LeSean McCoy wonders aloud if he can gain 2,000 yards this year


Not satisfied with simply proclaiming himself the best running back in the NFL, Philadelphia’s LeSean McCoy is openly talking about the possibility of reaching the single-season yardage total that separates the merely good from the truly great: 2,000 yards.

Accepting the John Wanamaker Athletic Award from the Philadelphia Sports Congress, McCoy said, “I’m wondering if I get 2,000 yards, can I win it next year?”

A 2,000-yard season would be a tall order for McCoy, who led the NFL with 1,607 yards last year. If McCoy is going to reach 2,000 yards, he would almost certainly need to get more carries than he’s ever had before. McCoy’s total last year came on a career-high 314 carries. But no one has ever reached 2,000 yards on fewer than 332 carries, which was the number O.J. Simpson had when he ran for 2,003 yards in 14 games in 1972. And if anything, McCoy may get fewer carries this year thanks to the arrival of running back Darren Sproles, who may take some of the workload off McCoy’s shoulders.

Only seven players in NFL history have reached 2,000 yards in a season: Eric Dickerson, Adrian Peterson, Jamal Lewis, Barry Sanders, Terrell Davis, Chris Johnson and O.J. Simpson. McCoy isn’t likely to join that group, but through all of his comments this offseason he’s made clear that he has very high hopes for 2014.

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  1. He has the talent to do it, but with Darren Sproles and Chris Polk taking carries away, it’s not going to happen. I’d rather diversify the workload and have Shady fresh for the playoff run. I’m sure Chip feels the same way.

  2. Agreed. I’m betting he makes the most of his touches, but also loses some to Sproles. Having a good second option to keep him fresh should be a good thing for the team, just maybe not for those kind of individual yards.

  3. “Wondering aloud” is much less offensive than guaranteeing a 2,500 season.

  4. One factor which is working in his favor is the changes at WR for the Eagles. Say what you will about DeSean, one thing he couldn’t and wouldn’t do is run block.

    Chip has put together a group of WR’s which are all 6′ or taller and can block. Chip’s philosophy is for the WR’s to be involved in the running game. Last year McCoy had many carries where he was stopped on the 2nd level where if it weren’t for a shoestring tackle, he would have been off to the races.

    That’s the difference between 1600 and 2000 yards. It’s not going to be how many more 5-10 yard runs he has, it’s going to be how many of the 10 yard runs turn into 60+ yard runs. It only takes 10 or so to make the difference.

  5. Love Shady, but I don’t want him getting 2K. The amount of punishment required to hit that number is too detrimental long-term for the short term reward. Would rather see a nice balanced attack with around 15-20(at the most) touches a game to preserve him. Eagles have enough weapons to still be effective, while not solely depending on McCoy.

  6. What is wrong with this dude? McCoy talks too much for being a serviceable HB on an average team that will come crashing back to earth this year. #ONLYTEAMINNFCEASTWITHZEROTROPHIES #FOLESWASLUCKYLASTYEAR

  7. Coming from the guy who was complaining by week 4 last season that he wasn’t getting enough plays off for rest. Anyone remember that? He was right, but still. Don’t complain that you’re getting the ball too much, then wonder if you could get 2,000 yards. You have to get the ball too much in order to get 2,000 yards. Period. I don’t hear AP complaining that he gets the ball too much.

  8. Kid has some of the best moves since Barry. But he won’t get 2,000 the way Chip spreads the ball around. In fact, the way the NFL is going we may never have another 2,000 yard back (pass-happy and RB by committee).

  9. Why isn’t McCoy likely? I think he’s the most likely back in the NFL to get 2000 because, A – the guy is pretty good, and B – Chip Kelly runs the ball more than most NFL teams. The Kelly offense isn’t pass happy.

  10. If I were an Eagles fan, I would rather he be wondering aloud whether his team can win the Super Bowl, instead of talking about his personal goals. No wonder they don’t win.

  11. There are too many offensive weapons that it’s unlikely to happen. Especially Sproles and Polk. But if I’m a defense this year, I’m again making Foles prove he can beat me. Not saying he can’t, I’d just rather take my chances vs. Foles than McCoy

  12. He’ll get around 1600 yards again but why would you want to take that punishment for 2000? Like at Chris Johnson since that season he had, he’s terrible.

  13. remember when Dez Bryant got labelled as “me first” for making a similar statement?

  14. Players who brag about what they are GOING to do, ususally don’t do it (ie: CJ2K getting 2500 yards, Dwayne Bowe, etc.). In fact, they ususally have a terrible year by comparision.

  15. He needs to just shut the hell up. I am a lifelong Eagles fan and I liked McCoy when he just ran the ball and kept his mouth shut. This entire offseason, he has been boasting about being the best RB in the NFL. Lesean, shut up and play football. Who cares what you accomplish personally. Nobody, aside from fantasy football fans, cares how many yards to rush for or how many TD’s you score. It is all about how well your team plays. Talk like this is one of the reasons why Philly got rid of Desean. You need to be an unselfish player and do whats best for the team, not yourself.

  16. “Foles was lucky last year”

    27 td’s, 2 int’s, hall of fame twice, pro bowl MVP…… Yeah that’s nothing but luck! Guy just kept a rabbits foot in his pocket every game he started.

  17. Couple things here…. First, the complete line from the article is:

    “I’m wondering if I get 2,000 yards, can I win it next year?” McCoy said with a laugh.

    So, clearly he’s joking around. He jokes around a lot in interviews, which is clear when you watch them, but not so much when you copy & paste the quotes.

    Also, I was surprised to see this line from the same article ignored (unless it’s coming in another post):

    “… former NFL great LaDainian Tomlinson congratulated McCoy and proclaimed him the NFL’s best running back.”

  18. He did have over 2100 yards in rushing plus receiving yardage and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him do that again. If he stays healthy enough.

  19. It’s a good thing he’s questioning and not stating, because then he’d need a head exam. He catches too many balls and has too much of a committee of RBs for there to be even a small chance. It was hard for AP, and he almost never caught passes, didn’t have competition, and his qb couldn’t complete a 15 yard pass to save his life.

  20. It’s not as much whether he’s capable (which is not a certainty), but more if he’ll be given the opportunity in that pass-first offense.

  21. What do you mean it isn’t likely? Just the fact that the kid is thinking about it has just made the feat even more possible for him. I’d rather him shoot for 2000 and fall short than to set a goal of 1000 and never reach his potential. It’s called goal-setting. Most people don’t do it, which is why they complain about another’s success and wonder why they stuck in whatever mediocrity their in.

  22. Considering he is going up against the NFC West that will be very difficult to attain. Even if he averages 70 yards a game against that division he would have to average over 140 the rest of the time.

  23. Congrats LeSean you are now officially rocketing up my list of “Players on other teams that I had no ill will for, but now I’m growing a rapid disdain for.”

  24. Well, someone needs lots of attention this off season, don’t ya mesean. Typical philly athlete, greatest at everything with no championships to support it.

  25. Even playing against the Cowboys defense twice, I’m still gonna say that’s a “no”.

  26. How about what’s best for the team, LeSean? All he’s worried about is his own numbers or letting everyone know he’s the best RB in the league. These guys forget winning a championship is nice to have on the resume too.
    Also, they have a very decent QB who is going to throw the ball and he’s definitely not getting as many touches this season with Sproles there now.
    I don’t blame him for wanting 2000 yards, but it would be refreshing to hear more about winning rather than personal accolades.

  27. I love the guy,

    but he needs to stop feeding this billboard material. Just want one season without something stupid putting the Eagles center stage.

    from Dream Teams to Dynasties, to Twitter battles, to calling out AP, and now two guys on PED suspensions.

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