Police arrest man at GMA set who wanted to “kill Michael Strahan”

Getty Images

Soon-to-be Hall of Fame defensive end Michael Strahan likely thought he was leaving the physical risks on the football field when he retired for TV.

On Tuesday, a homeless man wielding a knife was arrested outside ABC’s Times Square studio, where Strahan was co-hosting Good Morning America.  Per the New York Post, the man told police, “I was there to kill Michael Strahan.”

A police officer quickly disarmed 25-year-old Andre Johnson (man, this story would have gotten a lot more clicks if we’d put his name in the headline), and a serrated knife was found at the scene.  According to the Post, Strahan was never in any actual danger.

“It was a scary situation but thanks to the fast actions of NYPD the situation was quickly under control,” and ABC spokesperson said.

Johnson was charged with attempted assault, menacing, and criminal possession of a weapon.  Johnson’s defense could be a bit stronger if he claims he had just finished binge-watching Strahan’s 2009 sitcom, Brothers.