Josh Gordon hearing has been set for late July


With the NFL firing off suspensions today like shots from a Roman candle, some have wondered whether the next shoe will drop on the throat of Browns receiver Josh Gordon.

Per a league source, nothing will be happening today.

But it will be happening sooner rather than later.  Gordon’s hearing, we’re told, has been scheduled for late July.

It’s still possible that a hearing won’t be needed, if the NFL and the NFLPA work out a reduced suspension.  Gordon reportedly faces a minimum banishment of one year for his latest violation of the substance-abuse policy.

If Gordon is suspended for a year, the ban will start immediately.  It’s possible that, with a reduced suspension, he’ll be permitted to participate in training camp and the preseason.

48 responses to “Josh Gordon hearing has been set for late July

  1. Heard something crazy on the radio. They saying it’s taking so long with his suspension because of the NFL knows that with Manziel on the Browns he’s going to excel with Josh Gordon so they’re factoring him into the equation. Lol probably the craziest I heard but hey, it’s the Browns. Hope it’s 6-8 games though.

  2. This is not fair to the Browns or their fans to wait so long, they need to prepare for the season and know where Gordon stands. Why are they taking so long when they have had the facts since late January

  3. “It’s possible that, with a reduced suspension, he’ll be permitted to participate in training camp and the preseason.”

    Yeah, but why would he want to?

  4. Let’s hope he can. As a Vikings fan, and fan of the game itself! Gordon is just too Good for the game and the league not to be a part of this season!
    A comment that was made not to long ago made the most sense of any I have read!
    A player that has struggles with drugs and/or alcohol should be part of a league treatment program and included in team activities vs. banishment from the league and his support system for an entire year! It is so opposite of what a person dealing with this needs! This rule needs to change immediately! In the event a player is using PEDS, that is another story! You are onky compounding Gordon’s struggles by banishing him from the game for what should be characterized as an addiction!

  5. This is good news for Browns fans. The longer it drags on, the more likely it means that he won’t be suspended for a full season. I’m guessing a 4-game ban. That means, after a rough first 3 weeks (Pitt, NO & Bal), Hoyer will be benched, Manziel starts against the Titans after the bye and Gordon is back the next week for the 2nd Steelers game.

  6. Yes it’s dumb that weed is illegal and is a year suspension but players should know not to smoke weed 60 days before the planed substance abuse test. (When they haven’t tested positive before they take one scheduled test with tons of notice in advance

  7. Interesting timing. The state of Washington is implementing the legal marijuana July 8. It’s going to make suspending Josh Gordon look even more archaic.

  8. He should lose a year. He is always getting in trouble for drugs. He knows he can’t do it. Yet he still does/. He obviously doesn’t care about his job or career. Or he cares more about getting high and drinking.

    It’s a shame cause he is talented. The scary thing is that what will he do when he actually makes some money.

  9. Gordon does 2 things well-smokes the weed and turns 15 yard post routes into 90 yard tds.

  10. If he is suspended (and he will), but allowed in pre season workouts and exhibition games I would run him out there all day long.I would make him learn to respect what he is throwing away.because of weed. I would keep him out there if the third stringers were playing. He either wants to play or not.
    He brings “wasted talent” a whole new meaning.

  11. 8 games. He got 4 games last year. The suspension has to be more than 4 games.

  12. Let him play! The NFL needs him and more importantly I need him again in Fantasty.

  13. Never tried weed. Never had the urge or desire. It would cost me a $75k a year job and take away my way to support my family. Must be some good crap to potentially throw away 75 million. Or hes just an idiot.

  14. For him to be suspended for using something that has been proven time and time again that it is beneficial to the protection and development to the brain is pure insanity. Although all of the brainwashed sheep in this country still imply that it’s just an excuse to get high. But go ahead, drink another beer you damn hypocrites.

  15. Josh should move to Washington state before the appeal. How can the NFL legally restrict the rights due a Washington state resident? Minimally a great basis for a legal appeal while he hits the bong during the NFL season.

  16. “How can the NFL legally restrict the rights due a Washington state resident?”

    Perfectly legal for me to call my boss a ****. Doesnt mean i cant get suspended or fired for it. He signed a contract knowing the rules. If hes too dumb to follow them, he doesnt deserve the opportunity to play. Its called life folks. There are rules you must follow if you want to enjoy the benifits. Most of us learned that in 3rd grade. I dont have a personal problem with weed. But for the time being, you cant do it in the NFL. Im sure i could go a few years and never touch a beer for 75 million if those where the rules. Then again, im not a complete moron who thinks the world owes him everything.

  17. Let’s wait and see what the evidence shows. Did he fail a test or, as I’ve heard, just miss taking a test? If he was unavailable, is it treated as though he failed a test?

    Be patient. The facts will soon come out.

  18. From what I understand he did not test positive. He had a schedule conflict and missed the test. In the Nfl a missed test is a failed test. With his priors, it’s going to be hard for the nfl to see his side of the story. Goodell and these out dated rules need to go! Tired of the No Fun League b.s.

  19. washington got a year. this guy better get a year for the same thing or somebody better sue the nfl for bias

  20. “From what I understand he did not test positive. He had a schedule conflict and missed the test.”

    My 6 or 7 figure a year job, go to the dentist or whatever?

    Yeah okay, conflict!

  21. Gordon is young, talented and addicted. A years suspension away from team and league support probably means the end of his career and probably the end of his life. The punishment does not fit the crime.

  22. Is he gets away from that year the NFL will prove their punishments are a joke. You can say all you want about weed, but the NFL/Browns are his bosses, and their company has a rule of “No Weed”. He still didnt care, so why would he be free from his suspension? If he is, what about all the other guys suspended? They should be free too.

  23. austindudero says:
    Jul 3, 2014 7:15 PM
    Josh should move to Washington state before “the appeal. How can the NFL legally restrict the rights due a Washington state resident?”

    The players from all 32 teams have been told numerous times that they will still face discipline even if they are caught with weed in a state where it is legal. Not only Washington, but Colorado too. Your argument falls on deaf ears.

    Whether you believe marijuana should be legal makes no difference. There are rules and Gordon broke them. I am against the NFL’s marijuana policies, and I agree with an earlier comment that the NFL should implement new policies that support rehabilitation. It’s just as wrong as putting an alcoholic or drug addiction in prison.

    I love watching Gordon play. He’s right behind Megatron in terms of talent. Plus he’s
    on my fantasy team. I hate that he’s gonna be suspended, but it’s his own damn fault.

  24. I agree with you mnsurferpimp (even though you are a Vikings fan and trolls like PFTpoet make it easy to hate all things Vikings). It’s like suspending a kid from school. It just means the kid will now have more time to get into more trouble and the same is true for players suspended for drug use.

    I also agree that PED’s should be treated differently. I get that players use PED’s because it’s so damn competitive and at any moment they can be cut if they don’t perform but it’s cheating. Drug issues mean the person needs some help if it’s an ongoing issue that creates multiple dirty UA’s. At least let the player partake in practices, meetings, travel, etc, so they are around the team (support, structure, etc.). But banning a guy for a year and telling him to stay away doesn’t seem like the best method to ensure he doesn’t slip up again.

  25. Illegal drugs are that way until laws change and drug policies change. I love how people are ok because …. ” oh it’s just pot” or “just a plant”. Cocaine is a plant as well. Do we have a law issue in this country with drugs….. Yes. But it doesn’t seem to be a huge issue for voters since we never elect the guy willing to change those laws and decriminalize drugs. All we seem to want is the guy who wants more restrictions on our lives.

    If your a browns fan it’s blows. Same for jax. But If their career means more to fans than it does to them…. Really how much is he gonna help. As a bengals fan I can remember thinking the same about Odell Thurman, Reggie Rembert, Stanley wilson, chris Henry, etc. every team has their guys, but when you can’t count on them your always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    I know it’s huge for the browns. They don’t draft well usually, but we will see if they have confidence in themselves to replace his talent with guys that they can count on.

  26. football is all about discipline. without it a coach would have chaos to deal with. in order to have 53 men play as 1team, they must all be disciplined enough to do their job successfully.
    thats why there are rules to follow. no matter how stupid you think they are. from the color of your socks, the facemask you wear, or the way you conduct yourself off the field. If you dont like it, find another line of work…….

  27. Does anyone actually think Gordon can stay clean throughout a one year suspension? Without football this guy will have nothing but spare time to fill. History shows he makes poor decisions.

    Most likely has already played his last down of football.

  28. we don’t even known if he failed an actual test. some reports say he did and I saw others report that he missed a test, which in itself is a fail…

    Former teammate Greg Little also chimed in that it wasn’t Gordon’s fault…. hmm.

    As a Browns fan, I’m optimistic that the suspension will be 6 games or less. There has already been talk of and movement towards making failed tests for marijuana not have as severe punishments in the NFL. This whole thing could be dragging out because of that as well.

  29. I just don’t see how it would be a year suspension. If it were that cut and dry, he would’ve been suspended months ago. The fact that the appeal is just now being heard means something is up.

  30. Love the Clown fans who think their guy should get less of a suspension than other teams guys who violated the same policy.
    1. Addicts miss tests because they know they’ll fail, not because of a scheduling conflict.
    2. The wrongly accused Gordon, was involved in a traffic stop with “weed” being an issue after this happened, but it was his “friends” not his.
    3.PED’s are legal too when prescribed by a doctor, but they are banned. It’s not legal vs. illegal it’s employer policy, which the players agreed too.
    4. Even if the NFL policy changes to allow the use of “medicinal marijuana” or recreational use because it’s legal in 2 states, he violated the policy before the changes.
    For all we know weed may be a PED for Gordon, he may suck without it. Looking forward to his year long suspension, and to watching J. Foosball fall flat on his face this year.

  31. NFL really needs to take a look at the substance abuse policy. I just dont see how you can test a player in the off season when the contract is not fully guaranteed like the other sports (nba, mlb and nhl).

    I understand that you need to be smart about what you put in your body but it seems that the list of banned substances is not real clear to the players. I wonder how many fans would fail a nfl drug test without knowing you would?

    Sucks for the guys who do try to break the rules. But some of this is crazy stuff. I love peyton manning in the nfl, but do really think he didn’t take something to help get him back on the field. Not saying Peyton cheated or anything like that, just saying there was something to help protect and help the muscles in his neck. Same for A.P. and Brady when they injured.

  32. What a joke. I’m sure that more than 50 percent of the league smokes pot. And to suspend someone that long for a drug that actually slows you down? It’s like a pain killer! How many other pain killers are they allowed to take? Did smoking weed give him a competetive advantage? Of course not! So who cares? Come on man!

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