Dion Jordan suspended four games for PEDs


Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan bulked up this offseason, and now there may be questions raised about his methods of bulking up.

Jordan has been suspended for the first four games of the regular season for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing substances. The Dolphins have announced the suspension, and although there is no official word on which substance Jordan was found to have taken, he said in a statement that he took a banned stimulant.

“I recently learned from the NFL that I tested positive for stimulants that are banned under the NFL policy,” Jordan said. “I worked carefully with my advisors and the union to investigate the test results, and I take full responsibility for the test results. I’m very sorry for the impact of this situation on my teammates, coaches, Stephen Ross, the entire Dolphins organization, fans and my family as well. I will continue to work extremely hard during training camp and preseason. During the suspension, I will stay in top shape and will be ready to contribute upon my return.”

Said Dolphins head Coach Joe Philbin, “We were disappointed to learn about Dion’s suspension. Dion has accepted responsibility for his actions and is committed to improving, both on and off the field, in preparation for the upcoming year.”

The Dolphins loved Jordan so much in last year’s draft that they traded up to take him with the third overall pick, but he had a somewhat disappointing rookie year. He was used only as a substitute, never as a starter, and finished the season with just 2.0 sacks. There were reports during the offseason this year that the Dolphins were floating Jordan’s name in trade talks, although the Dolphins always denied those reports.

Now the Dolphins will play the first four games of this season without Jordan. Jordan will miss Weeks 1-4 and then be eligible to return to the team in Week 5, which is the Dolphins’ bye. The first game he will be eligible to play is Week 6 against the Packers.

53 responses to “Dion Jordan suspended four games for PEDs

  1. And the Fins just keep on failing. Anyone could see this guy was gonna have trouble putting/keeping on enough weight to hold up as an NFL DE… and yet the Dolphins not only picked him, but traded up to do it.

  2. What do Lane Johnson and Dion Jordan have in common? Anybody care to take a swing at that?

  3. superbowl48champs says:
    Jul 3, 2014 4:16 PM
    Cue the stupid, tired, lame takes about the Hawks in this article in 3…2…1…

    Dude, I’ve seen this from you multiple times. Don’t flatter yourself, nobody cares that much about your team.

  4. And he’s still horrible. Cheating isn’t helping Dion.

    It’s funny you forgot about deer antler spray so soon. I guess when the Ravens do it it’s ok….lol

  5. “superbowl48champs says:
    Jul 3, 2014 4:16 PM
    Cue the stupid, tired, lame takes about the Hawks in this article in 3…2…1…”

    Didn’t cross my mind. But since you suggested it…

    REPORT: Seattle Seahawks acquire DE Dion Jordan from Dolphins for four first-round picks. Promptly sign him to 9 year, $87M extension.

  6. I give him credit for taking the blame. That almost never happens anywhere anytime anymore.

    Dude needs to model his career after another undersized pass rusher the dolphins took a gamble on. Jason Taylor. Taylor didn’t make a name for himself until he was in the league for a few years.

  7. Hey , he’s trying to do everything he can to become a feared pass rusher in the NFL ; he just got caught. I’d still rather have this than guys like Aaron Maybin or Vernon Gholston , who got drafted high , received a big payday , then coasted the rest of the way. Just , please , don’t get caught again , Dion.

  8. Read- “optimum sports nutrition” by, DR. Michael Colgan….. It is revealing to say the least. Any football fan that doesn’t realize that steroids and Growth Hornone are used by over 85% of these players are not paying attention! It’s fact!

  9. He said it was stimulants, which seems the last thing he should be taking. I was looking forward to seeing the new and improved Dion everyone was talking about in OTA’s in game action. Gotta wait now, to prove all the butt hurt haters wrong. Still one of the best D lines in the league. It’s not a major loss, considering he couldn’t contribute much last year because of injury.

  10. A lot of nonsense here. At the time of the draft, ALL the paid experts and ALL of you who commented, raved about the future “greatest”, etc. But, all I ever saw were a few clips where he was nailing someone for a loss. Funny thing, in ALL of those clips, not a single blocker impeded his progress. I mean, not anywhere near his path. It wasn’t just Ireland and the paid experts, but all of you as well who missed the boat. So, stop bragging about something you missed on, and missed badly. And, yes, I have been waiting all this time to say what I have just said. Patience is hell, but worth it sometimes.

  11. The PEDhawks are proud, they are offering consultation to the Phins organization, and dropping hints to them they will make a trade.

  12. Look at all the jealous seahawks haters up-thumbing the jealous seahawk haters posts. LMAO. Thumb this down if you just want to #KissTheRing

  13. u morons do know that ALL NFL players use PED’s right?? Most are on steroids if not all! I take it that most of you that dont know this have obviously never played sports on a high level at all.. Yes of course he bulked up in the off season on some stack of Sauce .. no normal bodys put on almost 20 pounds of muscle in under a year.. Wake up people quit hating on ROIds and PEDs.. When its your life to play sports and your playing at the highest level you do what everyone else is doing to be the strongest and fastest,, that is PEDS!! Now im just pissed he got popped .. the older guys on team should have showed him the ropes. there are ways of passing these tests.. they all know how when you been around doing it for many years..

  14. is this what happens when you try to turn a 3-4 OLB into a DE in 12-months?

    i think the kid can be a great player, the wrong team drafted him, and I say that as a Dolphin fan.

    he has 3-4 OLB written all over him so what do the 4-3 Dolphins do? Trade up, Draft him, and immediately want him to gain 15-20 lbs so he can play DE.

    Just draft players that fit your system. SMH. Quit thinking you can change these guys, coach them up or whatever.

  15. I dont see how he is a Bust? He hasn’t even played yet. Is he Stupid? Yes! However, with all the DE depth the Dolphins have he wasn’t a Starter anyway. I think this was planned all along. How else can you explain a 26 lb gain? In any event, he wiil probably be a solid player, but the Jeff Ireland ghosts never seem to go away. Maybe the Patriots will win by forfeit if the Fins and Bills keep losing starters.

  16. I hate the Seahawks because their team is really good, and my Vikings continue to suck.

    I can only dream of what it must be like to win a Super Bowl…..oh well…back to rooting for a pathetic 6-10 team year after year.


  17. I guess the upside is by week 6 he’s bound to be healed from that 1st year shoulder injury. With all that is wrong with the Dolphins any team that loses to them then must really suck. So we’ll have to wait to see who that is.

  18. Does anyone who posts on this site know anything about football? I’m not saying Jordan is a future star but to call a player a bust after a rookie season that almost had him on IR due to shoulder surgery is crazy. Go back to watching the World Bore and go post on the soccer sites and leave this site for football fans.

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