as in “What would you like, boy?”, then I can understand Sapp being extremely offended.

    But since none of us were there, we have no way of knowing.

  16. kingmj4891 says:
    Also employers are required to make up any difference between what a server makes an hour and min wage if they do not collect sufficient tips.


    I don’t think this is accurate. If it is, I’ve never seen it done.

  17. Tiger Woods did that once or twice too, and it ruined his career when people found out.

  18. “The waitress was definitely in the wrong.” That’s a pretty dumb statement, especially since you base it soley on the fact that the waitress went public with the information. As you point out, if you are a waitress making less than minimum wage and you rely mainly on tips, then a “rich”, famous person like Sapp stiffing you is pretty big news. I’m sure you had no problem when that waitress in NJ went public with her claim that she was stiffed because she looked like a man and her customer didn’t agree with her lifestyle (which was later proven to be false). Sapp has proven time and time again that he’s a huge a-hole. If you want to presume guilt, you should start with him.

  19. To

    That being said, it’s very difficult for me NOT to leave 20%. Remember, waiters have to earn tips to survive. Their hourly wage (at least in Texas) is only about $2.09.

  20. NO CLASS. He’s just using poor service and the waiter referring to his party as boys is just an excuse to NOT tip. If the service/food/whatever was soo bad why didn’t he bring it to the managers attention.

    Everyone here knows Sapp is a loudmouth and if it was that bad you darn sure he would have said something. Either way i’m not surprised the least by this classless fool’s actions.

  21. If other wait staff from other restaurants come forward with receipts showing that Sapp stiffed them then there would be a demonstrated pattern of behavior. Personally, I doubt Sapp’s version of events.

  22. .
    boys = fellows = dudes

    The last person to use “boy” in racial terms was Rod Steiger in the 1962 classic “In the Heat of the Night”.

  23. The wait staff was not in the wrong, everyone knows you tip, it’s part of your bill, low class move by a over rated low class guy, that’s why you wrote a article on it, disgusting

  24. Sapp continues to show that he’s mentally just a punk boy…

    Couldn’t disagree more with the server posting what this no class jerk did…

    It’s a good thing that the general public gets to see, unfiltered by managed media, just how horrible some of these celebrities are…

  25. If the service was “bad” or more likely slow, it’s still Sapps fault for going to a busy sports bar during one of the biggest events of the year. I bet this place was swamped and the server did the best she could.

  26. If “boys” don’t tip, then Boys should serve themselves. You want to stiff waitpeople on their tip, go to Mickey Dees, Warren. Now you know why wait people hate waiting on African Americans.

  27. Just like everyone else in the world, I’ve received bad service… numerous times. My favorite is when a server pours warm tea into my glass without fresh ice.

    That being said, I’ve NEVER not tipped and it should not be implied that bad service doesn’t deserve a tip. Sapp would have had a leg to stand on if he left a fiver in there for the server. That sends more of a message than nothing.

  28. listen to how many time sapp calls the rest of the nfln crew the supposed insult over the course of a show..

    while i don’t know the facts in this instance, i’m pretty sure sapp is a piece of crap… and most likely a cheap piece of crap…

  29. Sell that on ebay…there’s your tip money…and then some!!!!! That would fetch a pretty penny, no doubt.

  30. If the service is bad, speak to the manager. Don’t just stiff the waitstaff. Even bad service should warrant a 10% tip.

  31. Tipping is not mandatory. I used to work for tips and it sickens me that people think that they should just be tipped. If you provide terrible costumer service, then why should I have to tip you? Because you work for tips? That was your decision to accept a job working for tips, so take it seriously and provide excellent customer service and you’ll see an increase in pay.

  32. Also employers are required to make up any difference between what a server makes an hour and min wage if they do not collect sufficient tips

    Really? Thats fair, lol. That wasn’t around when i was a waiter. I wonder how much of those tips go unreported then.


    That’s still not around – at least in NY. Reading comments about how to tip makes me wish that everyone would have to work as a waiter for a day, just to see how it is. Pretty sure most attitudes would change. I’m sure Sapp was really easy to wait on, most famous people usually are (please note the sarcasm)

  33. Hold up, you calculate tips based on the pre-tax amount?

    I’ve been doing it wrong for years/decades, then. I’ve ALWAYS calculated from total balance due.

  34. Grow up Sapp! You’re supposed to be a professional, obviously you’re not!

    If you didn’t like the service you could’ve gotten up and left the restaurant!

  35. What a fragile ego that guy has if he gets into a hissy fit over being called boy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was just calling them boys in the general way that women often refer to men rather than her trying to insult them. She probably calls every male party “boys” and I doubt they care like this moron does. I sure as hell wouldn’t.

    I like the excuse of bringing up the food being horrible…so it is her fault for that?

    Seems that even if you allegedly get lousy service (and who knows if it was. It IS Sapp after all and he may consider anyone not worshiping his fat ass as lousy service) you should still tip something even if it is one or two bucks.

    Then again this guy is broker than your average McDonald’s worker so I wouldn’t be surprised if that factored in and he is using the other stuff as an excuse to cover his cheap, horrible money management having ass.

    Just the latest example showing how much of a prick Sapp is, like there needs to be more examples for anyone with a brain to realize that.

    Having said all that, she’s an idiot for making this public and will probably lose her job. The stupidity of people with Twitter strikes again.

  36. Waitress should put that receipt on Ebay and make her tip that way. It is a HoF’ers signature and it is now on a pretty famous item. She would at least get the $14 that a 20% tip would have been, probably a lot more.

  37. Let’s just be real here….in general black people don’t tip. At least not in the south where I am. Sapp is a recognizable black man so he has to come up with excuses not to tip. I promise the waitress said “what can I get you boys” and Sapp took it and ran because he’s a db. Gotta be above the stereotype when you are a public figure…..

  38. Mike, you are correct that stiffing a waiter/waitress should not be taken lightly. Everyone has a bad day, but a server can never bring that to work.

    I used to manage a steakhouse near Arrowhead, and saw the good and bad of athletes come through. Elvis Grbac was pretty rude to one of my best servers, but Rick Sutcliffe could not have been nicer.

    All I want to see out of my server is effort. It isn’t that hard to fake a smile and keep my drink full. Even when a server is slammed, you can still take a quick second to let your customer know you will be right back with them. I will be patient when I can see you are very busy. What I hate is when I can see my server standing and chatting with a co-worker while I am dying of thirst, or when I don’t see my server for 10 minute stretches.

    Good customer service is hard to find in any industry anymore (not just in restaurants), but restaurants are one place where bad service leads directly to bad pay.

  39. The server was absolutely right.

    You know who pays servers? Customers — not the manager or “boss.” Restaurant managers don’t like it, but that’s the way it is.

    I would absolutely do this if I were a server. You know the other good thing about these jobs? They’re a dime a dozen.

  40. Warren Sap refuses to eat out on team trips for fear of getting sick, and he’s not talking about the rare case of food poisoning. He insisted his food was tampered with during his nine-year tenure in Tampa Bay from 1995-2003.

    “You get your food poisoned,” Sapp said at Raiders headquarters. “They don’t want you out there on Sunday. You don’t think about it. It just got crazy.”

    Maybe you stiffed them too.

  41. So is he implying racism by her using the term “boys”? He sure has a lot of excuses and is in CYA mode right from the jump!

  42. Maybe she called them “boys” because when a group of men get together and go out, they usually act like “boys”.

  43. “Boys” is a derogatory racial term.

    Dallas should lose it’s trademark and patent rights to the Star and Cowboys names because it it demeaning and embarrassing to somebody.

  44. You say it was wrong for the waitress to put it out to social media, yet you choose to show the picture of the receipt. The Kettle is black no doubt.

  45. Sapp was just being petty and mean-spirited. Just leave a $10 tip and walk out the door.

    The waitress should not have posted the receipt though. That is the opposite of professional.

  46. He did the right thing… Tips are optional and based on presentation and performance…bad presentation and performance equals “No Tip”…Indeed…

  47. Good on you Florio…being a waiter is just awful. That was my first job. YOU RELY ON TIPS EXCLUSIVELY FOLKS. I had an hourly wage of just $1.50. It’s all about tips.

    I still tip 20% by the way, not the bogus 15% most do. If he service was sub par, the lowest they get is 15%

  48. If the food sucks, blame the chef. If the service sucks don’t tip. If you don’t like being called boy, get your fat ass up and leave, don’t sit there, order, eat all the food and then not tip. Personally I’ve always been man enough to speak my mind if offended and that includes telling the waiter there service sucked and that I wasn’t tipping.
    This guy has been a prick his whole life IMHO, so what’s new.
    Suh is eying his job.

  49. Many servers use terms that are meant to be nice (honey, sweetie, sugar, etc.) but some people find offensive and/or disrespectful. People in the service industry should know better and use the standard sir and ma’am.

  50. The whole “tip” = to insure promptness thing is false.

    First off, it would be called tep if that were the case, since ensure means to make sure, to guarantee, while insure means to safeguard against loss or damage.

    The word tip was used long ago in England, by muggers as slang for the money and trinkets they would steal from people, as in “give me a tip Mister, and I won’t poke you with me knife.” Usage trickled into the general population as meaning to give, or hand over.

    The meaning “give a gratuity to” is first attested 1706.

    Warren Sapp, is a sapp, and probably “tips” the scales at about what, 340 pounds now?

  51. I have three ways of showing disapproval for horrible service. I write ZERO TIP on the receipt, I leave a penny on the table, or just write “0.” Writing “0” may leave it open that you forgot or didn’t have it, but the other two say plainly that you were dissatisfied with the service.

    I’m a Black man, and never quick to go to the racial thing, but experienced it without a doubt at an expensive Italian restaurant in NE Ohio. My family sat down at 7 and it was 9:30 when we got our food. There were 5 White families that sat down after us and 3 were finished with their meals before we got our meals, and 2 were gone. The server only came over to our table twice, and never with an explanation as to why our order took so long, or how much longer it was going to be. I wanted to leave, but it was my brother’s birthday and he really wanted to go there so I stayed, but I was peeved.

    That time I left a penny on the table, and wrote on the receipt, PENNY TIP-good food HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, and at the bottom WE WILL NOT BE BACK. There is a belief that Black people don’t tip, and that is totally false. I customarily do 15-20% or more based on supreme customer service, but that time it was warranted. She was horrid and I let her know it.

  52. So, everyone who is complaining must leave 20% even when the service is bad? Why?

    Or do you think he’s lying?

  53. If the owner’s of resteraunts were really all that concerned about scaring away business, they would pay their employees more than minimum wage so that the employees weren’t relying on tips as the sole source of their own income.

  54. Having worked and owned restaurants for many years, wait staff fight not to get black customers. If the hostess does not like you , you are getting black people. Just a fact. Unless it was red lobster.

    Since no one has come forward on a regular basis. I am going to side with Sapp. Not all waitress should be serving the public. Just like not all teachers should be teaching our kids.

    This is a good thing. She will be fired. And the restaurant will get better. She will either learn and provide better service or go work at McDonald’s.

  55. Some people enjoy reinforcing stereotypes.

    Sapp is an employee of the NFL network. This reflects badly on the NFL network and the NFL especially if this is a business expense.

    When I was in the service I always tipped more when I was in uniform because of who I represented.

    Character does matter and your reputation should be your most valuable asset. Not to Sapp.

    I seek out the manager regarding the extremes in service and at about a 3:1 ratio it is more positive than negative.

  56. He did speak to the NFC rookie gathering last week. Maybe this was his way of showing them he finally is trying to be financially smart.

  57. If you’re supposed to tip people automatically then where is the incentive to do a good job? Its pretty sad that people just expect to be tipped and then have the tackiness to post it on social media when they don’t get tipped. People realize people have the option to be or not be a waitress/waiter, right? Yes, I realize holding down multiple, part time customer service jobs is not fun. Ya know why? Because we’ve all done it. It’s called life. Stop whining.

  58. The waitress/waiter shouldn’t have posted it, be a professional… So you got stiffed that’s life. We don’t know what happened maybe the service was terrible and it was somewhat justified.

    It just like when Drew Brees Tipped $3 for a take out order where all the waitress did was go bring him the bags to take home and people started flipping out calling him cheap because that server posted it online.

  59. I’ve heard many well-meaning female servers refer to full grown men as “boys” — and it is NOT meant to be an insult or a “slur” (that term we keep hearing with that Redskins debacle).

    It is extremely likely (IMO) that Sapp’s perception of intent was way off base here.

  60. How is it that all these blanket, stereotypical, inaccurate, bigoted statements about black people are allowed to go unchallenged and undeleted?

    Also, Tiger Woods has 14 Major Championships and a net worth of half a billion dollars. His “stiffing” of waitstaff has really destroyed his brand.

  61. So now your the expert authority on what is right & wrong in the restaurant business!! Whats wrong no sermons oh how Johnny should act today!!

  62. Since when is the tip mandatory?

    It’s supposed to be a reward for exemplary service.

    I know pfpoet wants to pretend it’s always appropriate, and I admit I tip almost without regard to service as long as the server’s not a jerk, but if they want bigger tips, earn them.

  63. Good point made above. If the service is lousy OK. But penalizing the waiter for bad food is asinine. It’s the cooks fault and he’s making an hourly wage. Waiters don’t cook your food. If you don’t like your food just tell your waiter honestly when he asks how everything is, and he’ll try to make it right. Most waiters I worked with tried to do a good job. You know you have to give good service for the money, it’s what you signed up for.

  64. Warren Sapp is a jackass! I bet Strahan would have tipped. Sapp hurts the integrity of the Hall. Putting him in first ballot is like taking a punter for passing yards it makes no sense. So many players are more deserving than this guy. After seeing his antics around Tampa, I’m not surprised by this information. He’s just a horrible person.

  65. Sounds like Sapp needs to un-wad his race panties! Grow up douche, not everything is about your race! If she stunk as a waitress, don’t tip and leave it at that. Don’t try to justify it by making up a racist slant to it. By doing so just confirms the perception that you are a slug off the field.

  66. “Many servers use terms that are meant to be nice (honey, sweetie, sugar, etc.) but some people find offensive and/or disrespectful. People in the service industry should know better and use the standard sir and ma’am.”

    A lot of women hate being called ma’am because the inference they get is they’re old.

  67. i love how people love to throw around the fact waiters make less than minimum wage. so what???

    did we force them to take that job?? no, and lets not pretend for 1 second that most waiters don’t make well above minimum wage on an hourly rate when all of their tips are averaged

    maybe if they weren’t compensated so well recent college grads would actually go out and look for work in their field instead of working restaurant and hospitality jobs into their 30s

  68. I’m familiar enough with Sapp’s history as a scumbag to believe this incident is all on him.

  69. As a restaurant owner, I applaud the no tip when the service or food is bad. However, I also suggest that the subject is brought to the attention of the management. feedback is how we determine our performance. A credit card transaction is private and should never be disclosed to the public. If I were the customer, I may consider legal action.

  70. If Sapps service/food problem was so bad he needed to take it up with the manager before it got to check out time. Gotta give the mnger a chance to make things right. Sapp is clearly in the wrong and that waitress/waiter needs to be demoted to dishwasher.

  71. I have had some personal interaction with the racist known as Warren Sapp. I suspect that the waitress was probably a middle aged white gal who uses the term “boys” when serving any male patrons. Many blacks like Sapp consider the term demeaning. It isn’t, of course, but it goes back years. Sapp is just a jerk.

  72. We’ve defnitely gone overboard in this country when it comes to the expectations of tips but it’s not good for a high profile person to go with the no tip option. I would have just left a tip and brought it up to the manager. That’s what I’ve personally done in the past. That being said, I almost never go back to restaurants where I’ve received either poor service or below average quality food.

  73. To play devil’s advocate for a moment. If he was a in a large group, usually six or more, the gratuity is usually included in the final price.

    However if it was just him and one other person he should have left a tip. Not only that, if the service was as bad as he says it was he should have talked to management on the spot instead of being a dick about it.

  74. As a server and manager of a restaurant I do not agree with stiffing a server. If the service was god awful just do not go back and let management know. Also, if there was a good manager on hand he would have been aware of a lack of service and been all over the table correcting any food and service issues. Another thing that bugs me on here is seeing so many people saying people of color do not tip. You are just flat out wrong. I’ve been doing this for a long time in some pretty nice restaurants. I don’t care who you are or who you are with, the color of your skin or what you are wearing; it is my goal to give you the best service you have ever received. We do not know the whole story at all but if the server is swamped it falls on a good manager to pick up the slack and ensure everybody is taken care of. Always leave a little something for a tip since the server has to tip out the support staff and losing money on a table really sucks.

  75. Nobody should have to put up with crappy service if you’re paying for it, however, that’s when you talk to a manager.
    I don’t agree with the zero tip in any case though, as its not just the waiter/waitress you’re tipping. When you tip its for the waiter who takes the orders and servers you in a timely manner, the expo that plates the food an makes sure it goes out hot and in the right order, the busboy who makes sure your table is set and have clean silverware to eat with, the bartender who makes sure your Heineken bucket is cold enough for you to post pix of on Twitter, and sometimes the hostess who greets you and seats you at your table. In essence you’re paying them for their time, and that hour you sit there is another table they don’t get. If you’re unable to man up and tell them the service/food is bad or talk to a manager, then any tip lower than 15% is noted by the server and is a good way to say the service sucked.

  76. 15-20% for a dang tip is alot! In church they only ask for 10%, so I’m supposed to give a waiter or waitress more than I give the Lord!? Naw, no thanks.

  77. ???
    “of the pre-tax bill”???
    We servers get taxed by the Government on the Gross amount of the bill.
    I appreciate you standing up a little for servers but I wish you wouldn’t advance idea started by and advanced by cheap A-holes.

  78. My waiter or waitress has to be pretty horrific for me not to tip and that has zero to do with food quality. They do not cook, so if the food is bad don’t blame it on them. Even if they make a mistake, as long as they are friendly and attempt to fix the mistake, no harm no foul.

    One last thing, I am a white male in my late twenties and when I was in college I was in a fraternity. Very often I would go out to eat with several fraternity brothers and would have female waitresses say something like, “How are ya boys doin, what can I get for ya?” I didn’t find that offensive in any possible way and I wouldn’t find it offensive if I was in my 40’s out with friends either.

    I have a tough time believing the server in question referred to Sapp as boy in a condescending tone. Unfortunately if someone is looking for a way to be offended, they’ll usually find it.

  79. Actually, based on the information visible in this picture. I have more than enough information to hack Mr. Sapp’s credit card amount…. if i wanted to…..

  80. I always pay by card, but leave a cash tip.

    In this day of Instagram, I write (cash) on the tip line of my credit card receipt.
    That way, the line is filled in so no unscrupulous waiter can write in a slur, or change the amount.

  81. Of course you should tip more or less depending on the service but not tipping at all is never ok.

  82. The government automatically taxes servers 10% of their sales OR their credit card tips, whichever is more. So if a server receives less than a 10% tip they are actually paying the government out of their pocket to wait on you. The gov assumes people are decent enough to tip 10%. If you can’t afford to do that just stay home please.

  83. Sapp is a big, fat, dummy and to ask him to “add” a tip to the total is a huge feat … I’m not going to even start talking about figuring out the percentage of a tip. That’s like asking a rock to do calculus.

  84. Not tipping for poor service is one thing. Writing snarky comments on the credit card slip shows exactly how classless the person doing it is. I’ll bet Sapp starts finding a lot more spit in his food in the future.

  85. I have far more sympathy for the waitress/waiter who makes less than minimum wage then I do for a former athlete that made millions.

    To be honest the evidence is sparse but when the powerful appear to screw the powerless, I won’t begrudge the waitress/waiter the pound of flesh they chose to extract. Boooo Hoooo. Sapp can afford a publicist, she cannot.

  86. I’d really like to see America move away from tipped positions in restaurants, depending on people who are already irritable because they are hungry to pick what the worker makes is stupid. Pay the servers a fair wage, raise the prices accordingly so that the restaurant isn’t losing money. People who never tip will pay more for their meals, people who tip big will pay less and most people in the middle will be paying around the same amount.

  87. @ejmstr

    You must have never heard of the “Streisand Effect” I suppose? In this day and age far more people are going to side with the waiter/waitress over the famous person.

  88. This is the same as her telling everybody she knows what a POS Sapp is. it is just the new way to it. She told her friends and followers on Twitter and it went from there.

  89. I know that the waitress does not get to keep the receipt, but I would love to own it. Warren Sapp autograph with a controversial story. I wonder what it would go for on eBay? Just let her have it, and there’s a thousand dollar tip.

  90. I wonder what Sapps argument for a pay-for-play system would be? How would he feel about not getting paid a dime for having a bad game or making a critical mistake at a bad time?

    I actually like the system of having to provide a “service” for providing that service, I just wonder if Sapp is a hypocrite and wouldn’t like it if it happened to him?

  91. Wish I could edit a flawed comment. Meant to say having to provide a “service” to get bad for that service…!

  92. tips are supposed to be a reflection of service quality

    but a complete stiff is not cool unless service was offensive and bad

    I usually go 15%, 20% if exceptional (or they give me freebies) and 10% if bad

  93. We all know Sapp can’t afford to tip. I’m surprised he can afford to even eat out at all. Just like most pro athletes…….flat broke a couple of years out of the league. And Sapp managed to go broke even WITH a high paying NFL studio gig. What a cretin.

  94. To everyone using the “to insure prompt service” acronym: Please realize that the proper word for what you’re trying to say is “ensure.” Learn to speak your language intelligently.

  95. The server still had to pay tax on Sapp’s check. Maybe Sapp will remember this little incident the next time he goes out to eat. I’m sure every server who saw it will.

    In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see how much longer Sapp is on TV. These little incidents have to be adding up to a much bigger problem for his employers.

  96. Does anybody else find it weird that not only do we have to pay for food and drinks but we are expected to pay for the employees of the restaurant as well?

  97. Ladies, the reciept itself has to be worth somethiing, with that flashy signature and awkward story to tell.

    She should turn a lack of 15 into a quick 25 on ebay!

  98. But to leave no tip period is just downright cheap and classless……if you do a crap job my bad tip is 15% but I guess that’s just me……

  99. How many times did Sapp have horrible games and still got paid for it? Too many to count!!! Good luck eating out again Mr. Sapp I’m sure your meals will have extra flavor in it!

  100. I had always here it was “To Insure Proper Service.”

    What a lot of people don’t know is that the tip you leave for a server actually does not belong to them…at least not in Maryland. In Maryland the tips actually belong to the owner of the establishment and they are entitled to take away as much of the tip as they like as long as the server makes minimum wage over the total numbers of hours they work in a week.

    I only know this because it is fairly common for Japanese Steak Houses to tell their wait staff that they have to tip out their cook for their table 50% of their tips for the day. When I questioned the legality of this (because I felt my niece was getting screwed) that is when the lawyer told me about the law. I then told my niece to promptly stop working for that place and find a job elsewhere. Luckily she was able to find another job where the place didn’t make such demands.

  101. Warren Sapp is a bum for not tipping. If he felt upset about this he should of got up and left the restaurant. The waitress was trying to youthful. Warren Sapp is just like Michael Jordan being cheap and didn’t to tip. The other reason was maybe Warren Sapp couldn’t afford to tip lol Might as well put a diaper on Sapp and remove him from TV. Waitress work hard and should refuse to serve Warren Sapp. I read no wants to serve Michael Jordan because of being a bad tipper or not tipping at all.

  102. Sapp filed for bankruptcy so is anyone surprised he stiffs anyone,what a dead beat…..sapp pay your bills

  103. The waitress was in the wrong? What? Sapp has made millions over his lifetime and refuses to tip.

    Revealing this fact doesn’t make the waitress wrong. Tips are a fundamental part of most of their incomes.

    Even if I get terrible service or food I always over-tip. And I’ve never made millions.

    That being said, if the waiter was being racist or something then I can understand Sapp’s reaction and believe it would be justified.

  104. How bad could the service have been for a bucket of beer,pizza and French fries…..This guy is such a stiff!

  105. Went to a restaurant here in San Antonio during the 2014 NBA Finals. The server told us he had waited on Ray Allen and Stephen A. Smith previously; they couldn’t have been nicer. On the other hand, he had waited on a Spurs player whom he found to be rude. Despite the Spurs player’s public reputation, the waiter’s assessment had been observed before in multiple locations around the city.
    And no, it’s not Tim Duncan.
    Bottom line, everyone’s different. Since I hadn’t heard of Warren Sapp being a difficult customer previously, I have a hard time with the waitress showing that tab. I hardly think it’s his first time going to a restaurant.

  106. There is the servers side of the story, Sapps side of the story and then there is the truth! I wonder if Sapp attempted to discuss the “boys” comment with the server in his preference of not not being referred to as a “boy”. The term could have been interpreted in a negative/racial manner: southern part of the country, white server, black customer, etc, etc… but if discussed and it continued along with poor customer service, then no tip required. You get what you earn. Now if I’m the manager of the restaurant, I’m looking into taking action after determining if my people released such information. Let’s see what Sapp has to say.

  107. What’s the old saying?
    “A fool and his money are soon parted”?
    Sapp earned $82 million during his playing career and filed for bankruptcy in 2012.
    Enough said about Sapp.

  108. not tipping – kind of cheapo.. was it the service or the food? The waitress doesn’t cook and if being called a “boys” with a group of men offends you than your a weak mental sissy.

  109. I assure you , warren my boy… all people who work in a restaurant front-of-house position knew you weren’t gonna tip anyway…

  110. andymc58 says:
    Jul 2, 2014 2:18 PM
    The government automatically taxes servers 10% of their sales OR their credit card tips, whichever is more. So if a server receives less than a 10% tip they are actually paying the government out of their pocket to wait on you.

    I disagree with this assertion of IRS procedure. Servers are required to report their tips and are taxed on tips received, no tax is computed based on sales. In fact, to do so would imply that servers are engaged in a business activity, which would make them eligible to deduct business expenses. It seems you are confusing the rules of IRS Form 8027 that restaurant owners must complete, which establishes a minimum 8% of sales to be reported as paid to servers as tips.

  111. Unless service is egregiously bad, you tip 15% at an absolute minimum. If service is adequate to good, you tip 20%. If service is particularly over and above expectations, then you can go up to 25%-30%. If possible, tip in cash.

    If you can’t bring yourself to do this, stick to places that have a drive thru window.

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