Khalil Mack aims to win rookie of the year, put Peyton on his back


Raiders linebacker Khalil Mack has two things on his mind this season: Winning the defensive rookie of the year award, and sacking Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Mack told the Raiders’ website that earning the rookie of the year award is his top goal for 2014.

“I want to prove that they got a top guy,” Mack said. “My goal for my rookie season is to be defensive rookie of the year.”

And Mack already has November 9 circled on his calendar. That’s when the Broncos come to town, giving Mack his first shot at the quarterback he most wants to hit.

“I’m looking forward to playing against Peyton Manning,” Mack said. “I think going against the best quarterback in the game right now is going to be a big deal. Especially if you can put him on his back.”

In two wins over the Raiders last year, Manning completed 57 of 65 passes for 640 yards, with seven touchdowns and no interceptions, and he was only sacked twice. The Raiders’ defense has a whole lot of work to do if it wants to stop Manning, but Mack sounds confident that he can help.

70 responses to “Khalil Mack aims to win rookie of the year, put Peyton on his back

  1. Peyton gets rid of the ball in .000099002 seconds after he snaps it. This guy could be a beast but Peyton knows where the ball is going before it’s snapped.

  2. That’s a great attitude to have, you wanna be the best you gotta sack the best. This years squad is going to play with a chip on their shoulder and shock the football world. The whole attitude in Oakland is starting to change for the better.

  3. I don’t understand all these rookies. Talking big right out of the gates. Want some advise? Stay humble and wait to you actually step on the field to talk.

  4. peyton is a donkey who is fond of omaha should be easy to put him on d floor….4 rookie of the year however it is reserved for johnny football bcos he will have so many tackles chasing after his interceptions and fumbles lost…

  5. All the players are bragging and with little to write about we get the bragging everyday.

  6. My Raiders are on a long spell of losing a lot of game the last ten years or so. The bright spot in that for me was when my Sub .500 Raiders went to Denver and hung over 60 points on them.

  7. If I was a Raider fan (but cant be, since I don’t have an extra chromosome) I would want the toilets working at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum first.

  8. I would be happy just to see Mack end the streak of worthless Raider LB’s they have had over the years.

  9. appreciate the confidence and appreciate sacking manning.

    but, I am a bit tired of these rookies talking so much. some about how much they hate a QB, others about rivalries, others about sacking the best QB in the game.

    just go play and show us first. because as of now Gholston is all you are until you prove otherwise. and I think Mack, Ford and a lot of these young pass rushers are going to be elite.

  10. Depends how hard up the kid is. Pretty hard to turn down a bribe of a new Buick and free pizza for a year.

  11. Denver has the best offensive line in the league. Look what it did for Tebow. That’s why manning chose Denver.

    Nice goals Mack. But if Ya want to be the best, Ya gotta beat the best

  12. Give him a good shot to the neck and then we won’t have to hear about old Mega Head anymore.
    And to you people who are saying that rookies are talking too much before they have ever played a snap etc…are you really so dense as to not realize that they’re being asked a question in an interview and they have to come up with a response? Or in your alternate reality do you think they’re calling up reporters and offering this information to them unsolicited?

  13. “I want to prove that they got a top guy,”
    This tells me that he accepts the challenge and is going all-in to impress his employer. That attitude translates positively to every place of employment or situation in life.

  14. sacking peyton would be a pretty awesome moment, but for sheer hilarity, it can’t compare to eli’s pouty, giant, baby head after getting nailed.

  15. Khalil Mack certainly has the tools and motor to become one of the best defensive players in the league.

    Whether or not that actually happens is purely up to the organ between his ears. Let’s see how well he can put it all together on the field. He’s definitely someone I am interested in watching.

  16. The Donkeys can be shut down anyone knows that so to think they will be any better this year maybe?? The season hasn’t even started yet and players do get injured. So who is to say the Raiders won’t improve this year. McClain was not drafted by Reggie so we will see what happens.

  17. This might be the year Charger fans will put their silver and black back on… no hard feelings Humbolt, Raider nation will take u back.

  18. Watch out. Don’t underestimate the Raiders. With all the moves they made in the off season plus the blue chip draftees, I’m thinking they could be one of the most improved teams this year. It’s one of the better divisions in the AFC, but Oakland will not be a push over. Maybe they don’t get to 8 – 8 but all in all I expect them to be more competitive.
    And I’m a Packer fan. Mc Kenzie is no dummy.
    He has a plan that will take Oakland back to respectability but will Mark Davis let him get there ??

  19. Query, why does Raider Nation talk so big about a team that has been the arm pit of the NFL for decades? Dudes, you are delusional!

    You will be locked in the AFC West basement, as usual. Toad Boy Reg and DA will be walking the streets.

    My only advice for the Raiders is to have Markey Mark get a new hair stylist. Jesus, he looks like an idot!

  20. Since when had RAIDER/BRONCO trash talk not been appreciated? Because to REAL RAIDERS AND BRONCOS FANS…it’s expected!! It’s one of the greatest rivalries in all of professional sports! So what if Mack wants to toss Peyton, like a rag doll?? I mean, shouldn’t he want to??

  21. mack is gonna be an average nfl player…he is all hype based on combine #’s…. thats why i hate the combine! it doesnt always translate to nfl production! the combine doesnt project the mental ability to comprhend the nfl game.its all based on reps and #’s…you know how many players have been great at the combine and sucked in the nfl??? alot!!! mack played in a weka conference at university of buffalo! he didnt veen dominate his crap conference ,how the hell is he gonna dominate i nthe nfl???? san diego state has anaverage team lst year and they blew out khalil mack and buffalo in their bowl game..mack was a NON-FACTOR… mack is all hype! guy didnt play against any competition in college and still couldnt dominate!!! typical raiturd fans drinking the kool aid!!!! good luck with mr pick 6 matt schaub and another carr at qb as a rookie!! he will be another bust just like his brother was!! allen is agarbage coach too! good news though you wont finsih in lastplace this year…the chiefs will!!!raiturds 6-10 maybe 7-9 this year!!!

  22. Mister Mack….. the worst way to go about making a first impression is to call out the QB in your division who will make you pay for it.

    Peyton is going to baptize you with TD passes all over anybody you cover.

    Best of luck to you, don’t say nobody warned you

  23. Nice team spirit he has there.. So he will be happy if Raiders finish last, even if he is Rookie of the year? And then if he sacks Peyton in a 49-7 loss is it really a sack to celebrate? There is a bigger picture…

  24. “Denver has the best offensive line in the league. Look what it did for Tebow. That’s why manning chose Denver.”

    I don’t think Seattle shares these same sentiments regarding Denvers O-line..

  25. That was a sincere “Good luck!” not a taunting one. Do not want Mack coming after me like Liam Neeson in Taken.

  26. “My goal for my rookie season is to be defensive rookie of the year.”

    This guy is a diva. all about himself. Forget rookie of the year. Heres a couple goals you should be trying to get…
    1. win the division
    2. make the playoffs
    Im sure raider fans would take a playoff run over a player winning rookie of the year.

  27. As a Jaguar fan, I hope Blake Bortles DOESN’T win rookie of the year. That said, I HOPE Mack gets it, or the TE in Detroit. Def. not Clowney!

  28. The only think Woodley has been seen sacking recently is the buffet line and the hot tub.

  29. Mack will have the same number of sacks that the Raiders will have in wins this year: 3-5

  30. Those that say that Mack is a diva for wanting to DROY are confusing selfishness with ambition. The Raiders need immediate impact players on defense that’s why they drafted him. If Mack gets DROY, the Raiders will have a strong season.

  31. How many Nationettes are willing to put their lives on the line and bet the Raiders will win more than 7 games this season? How many? Nah, didnt thinks so.

  32. Mack: “I think going against the best quarterback in the game right now is going to be a big deal.”

    Somebody should tell him that, this season, he doesn’t play “the best quarterback in the game right now”. However, he does in 2015, in Lambeau.

  33. I like the guy bragging about “sub .500 Oakland putting up 60 on Denver” never mind that Oakland was actually 8 and 8 that year (for future reference Raiduh fans that’s .500 not sub .500) but Denver was in the midst of the worst season they’ve ever had, and being led by an incompetent HC, the last 5 have been Broncos wins, 6 months from now that will be 7 straight and the Raiduhs fans will be debating who to take with the first overall pick. But at least you’ll always have that 1 victory from 4 years ago, and mediocrity!

  34. I started telling my Raider fan friends last year that in the 2014 season, the Raiders will make some noise, but a tougher schedule will prevent a winning record this season. I also told them that 2015 would be a playoff year for them. With all those high picks by folks other than Al Davis, plus all that salary cap money back, plus a solid GM willing to make tough choices for the good of the organization itself, makes for strong possibilities indeed.

    Not a Raiders fan, but I see reason for optimism.

  35. You know you have an obsession with the Raiders when you post numerous times in the same thread.

    As for Manning get rid of the ball so quick, not anymore. Everyone now knows you have to jam the WR’s and bring the safety’s down.

    When you take away his quick look and blitz, he folds up like a cheap chair.

    Snap that neck.

  36. My team the Raiders have not won any thing in the last 12 years and yet the Broncos still can’t tie them in super bowl wins so as fat as I look at it the Broncos six just as bad!!

  37. Dude have your first training camp…play your first preseason game…play your first game before talking smack. You sound like a idiot. Peyton has a gold jacket waiting for him what do you got?…right now just a big mouth.

  38. Have the feeling this guy is going to be great. Him falling into the Raiders lap is the kind of event that can turn a franchise around.

  39. Khalil Mack is going to be a good player. Raiders did way better than Minnesota in their LB/QB selections. Not a Raider fan but good to see them being smart and drafting good.

    Carr and Schaub> any QB on Minnesota’s roster

  40. Rolando McClain 2.0

    Raiders finish in the basement again, where they belong, 4-12 with one win inexplicably coming against my Chargers in San Diego because we’re crazy like that.

  41. The last time the Raiders had a winning season, Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me” was the top hit on the radio waves, Spider-Man (part 1) was the top flick, Presidents Bush and Putin signed a nuclear missile treaty, 4 FIFA World Cups have since passed, Bush created the Department of Homeland Defense, Lisa Lopes of TLC died, and I was in high school.

  42. Wow. All these comments about how Mack should put on a uniform first before he talks about his goals. He was one of the most coveted players in the draft. What would you guys rather him say? Should he say something like: “Gee , I hope I play up to my expectations” Or maybe: “I am really just hoping I actually make the roster” You all need to get real. Any player is going to make bold statements like that. He’s ready to play and he most definitely has the right attitude.

  43. Whooping the Faders has been boring and routine – for everybody – not just the Broncos. At least Mack’s big mouth will make whooping them a little more satisfying this year.

  44. To the donkeys fans, shouldnt you be worried about building your team to contend with seattle and not so worried about my “sorry” raiders?
    If we suck so bad, why are you so worried about us?
    Deep down yall know we on the way back up and you know whats coming…….

  45. natelan says: Jul 3, 2014 11:57 PM

    The last time the Raiders had a winning season, Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me” was the top hit on the radio waves, Spider-Man (part 1) was the top flick, Presidents Bush and Putin signed a nuclear missile treaty, 4 FIFA World Cups have since passed, Bush created the Department of Homeland Defense, Lisa Lopes of TLC died, and I was in high school.
    The last time the Chargers won anything, Lyndon Johnson was President and a first class stamp cost five cents.

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