Jabari Greer not ready to attempt comeback from knee injury

Getty Images

Cornerback Jabari Greer saw his 2013 season with the Saints come to an end in November when he tore his ACL, PCL and total posterior lateral compartment in a game against the 49ers.

Seven months isn’t a lot of time to recover from that combination of injuries, which makes it no surprise that Greer isn’t ready to start shopping himself to teams. Greer said he didn’t think he’d be ready by training camp and there’s more than a little doubt about ever returning in his voice when he says “his pride and his body have two different things to say about” returning to the NFL.

“It just really depends on what God has for me,” Greer said, via ESPN.com. “I think right now today, I’m very content with where I am. I’m very happy with being able to invest in my wife and children. But in the future, I’m sure that itch is gonna come, because it does for everybody. I guess it just depends if I decide to scratch it or not.”

At 32, Greer was closer to the end of the line than the beginning even before suffering such a serious injury. He’s still working out and says he’s making progress, though, so perhaps we’ll hear about Greer again closer to Labor Day.