Tyrann Mathieu running at “60, 70 percent”


It may be a dead spot in the NFL calendar for many people, but there’s no vacation from rehabbing from a torn ACL if you want to be ready in time for the regular season.

Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu is in that latter group and he provided the Cardinals website with an update about his condition a few weeks ahead of the start of training camp. Mathieu said that he is running at about 60 or 70 percent and that he’s begun to do some cutting as part of his workouts. Cardinals assistant athletic trainer Chad Cook said that Mathieu is “close” to being cleared for football activities, although there’s no timeline for when that clearance is expected to come.

Mathieu hopes to be ready for at least individual drills when camp opens, which would allow him to end the frustrating process of watching his teammates go through their paces.

“It’s like when you are in elementary school and you wait all day for recess,” Mathieu said. “But you had been bad that morning and then teacher says you can’t play with the rest of the kids.”

Mathieu may be itching to get out and play, but a stay on the PUP list would not be surprising for a player who is seven months removed from his knee injury. Whether or not it stretches into the regular season will be a question best left for August.

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  1. Not a bad sign per se but not good at all that this far into rehab he’s not running faster. Definitely not the T.O./A.P. recovery. But the silver lining is he’s got time on his side, his recovery can be far more proper than trying to rush to return for playoffs, etc.

  2. .
    A. “It’s like when you’re in elementary school and you wait all day for recess “.

    Q. Define Jonesing

  3. I really like this kid. I wanted the Rams to get him but knew he wouldn’t last with all their needs but was glad when the Big Red got him just the same. Best of luck to him.

  4. Would hate to see Mathieu rush things and suffer a relapse.

    And even though that PUP list would keep him out six games (?) or so, it would be far better to have him back with a solid, confident knee than have him taking up a roster spot sitting the bench or risking re-injury early in the season.

    He was on track for Defensive Rookie of the Year before that tear. Clearly he’s been a great weapon for the Cardinals with his 5’9″ self.

  5. His PR agent needs to do something about that hair. He needs to be told he isn’t in high school anymore.

  6. The honey badger is banged up again… To step in as interim honey badger, DeAndre Yedlin. That kid was making some nice plays up and down that sideline for USA yesterday.

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