Dri Archer isn’t sure how he’ll be used


The Steelers may have gotten the (wait for it) steal of the draft with third-round running back Dri Archer, a speedster from Kent State that adds an intriguing dynamic to the Pittsburgh attack.  Assuming that Archer can get the most out of his skills on the sometimes choppy, uneven turf of Heinz Field, Archer brings a home-run threat at tailback that the Pittsburgh offense hasn’t seen since Willie Parker.

But Archer could me more than that.  For now, he doesn’t know exactly what he’ll be.

I’m not sure,” Archer recently said, via August Fagerstrom of the Akron Beacon Journal.  “It’s going to be a big role, but I’m just going to do whatever I’m asked to do.  Play receiver, play running back, helping special teams.  Whatever they want me to do, I’m going to do it.”

Similarly speedy first-round linebacker Ryan Shazier thinks Archer will do plenty.

“He really does everything,” Shazier said.  “He can catch, he can run, he even goes through the tackles sometimes.  Having him be able to do all that in practice really helps us break down angles, fundamentals and trust ourselves and what we have to do.

“When you’re chasing him and really understanding the way he cuts, you’re not going to see anybody faster than him, so it helps you be able to read and tackle any other guy.”

With Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount presumably at the top of the depth chart at tailback, Archer could be a candidate to enter the fray on third downs, catching passes out of the backfield or shifting to the slot and hoping to be matched against a linebacker.

Regardless, the Steelers wouldn’t have taken Archer with a second-day pick if they didn’t have real plans for him in his first year.  While some of that speed could be wasted on a slow track in November and December, Archer could make a major impact for the Steelers, possibly right out of the gates.

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  1. I don’t see why a “slow track” in November and December would render Archer’s enormous speed advantage somewhat “wasted.”

    The track is “slow” for all of the players on the field — not just Archer. Archer’s relative speed advantage will not be compromised at all.

  2. Yeah… nothing is more frightening than the 2013 21st ranked RUSH Offense in the NFL.

    What a joke.

    8-8 (AGAIN)

  3. .
    Dri Archer proclaimed “steal of the draft” on July 3? You ain’t just smoking ribs.

  4. Been excited since they drafted Archer. Best thing to come here from Kent State since Jack Lambert.

    Not happy he’s wearing 34 here. Walter Abercrombie (I think) and Al Quaeda Mendenhall wore that number and they didn’t pan out too well.

    Of course, there was always Andy Russell.

  5. Every other super speedy undersized player the Steelers have acquired didn’t pan out. Good luck Mr Archer.

  6. Steelers went from old and slow to young and fast as hell in two offseasons.

    Keep sleeping on them thou. Archer will “slow” himself right by your defense for an 80 yard run, catch and/or kick return.

  7. Good rookie, shush up and just do what they tell you to do. That’s a good rookie, that’s a good good rookie. Shush until you’re told to talk. He’s getting good reviews from the coaches and his teammates, period. I don’t care what trolls snivel about, that’s all I need to know and that’s all he needs to know.

    You can’t teach sub 4.3 forty times. Beyond that, the Steelers have a lot of roles planned for him and he’s got a lot to learn. Everyone learns better with mouth closed and ears open.

    Go Steelers!

  8. When you lose to Tim Tebow in the playoffs years ago and then have 0 winning seasons and 0 playoff wins since, the Steelers brass have to spin things in a way to appease the delusional fans. Maybe they can get Bill Leavy on the roster, he knows how they will use him!

  9. “Good rookie, shush up and just do what they tell you to do. That’s a good rookie, that’s a good good rookie. Shush until you’re told to talk.”

    Ever heard of the CBA and how all players are required to make themselves available to the media?

  10. Correction: that sound you hear is the other AFC North teams yawning. Lots of guys look like champs in shorts.

  11. I know one thing he’ll be used for – help carry around Ben on their shoulders Feb 1st in Arizona, as he hoists high the Lombardi.

  12. McBeam nailed it. Seemingly overnight, the Steelers acquired possibly the fastest player in the NFL in Archer, the fastest inside linebacker in the NFL, an elite speed Safety in Free Agency and a very very quick Wideout in the draft.

    To add to Antonio and crew, we also get Pounce, Wheat, Blount and LeVeon ready to roll. All young — all athletic — all hungry, and ready to strap it up and trade some paint.

    If we keep Ben taking snaps behind center, it not only could but IMO will be a real bounce-back season this year.

    [We also need Jarvis to step up and get quality production out of the rest of our remarkably thin OLB corps (Hello, James Harrison!!!). OLB is not a position you want to be weak with – in LeBeau’s defense.]

  13. Young, Fast, balanced Run and Passing attacks on offense. Young, Fast, balanced defense. All with depth. Get the trophy case ready for another one.

  14. This division win will be the sweetest feeling that I’ve felt in my 37 years of Steeler fandom.

    Mainly because I see how our success affects you haters lives and everyday living.

    We win, you hurt and cry. I love that!

  15. I just want to know where his name came from. What is a “Dri” exactly? That’s a new made up name I haven’t heard before. Is it pronounced Dry, Dree, Dray…?

  16. In 2008, you guys were giddy about Limas Sweed too…

    In 2013 you guys were giddy about some dude named a Dalton….ssshhh you are embarrassing yourself again. Does A. smith the QB ring a bell ….yawn.

  17. Steelers are the new raiders. Just drafting speed instead of talent. Shazier isn’t half the player CJ. Mosley is and archer barely saw the field last year at kent state. 68 carries in 10 games.

  18. 68 carries for 600 plus yards and 10 tds wow im glad he didnt see the field to much lol you trolls make all of us in steeler nation laugh with you dimwitted comments.

  19. More than likely, his biggest initial impact will come on special teams, returning kicks. From what I understand, he was only kicked to ONE time last season as he had developed a reputation as a big-time return threat.

    If it gets Antonio Brown off kick return duties, that will be a major plus in and of itself.

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