LeSean McCoy: This is the year Nick Foles “blows ’em out”

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Eagles running back LeSean McCoy may be pondering a run at 2,000 rushing yards, but he’s not being selfish when it comes to thinking big about the 2014 season.

McCoy is offering a robust prediction for quarterback Nick Foles, whose 2013 campaign split most observers between two camps. There’s one group that believes Foles’ big numbers were a product of the Eagles’ offensive system and there are others who think Foles is the real deal at quarterback. McCoy placed himself firmly in the latter group.

“Nick, he wants to play, he wants to get better,” McCoy said, via NJ.com. “He’s playing lights-out even in camp, but he still wants to be at a higher level. He’s at that peak where people know him like, ‘Man, this Foles, is he that good?’ Because you see the stats, you see the numbers. I think this is the year he blows ‘em out like, ‘Yeah, I’m Nick Foles. I’m Philadelphia’s quarterback. I’m the guy.’ And this is the year he blows it away.”

Foles led the league in passer rating and yards per attempt last season while throwing 27 touchdowns and just two interceptions, the kind of numbers that you’d like to see from your quarterback whether they were a product of the overall system or not. The question about the amount Foles has to do with the productivity will ultimately be one that the Eagles will have to answer when it comes time to talk about a new contract, but it’s pretty clear that McCoy thinks the Eagles have something special under center.

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  1. Does this guy ever stop TALKING?! Philly is filled with degenerate fans who boo their players; that is only equally matched by the obnoxiousness of their stars.


  2. Foles is a decent qb
    Derek Carr is the future of the nfl and will win a superbowl within 5 years unlike Foles
    Khalil Mack> Clowney and Barr

  3. McCoy doesn’t always say the smartest things, but he nailed it with this one. Foles is a stud and will prove any doubter wrong this year.

  4. this guy is going to have a RG3 regression this year. the two Cowboys games last year really exposed this guy, especially the last game of the year and the New Orleans playoff game. he excelled at throwing so many passes behind the line of scrimmage and within 10 yards. teams started to figure that out and would closely cover the line of scrimmage. it completely stopped Folks and he looked completely confused. look for teams to catch up really quick on this guy. he isn’t as good as his stats last year. I think he is an average QB but not a pro-bowl type guy like his stats were last year.

    and has anyone ever seen so many dropped/missed interceptions. his interception free streak was crazy last year. there should have been at least 5-8 INTs during that streak

  5. Here come the eagle fans in agreement. Let’s be real though, if eagles signed my 90 year old grandmother with a new hip the fans would claim she’s a hall of famer before taking a snap. Lmao at that sorry ass fan base

  6. You have to give Foles credit. 27 TD’s 2 picks, lead the league in YPA and passer rating, that’s not “lucky”, that’s good.

  7. The only thing that bothers me about this is that this time last year, he was in Michael Vick’s corner. Him and DeSean both wanted MV as their starting QB. Now that MV is no longer an option, he has to go with the top guy on the depth chart, regardless of who he was. He would have said this had Matt Barkley been the starter.

    One thing is for sure, he said something positive about a teammate and not himself. Go Birds!

  8. One of those two interceptions was against the mighty Detroit Lions defense. You know that defense that everyone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about says isn’t very good. Those same people also say their offensive line isn’t good even though they graded out in the top quarter of the league. A lot of people are clueless and just regurgitate whatever nonsense they hear from other clueless people.

  9. I put my money on past tape and defensive coordinators ability to figure out how to stop him or make him marginally average.

  10. Foles had 1/3 of his TD passes in one game. Think that will happen again? He plummets down to earth this year and the offense regresses.

    Chip will find that Matthews is not Jackson and that Cooper and Maclin make for a less than average WR corps.

    They can be good if McCoy stays McCoy and Sproles plays like himself, but that team in Washington should win the NFCE.

  11. Barkley went 0-4 (TDs-INTs) as a starter. Vick was average at best and couldn’t find the end zone to save his life. But when a QB with almost no hype comes in and throws 27 TDs vs 2 ints and has an overall dominant season, it’s only because he a system QB… coming from the same experts that said he could never fit into Kelly’s system like Vick could.

    If Foles is a so-called “system quarterback”, then something is majorly flawed with every other NFL offense if these supposed superior QBs (with the exception of Manning last year) couldn’t put up numbers close to Foles. Or maybe, just maybe, Foles is the real deal and no one wants to admit because he wasn’t hyped coming into the NFL like Andrew Luck.

  12. My problem with the Eagles is they are “always” talking the talk,year after year,and then its always they didn’t show up when they should’ve.

  13. As a Skins fan I want all Eagles to be dropped into a pit of snakes and fire by default, but I gotta admit… Foles seems like a really talented (and really genuinely nice) dude.

  14. The best five QB’s to take the field as starters 5 years from now, in 2019, will be Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Nick Foles and Blake Bortles. (not a Eagles fan).

  15. When it comes to playing QB “product of the system” doesn’t apply. He makes all the decisions, has the timing, intuition, rapport and leadership to be a good qb. There is no “system” for that. I’m taking Foles in my fantasy draft!

    “system” based performance is for RB’s, WR’s & Defensive schemes.

  16. Foles stepped in and excelled in an offense that wasn’t designed for him. Played great, advanced a team to the playoffs and then voted into the Pro Bowl and won the MVP.

    Remember last year at this time? Everybody had the Eagles in last place, and looked what happened. So keep doubting and passing their success off as a fluke. Another year in Chip’s system will surprise everybody again.

  17. Regardless of whether it is the system or Foles is a great QB, he will put up big numbers. Bottom line is he gets the job done and seldomly does he turn over the ball. He is efficient and a very accurate passer, playing behind a very good offensive line, and he is loaded with weapons. All I care about is Eagles victories and he has proven to be good enough for that to happen, and hopefully it will continue in the years to come. I don’t know if he is good enough to win a super bowl, but certainly we will find out. This time next year, either Foles will have a huge contract, be on a different team, or looking for a new team. Only time will tell, let the season unfold and then people can judge him.

  18. It seems to me that many of the same people who last year were claiming Kelly’s offensive system wouldn’t work in the NFL are some of the same people now claiming Foles is a product of the offensive system.

  19. he’s good until u pressure him which is what most teams will do. my team exposed this guy and they were ranked dead last n the league. so keep dreaming eagles fans. lmao

  20. Is Foles good because of the Eagles’ system?

    Or is Foles good because he is good?

    The answer is BOTH.

    Without the West Coast Offense, Montana would never have been the superstar he was. And the body of work of average QBs in the West Coast Offense has been that, average.

    Foles is the real deal and can produce even higher performances with the Eagles’ system which seems to work well with his skillset. Too bad the college systems he played under were all designed to force him to conform to some guy’s idea of an offensive attack instead of maximizing his talents to win games.

    The Eagles are a lucky team who drafted a guy they thought might be a decent back-up only to find he could read defenses and make the right throws needed. Now, if they can only protect him to keep him on the field, then the Eagles will contend with the Giants and Washington while Dallas once again populates the bottom of the division.

  21. Well… now that McCoy says he will… it’s bound to happen. That’s how the NFL works right? Teams will know how to prep for Foles, he may be good… but I wouldn’t expect a 27-2 type of stat line to be posted.

  22. Couldn’t care less. What does bother me is how ugly the Eagles’ uniforms are. What’s up with a wing on the helmet/head? Really?

  23. And I’ll bet he’s looking like a freak with elite all-world qualities, who’s a natural born leader that’s way ahead of schedule.

    Did I miss any of the typical rehashed superlatives?

  24. There will be quite a bit of drop off this season for Foles, but he’ll still be above average.

    The league has a rude awakening for old Chip.

  25. there is no such thing as “Luck” in the NFL ( unless his first name is Andrew)..27 TDs 2INTs best passer rating in the NFL Thats Skill / system /QB abilty. Don’t forget that he didn’t play a 16 game yr. For all those who say its NOT Foles but it the system..Thats the dumbest thing i ever heard ! Could Peyton Manning run the read option? NO. Gimme a break.

    I know of 2 QB’s a ways back who were backups. Then they were thrust into action and had great yrs in a back up role…Some said it was the system ( which of course it was) but they became starters the nest year and everybody said they got lucky the year before and they were not ” gifted enough ” athletes to be good in this league..None of them were high round picks or even good QB’s in college..Their names are Tom Brady and Kurt Warner. Foles wasn’t a high draft pick and the same thing..he was thrust into the lineup because of injury…Time will tell…But to say a QB is “lucky” in the NFL is stupid. Some might have a great game every now and then…but Foles put together an All-Pro season. Thats not Luck..thats skill

  26. This division is perfect for the Eagles this year.

    The teams I look forward to watching this year:


  27. When was Foles exposed? Even in the saints playoff game Foles had the lead when he left the field. If not for the stupid Kicker ( missed 2 very easy FG’s) The Eagles would have won that game BECAUSE of Nick Foles not in spite of Nick Foles. They lost by 2 points..add that up nay sayers..lose by 2 kicker missed 6 points?…Hmm.

  28. Worst Division in the NFL. Someone has to win … but it doesn’t make them a good team.

  29. Break out and win the division. Giants are rebuilding, skins and boys have a joke of a defense

  30. Just reviewed the Eagle’s 2013 schedule…In retrospect, fairly soft…2014 will tell the real story but the kid does look really promising…They may very well be on the way.

  31. Who does he have to throw to? Riley Cooper? Easy to rack up stats when half the defense is focused on Jackson. Him leaving is the equivalent to when Plaxico shot his leg off. Giants offense went from great to suck that quick.

  32. Gotta love the “System” argument. I players X, Y & Z are only good because they run a certain system, then why the heck isn’t your team running the same system?

  33. Let me remind people… Eagles are the only team in the NFC East to have never won a thing (all other teams have at least 3 SB wins)…. why would anyone ever pay attention to the Eagles or their fans, they are irrelevant

    absolute truth

  34. I remember everyone said he hadn’t faced a defense of any quality. Then he tore up the Bucs. Then people said ‘Oh, wait till he plays the Raiders, they are the first real top 10 defense he’s played.’ and he only threw 7TDs against them and the Eagles single handedly knocked them out of the top half of the league in defense. Then it was ‘yeah well… wait till he plays the Cardinals.’ and all he did was have a 62% completion, 3TDs, 0 picks. He beat the lions in the snow, he only put up 30pts against the Vikings. Can’t hold him accountable for the defense giving up 48pts. And his offense put up 42 points of the overall 54. He took care of his business and did what he had to do.

  35. Sounds they have some kind of dream team or something.

    The Eagles have certainly never had that before.

  36. Memo: There is no such thing as a “system quarterback”.

    He’s good because he’s good. Take plenty of other qbs out there and put them on this team and you do not have the same numbers. Therefore it is not the system. If it really was “the system” then Barkley and every other qb in the league would put up the same numbers.

  37. I’ll give the Eagles fans’ credit. Usually they declare themselves pre-season champs in May. Took them to July this time. baby steps.

  38. “product of the system?”…..feh.

    what a bunch of nonsense.

    the kid is really good…27 tds and 2 picks doesn’t just happen because of some “system”.

    trust me, there’s about 26 or 27 teams that wish their qb was a “product of the system” with those kind of numbers.

  39. A lot of people are oblivious to the fact that Nick Foles was actually in the MVP conversation last season, even despite not playing the full season. I guarantee he finds himself in the same conversation this year, and considering his stats should be inflated due to Chip Kelly’s system…If Nick Foles plays 16 games than there’s a really good chance he’ll be pushing for the award.

  40. The issue of whether Foles continues to improve or not this year is independent of what McCoy says about the topic. That being said, Foles has given us nothing to have us believe that he will not continue to progress. The guy works harder than anyone else, has great physical tools and excellent coaching. I say Foles improves in 2014 and stays one step ahead of those who think they have him figured out.

  41. Gonna need some receivers if your QB is going to be putting up incredible numbers.

    Unless McCoy plans on doing most of his work by catching passes this year…

  42. I see Foles being the best QB in the NFC East by the end of this year. He has the physical skill and the right attitude, and he’s with a coach in a system that will set him up to succeed. IMO the only things he has to do at this point are keep getting better, and stay healthy.

  43. He better look at the teams they play this year compared with the pass defenses he faced last year

  44. I’m still on the fence about if he is a good qb or not (Can’t dispute the stellar numbers last year though). With 4 games against the NFC West…if he can excel against those stout defenses then count me in as a believer.

  45. ya know its not like he goes running around looking for microphones people. grow up would ya? NONE of you have to do your job with the press constantly in your face asking you the same questions over and over….are you really gonna hate on a guy because he ANSWERS?….holy cow.

  46. “Gonna need some receivers if your QB is going to be putting up incredible numbers.”
    Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper might not sound like a dynamic duo, but they are both very capable WRs. On top of them, the Eagles used 2 out of their top 3 draft selections on WRs…and Jordan Matthews will prove to everyone that he should have been selected in the 1st round. Darren Sproles and Lesean McCoy comprise the very best receiving backfield possibly in the history of the NFL, and add one of the best Tight End duos in the NFL with Celek and Ertz.


  47. Marty M told AR hey I like this Foles kid let’s give him a shot. Not Charles or Howie. Even a blind squirrel finds a but every now and then

  48. How people forget when the eagles were making the run for the division they got man handled by the Vikings. I think that showed the real eagle team.

  49. “this guy is going to have a RG3 regression this year. the two Cowboys games last year really exposed this guy, especially the last game of the year and the New Orleans playoff game. he excelled at throwing so many passes behind the line of scrimmage and within 10 yards. teams started to figure that out and would closely cover the line of scrimmage. it completely stopped Folks and he looked completely confused.”
    Yeah he was sooooooo confused he completed 70% of his passes for 195 yards, 2tds and zero picks (unlike Brees) and a rating of 105.

    If that is confusion I’ll take it!

  50. Sounds like Skins fans after RG’s rookie year. Give DC’s an offseason to break down film and you’ll see this Napoleon Dynamite look-a-like come back to the pack.

  51. I think McCoy is right. The Eagles r loaded. I say scary good. Can u just imagine Kelly’s different packages he can put out there where defensive teams will not b able to keep up with them. Just think of what the Eagles can do with McCoy n Sproles behind Foles, than having to deal with Cooper, Maclin, Ertz or Celek, throwing different combos with an up tempo pace. Imagine, McCoy n Sproles on screens or one or the other in the slot, the things Kelly can do with them. I could throw more names in there, but u get the point, giant fans. Hey, it’s still early, come on come up with some early season excuses so u can justify y they get bombed when they play the mighty EAGLES.

  52. Look everyone This is everyone’s favorite Eagles fan once again with Carrs Babybatter running down his chin. Heretopissuoff = RSTARTER on the Eagles Forum.

  53. As an Eagles fan, i think the Giants are the only team that will compete with the Eagles to win the division. They quietly had a great off-season and have the best chance of bouncing back from a bad season last year. Along with the Eagles, they have been the most consistent team in the NFC EAST in the last 10 years. Lots of respect for the Giants. Not so much for the Redskins/Cowboys.

    The Eagles still have a lot of questions/doubts about their team (secondary, pass rush, improvement of Nick Foles) but are still the most exciting team and have the best chance to repeat as NFC East Champs (still not super-bowl contenders).

    Go Eagles!

  54. “and has anyone ever seen so many dropped/missed interceptions. his interception free streak was crazy last year. there should have been at least 5-8 INTs during that streak”

    Sure…he got lucky on a few of them (even several of them), but every QB in the league would have twice as many INTs as they do but for the dropped ones. You have to remember that defensive backs and linebackers aren’t receivers for a reason. But if Foles was “lucky” does that mean Eli Manning was “unlucky” with his 27 INTs?

  55. 1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Peyton Manning 3. Nick Foles 4. Tom Brady, for best passer ratings average in a season. I’m not about to stand up on a soap box and claim that he’ll have as prolific careers as those guys I mentioned, but you gotta have talent to put up those numbers. Case Closed. Sounds like everybody talking s#!t is getting scared of the big bad birds this year.

  56. I’d worry about your own team, cowboys fan. How’s Romo’s back? Or Sean Lee’s knee? Right.

  57. When defenses don’t have to respect the deep threat now that Desean is gone we’ll see how good your WR’s really are.

  58. LeSean McCoy can’t keep his mouth shut. This is the guy who said before the 2012 season that the Eagles were better than the Giants and should have won the SB in 2011 with the “Dream Team”. He called Osi soft, while Osi was heading towards his 2nd ring. LeSean keep talkin. Your stats are rather soft when it really matters, like in the playoffs.

    Just go back to 2010-11 and see what he was saying about Michael Vick. Shut up until you win something and then come back to us. In the words of Paul Brown, if you ever get there [Championship] act like you been there before.

  59. especially the last game of the year and the New Orleans playoff game. he excelled at throwing so many passes behind the line of scrimmage and within 10 yards. teams started to figure that out and would closely cover the line of scrimmage. it completely stopped Folks and he looked completely confused.”


    Had you watched the game you would have realized that the irreplaceable desean jackson was invisible in that game, which necessitatedthe short passing game. Most likely one of the football reasons they got rid of him.

  60. The system helps any player, and matching a players skill set to the system is priceless. losing Avery not a big deal, I do feel Jackson was a play maker though. In the National Fairies League there going to be a ton more points and yards do to players safety. The Eagles won a division that is probably the worst division in football thats not changing. Dallas and Washingtons defenses are both jokes. thats not changing either. It could be a really nice pairing. But Foles had a lot of lucky breaks last year.

  61. The guy is 6′ 4″ and 240 lbs. Throws accurate big arm passes. Moves sideways quite easily in the pocket. Fakes a lot of DB’s out of their jocks and wins. Lead the league in a number of categories last year after showing durning the previous rookie year he was capable.

    Only a Giant, Redskin or Cowboy dieheart wouldn’t be able to recognize this guy unmistakeable ability.

  62. Foles. Backup QB in a starting QB slot.
    Eagles fans are widely known as horrid – which is great because this is nearly my least favorite team (Hello REDSKINS!).
    I live in San Antonio…Dallas is a joke. Houston…more of a joke. Been a Tampa Bay fan for years (creamsickle!) – we’ll see how that goes.

  63. Let’s see Nick Foles have more then one good year before anyone says he is great. Remember this is a kid that couldn’t beat out Kirk Cousins when they were at Michigan State.

  64. skins1970 says:
    Jul 4, 2014 12:53 PM
    Let’s see Nick Foles have more then one good year before anyone says he is great. Remember this is a kid that couldn’t beat out Kirk Cousins when they were at Michigan State.


    Don’t be mad cause the eagles didn’t have to trade their whole draft to get QB. While you still wait for you’re “franchise #2 pick to do something. Sour grapes

  65. RGe struggled because he was coming off a ACL tear injury every QB struggles after an injury like that.

  66. RG3 won ROY and a Division title 1n 2012, I would say that is doing something but I guess you forgot about that.But if you want to crown Nick Foles as the best QB go ahead.

  67. I really think people are sleeping on the fact that sproles and ertz are going to see lots of playing time. Foles is not a fluke. The guy was a top caliber player at Arizona and he is getting geared up in the NFL. How can you call 27 tds”lucky” ? The dude didn’t even play a full season. And how can you say the guy got “lucky” with 2 interceptions thrown? Here are the facts….foles does hold on to the ball a little longer than he should AT TIMES. mainly because he wants to protect the ball. He is a more mature player now and when he starts taking risks, he could be A Brady caliber player. Are the Eagles weak at receiver? Absolutely. Don’t sleep on maclin. If he is 100% recovered from his injury, he can be a force. This frees up cooper more. As well as the two new rookies who have some pretty good speed. Accompany this with sproles and shady with dual pass threats and more two tight end sets this year with a dual threat with celeb and ertz. Ertz is a beast. He will or could be the caliber of gronkowski. He hasn’t had his time to shine yet but dude is skilled. Celek is above average. Mccoy and sproles are the two best back sets in the league. Mccoy is the best all around rb in the league. Foles has 8 weapons to throw to. While most will agree that there isn’t a big name pro bowl receiver in the mix, you can’t deny that with shady and sproles, maclin ertz and celek, this will free up the rookies and cooper. One thing is certain, they all have great hands and catch the ball. Might I remind everyone, Brady had no major threat receiver in the super bowl years. He made them better by spreading the ball around. The same will prove to be true with foles. Shortly after, a big name receiver will be begging to play with foles….Ala randy moss and new england. Kelly is no bellichick, but he has a creative system that the NFL couldn’t completely figure out last year. Points per game will go up this year. Mark my words.

  68. @Danind, how did the second Dallas game and the New Orleans game expose him exactly? QB ratings of 119.2 and 105 with completion percentages of 65.4 and 69.7, 4 combined TDs and 0 INTs beg to differ.

    Other than one Dallas game he played well against the division with QBR 104 or better in each game.

    The offense is a 50/50 run/pass split or close to it, a truly balanced offense. You can look at DeSean not being able to get off the line against physical corners as a reasoning that they couldn’t get the ball to him. It wasn’t all Foles or the league figuring him out. If that was the case how do you explain the Minnesota or Chicago game? They had the same film from the first Dallas game.

  69. As a “Long time Eagles Fan,” I have to laugh at the shallowness of some of these postings. The “White McNabb, Really?” McNabb was never an accurate passer, but he was physical and mobile, till he lost his wheels! On the other hand, Foles is not mobile, but an accurate pocket passer. Kind of like Brady. I believe this guy, with given the right support, “Will take us to the S/B. It would appear McCoy, feels the same way. “E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!”

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