Stevie Brown says surgically repaired ACL is 100 percent

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Giants safety Stevie Brown tore his ACL a year again in a preseason game, but doesn’t think he’ll be held back at all when training camp begins.

It’s not a thing at all,” Brown told Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “I trust it 100 percent.

“I’ll probably go every single day [in training camp]. But I have to listen to the trainers and coaches.”

While teams will generally ease guys back in after serious knee injuries, Brown said he doesn’t need any extra attention.

“I’ve still gotta take my first hit,” he said. “But other than that, I’m good.”

The Giants need him well and ready to play a role. Especially with troubled safety Will Hill out of the picture, Brown’s going to be counted on for a defense that uses a third safety quite a bit.


5 responses to “Stevie Brown says surgically repaired ACL is 100 percent

  1. Losing Will Hill, the best Giants defensive player since LT, was bad enough, but its good that Stevie Brown will be back on the sidelines this year in his new role as assistant safety coach. Its really good that his surgically repaired knew won’t limit his ability to coach.

  2. Despite not having his ballhawking skills, we were still 8th in total defense, and got better on the back end.

    Our defensive line must wake up before Week 11 this year, though.

  3. Who is this Justintuckrule, he isn’t a Giants fan Will Hill best defensive player since LT ready what about Strahan. Dude stop it with the act it is getting old, worry about your real scrappy team.

  4. Pay no attention to schmuckrule.He knows absolutely nothing about the Giants or football in general.Stevie Brown will be huge in the secondary because he can intercept the ball and with Prince A and DRC back there quarterbacks may hold the ball longer which will help the pass rush.

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