Cowboys want to expand Cole Beasley’s portfolio


When one looks at Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley, it’s hard not to think of him as a slot receiver.

At 5-foot-8 and 180 pounds, Beasley fits the profile of a player who makes his mark by catching passes on the inside in multiple wide receiver sets and he caught 39 passes out of that spot last season. The Cowboys would like to move Dez Bryant around the offense more often in 2014, though, and that’s led them to look at Beasley as a possibility on the outside as well. Coach Jason Garrett thinks Beasley can be successful in that role.

“What helps him out there is his quickness, his change of direction. He’s a very good route runner, and he’s able to kind of create the space that he needs as an outside receiver a lot like he’s able to do inside,” Garrett said, via “His change of direction is really pretty unique, and he has a real good feel. He’s very quarterback-friendly when he runs his routes. We’re trying to give him opportunities in a lot of different spots. He’s most natural playing inside, but he’s certainly not a non-factor as an outside receiver.”

With no Miles Austin in Dallas, Beasley has a clear shot at the third receiver role and the expanded portfolio reinforces the notion that the Cowboys want him to take that job and run away with it. So does the fact that wide receivers coach Derek Dooley thinks Beasley will be a “much better player” this year, something that would help keep the Cowboys offense strong while they look for the right answers on defense.

13 responses to “Cowboys want to expand Cole Beasley’s portfolio

  1. I was at the 2012 training camp and Beasley really stood out even though no one knew who he was. I’ve been rooting for him since. I hope he gets a bigger role in the offense this year.

    It’s hard to tell on tape but this dude has got wheels and crazy agility.

  2. There is a reason Dallas drafted Street in the fifth round this year. They need a big guy in case Bryant or Williams goes down. There is no way Beasley plays outside for any extended period of time.

  3. I’m glad to hear that they want to use him more. He has good hands and is quick on his routes. I always said he could be Dallas’ Wes Welker so hopefully they get him out there more.

  4. Didn’t this guy cause a critical interception with a playoff berth on the line in week 17 against the Eagles because he ran the wrong route? But he’s a young player, and I think he has the athletic talent to get better. Plus, I saw video of him doing some crazy dunk. This guy has hops.

  5. The more offensive weapons, the better. Because when Dez is one on one against any corner in the league. I like him chances. Most teams have to double him. Teams like NO, and DET. So yes if Beasley can pull some of those doubles away from Dez, that’s a good thing.

  6. What the cowboys really need is another head coach and personal manager. Nobody’s changing JJ.

  7. I love Cole Beasley but he is not an outside WR. Physical corners will jam him at the line due to his size. Keep him inside where he is very successful. Starting from the inside shifting to the out works too sometimes just to give Dez separation or decoy. Beasly doesn’t have top speed but what he has is very fast quickness. He won’t out run you but instead will create enough space to throw off the defender. First down! He will improve!

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