LaVon Brazill suspended for at least a year for drug violation


If it’s after 4 p.m. the day before a holiday weekend, it’s time for the NFL bad news dump.

The latest is Colts wide receiver LaVon Brazill, who was suspended for at least a year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, per Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

Brazill was previously suspended the first four games of the 2013 season for violating the same policy.

He joins Rokevious Watkins and Dion Jordan in today’s suspension-before-fireworks parade.

Strangely, we still haven’t heard anything about Jim Irsay.

30 responses to “LaVon Brazill suspended for at least a year for drug violation

  1. welp, we were wondering how donte moncrief would fit in. you made it easy for him, lavon. smell ya later.

  2. from the phila eagles perspective, we also haven’t anything official about 2nd yr OT lane johnson. philly media reported earlier in the week, with subsequent articles, that johnson would be suspended 4 games. but no official word, at least yet, from nfl.

    it seems every additional day that goes by without nfl confirmation reduces probability of suspension.

    in chip we trust. also we are thankful our division stinks.

  3. Idiot. Talented bit just blew his last chance – at least with the Colts.

  4. Didn’t read a thing in this article about Eagles. Get with reality you were one and done in the playoffs and will be in 3rd place in the NFC east this year.
    Chip back in college 2015

  5. What about Ray Rice? The thing has been adjudicated and finished as far as the law is concerned. What is taking the league so long? It is not as if we are waiting to hear about whether it is 2 or 4 games. The range seems to be wide open and could be a whole season or maybe only a 4 + 2, like Roethlisberger got. Big difference.

  6. Is July 3rd circled on the NFL’s calendar? Do they just wake up, gather players together, pass around the piss cup, and say “Positive for weed, (insert number of games suspended here)”? Because that puts a damper on anyone’s 4th of July.

  7. High profile people get special treatment.. like Irsay and Rice. People like Brazill get handled immediately cause ultimately nobody cares.. If it’s really gonna affect a franchise , they have to move slow.

  8. So here is a guy on drugs, suspended again and another teams wants him, no wonder the fantasy leagues are more fun that watching the NFL and all it problem children.

  9. “High profile people get special treatment.. like Irsay and Rice. People like Brazill get handled immediately cause ultimately nobody cares.. If it’s really gonna affect a franchise , they have to move slow.”

    Actually the issue is two unprecedented cases.

    On one hand, Ray Rice was never proven guilty. His case was settled pre-trial and he is going to some crazy diversionary therapy thing or something. I am a Ravens fan and even I think that is a bunch of garbage. If we know the whole story and he indeed knocked his now wife out (then fiance) then the man should be in jail and the issue of a suspension would be moot…cause you know, he’d be in jail. So the NFL doesn’t exactly know how to tread here. I am sure there are all kinds of legal ramifications to look over to make sure the NFL covers its rear so that no counter suit can be filed.

    Same thing with Irsay. Irsay is an NFL owner, not a player. So the NFL has to see legally what actions they can really take. I remember hearing that he would be suspended from running football operations for a year or something like that. Irsay also has a lot of money and can lawyer up quite nicely to fight whatever the NFL may try to do to him.

    On the other hand if you are an NFL football player and you take a banned substance and test positive for it…well who’s fault is that?

  10. What many people forget is the average IQ of most NFL players is lower than most politicians, which is saying something.
    I am never ceased to be amazed when I hear NFL players interviewed and hear them try to answer questions without sounding like they quit school in the 3rd grade.
    But even most 3rd graders are smart enough to answer “no” if they were asked if they would give up the chance to make lots of money by breaking a rule.

  11. Legalize the band substance . Most of the players take some form of body/weight building substance without detection. Pot is legal in a number of states and that number grows. Allow the individual teams to police their employees just as mainstream business does. This system works well in the real world with of course abuses which the companies handle just as the teams would.

    Contracts would carry clauses spelling out reason for dismissal . Who knows maybe there would be no need for a commissioner and a players union and the NFL could return to being what it use to be.

  12. Continuing the above thoughts, the league might also get rid of all replay except scoring. Eliminate all sideline reporters including heavyweight retired lineman with a mikeaphone in the end zone telling us what we see. What we might miss seeing will be shown over and over again anyway. Lastly does any fan need two or three commentators endlessly moving their mouths forming words no one listens to anyway.

    It’s football and we get it.

  13. Strangely, we still haven’t heard anything about Jim Irsay.

    Probably because he’s driving around with a briefcase full of cash.

    “Feeding the masses! I’m a Saint!”

  14. Maybe we haven’t heard anything about Irsay because he isn’t a player and therefore isn’t subject to the same rules as the players.
    Just a thought.

  15. Dude is a clown. That being said, how many players are smoking weed? I guarantee it is more than the 6 players a year they decide to make examples of. If the NFL really tested players for weed and PEDs, there wouldn’t be enough players in the league. Hell, Tebow might even be able to score a job.

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