Mike Evans working to get into “tip-top shape”


On Wednesday, we shared a note about Buccaneers rookie wide receiver Mike Evans working out with Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall in Florida ahead of the start of training camp.

Evans isn’t just concentrating on picking Marshall’s brain for tips about how to be an effective big receiver in the NFL, though. He’s also trying to get himself into the best shape possible for his first training camp, something that involves losing some of the extra pounds he’s put on this offseason.

“Physically, I’m not in tip-top shape. I’m getting back into my game shape,” Evans said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “I’ve got to lose more weight. I’m too heavy right now,” Evans said. “But the workouts I’ve been doing, I’ll be fine. I’ll be ready.”

Evans had a hamstring injury early in the offseason workout program, but recovered enough to take part in the team’s minicamp and said the time off gave him a chance to delve deeper into a playbook he calls more complicated than the one he was familiar with from college. If Evans’ mind and body are right, the Bucs should feature him early and often on an offense that’s trying to put last year’s dismal output to rest.

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  1. Please do I would like to see the Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson show performing on all cylinders… Would it give the Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey duo a challenge or even the Julio Jones Roddy White combo ? who knows but I know one thing if all things clicking we are in for a great show …Indeed…

  2. Not a Bucs fan, but I did see that A&M versus Alabama game last year, and I was drooling over this guy. Manziel was basically throwing the ball up for grabs and Evans did the rest. He will always be going against a #2 DB as Vincent Jackson will command the best DB from their opponents. I like his chances to put up nice numbers in his rookie year, and possibly dominate in his following years in the league if healthy.

  3. Any update on the NFL’s investigation into the leaking of Josh Freeman’s private medical history?!?

  4. I’m a Panthers fan and some of my fellow fans actually think we are better than ATL and TAMP at WR.

    Fan optimism is one thing, but really…? With the kid Cooks, even NO may have us beat at that spot. In a wide open NFL, we may be looking at a sort, control, TE friendly, passing game in Charlotte.

    Evans is a beast, who won’t have to contort his body to catch so many jump balls this year.

  5. Wow those uniform numbers…. Even though Evans is out of shape, at least he wants to try and is motivated. Reminds me of when Big Mike Williams went to Detroit and he let things get away from him. He did come back a few years later for a short lived come-back and did well in Seattle. This kids gets it early, so it is a different attitude. Some people just have bigger builds. He is going to have to watch his diet or he my have to play right of the tackle.

  6. He’s gonna be a boss in this league. Whoever winds up being the Bucs’ QB is going to be very thankful they drafted him.

  7. Mike is going to be a beast. I wonder how much of Johnny’s success coincided with Evans. It will be a fun storyline to watch.

  8. Made Manziel the QB he was, the clowns made a mistake on this one, shoulda taken Evans with their first pick, and not Johnny with the 2nd.. he’s gonna be a beast..

    This will prove that partying with rock stars and money phones will make you a bust, and that putting in hard work (even when its the offseason) into your job will make you great…

    I have never seen a qb that doesn’t put in that extra effort succeed.. Vick is the only one off the top of my head but he was in prison and shoulda been out of the league…

  9. The Bucs’ WR to keep an eye on is Robert Herron. This kid is a first degree burner. The million dollar question is the Offensive Line, big ???.

  10. Two beasts on the outside in V. Jackson and Mike Evans. Robert Herron is a total burner in the slot. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins bigger than Mike Gonzalez at TE. The O line might be average to above average, but it’s not going to be bad. This offense is going to scare some opponents. And we’ve not even talked about the scary D.

    Worst to first. Raymond James Stadium will bleed red and pewter in 2014.

  11. An athlete working to get in top shape, great. This is right up there with the stories about a defence getting more aggressive, an athlete dropping weight to get faster or an athlete picking up a few lbs to get stronger. So exciting.

  12. Mike Evans College Playbook? “Get open Mike, if not, Johnny will run”. McCown can’t do this…

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