Prosecutors OK with Hernandez moving to different jail, deny mistreatment


Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez’s lawyers recently requested that Hernandez be moved from the prison in Bristol County, Massachusetts to a facility closer to Boston because they claim Hernandez has been mistreated by the Bristol County sheriff’s office.

Prosecutors in Bristol County, where Hernandez is awaiting trial for allegedly murdering Odin Lloyd, said Thursday that they do not oppose transferring Hernandez to Suffolk County. Hernandez is to be tried in that county for allegedly murdering Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado in Boston in 2012.

Hernandez’s attorneys objected to the sheriff sharing information with prosecutors about Hernandez’s conversations in jail and information that led to assault charges against Hernandez for an incident with another inmate. The Bristol District Attorney’s office strongly denied those allegations while agreeing to the move on the grounds that it would be easier for Hernandez to meet with his attorneys.

“The government vigorously rejects the defendant’s baseless, theatrical and legally unsupportable allegations of misconduct against both the sheriff and the prosecution contained in his submission,’’ the D.A.’s office said, via the Boston Globe. “Evidence suggests that efforts to conceal [Hernandez’s] offenses continued even after the defendant’s arrest and detention. In these circumstances, it was by no means unreasonable for the sheriff to harbor concerns that the defendant might use the prison communication system or visitor privileges to facilitate his criminal endeavors.”

The request for transfer must still be approved by a judge in Bristol County and neither trial is expected to start for some time.

25 responses to “Prosecutors OK with Hernandez moving to different jail, deny mistreatment

  1. “Hernandez’s attorneys objected to the sheriff sharing information with prosecutors about Hernandez’s conversations in jail . . . ”

    Umm, isn’t that kinda like their job? Y’know, ‘law enforcement’?

  2. The way Hernandez has been treated is like something out of the Dark Ages. They might as well just put him in a stockade in the public square and be done with it. At least he wouldn’t have to suffer as long.

  3. Of COURSE they deny mistreatment, I’m mean prosecutors, wardens, prison guards, have NEVER EVER set up inmates. Nope! Not at all!

  4. Regardless of how you feel about Hernandez (most likely very guilty IMO), being held in custody prior to trial should be very different from prison post-conviction. In any case, being held on bond or no-bond status is meant to insure your presence at trial, and keep a potentially dangerous person off the streets until the matter is resolved. It is not supposed to be about punishment at this stage, yet so many in the public and especially law enforcement feel this way.

  5. Can there really be any mistreatment for a guy who obviously has no idea how to treat another human being? I hope that everyday is absolute hell for this guy and he lives for a long long time.

  6. Hernandez mistreated ?!?!

    Lloyd, Abreu and Fertado might have a thing or to to say about Hernandez’s mistreatment…if they were DEAD !

  7. Hernandez mistreated ?!?!

    Lloyd, Abreu and Fertado might have a thing or two to say about Hernandez’s mistreatment…if they weren’t DEAD !

  8. “It is not supposed to be about punishment at this stage, yet so many in the public and especially law enforcement feel this way.”

    Try telling this to the man that Hernadez somehow managed to get handcuffed and left alone in a secluded area so Hernandez could beat the ever living crap out of that man and see if he agrees with you.

    At the very least he should be in prison for committing assault and battery….while being IN prison. I mean…really?

    Innocent until proven guilty on the murder charges, but the guy didn’t exactly act like an angel while being held now did he?

  9. Attention Florida State Police

    I guarantee an escape attempt takes place within 90 days of his transfer, if the transfer ever happens. He doesn’t have the other inside guy where he’s at now. That’s the only reason he would specifically ask for a certain locale. He has the finances still and in the new jail hell have help waiting. Laugh if you want, but I don’t doubt it for 1 second and he knows that he has absolutely nothing else to lose. Also, consider his history. It’s inevitable.

  10. You can get Aaron Hernandez as Mr. July in the Univ of Florida’s 2015 calandra .

  11. If Hernandez’s lawyers privately think he’s guilty of any one of the murders for which he’s charged, I think they also know his best hope is if they make ridiculous accusations of wrongdoing by the justice system in hopes of an eventual reduced a sentence, getting evidence thrown out, trying to have the public view the system with suspicion, etc.

  12. Murder Charge 1 plea: Not guilty. Charges 2 and 3 plea: Not guilty. Beat the living daylights out of a guy in prison plea: Not guilty. Speculation on my part but hearing of the evidence so far, it sounds very strong. And if Hernandez is guilty of any one of the murders, he’ll probably never breathe free air again. Unless of course, the defense lawyers present and win a case that he’s mistreated by the authorities–and get an eventual sentence reduced. Again, speculation, but seems plausible.

  13. Who really wins here? Families of victims? Lose. Taxpayers sustaining the jail and justice system? Lose. Sheriff’s Department and Jailhouse employees? Lose. Aaron Hernandez? TBD.

    Lawyers? DING DING DING DING DING JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Imagine if he wasn’t a sociopath (allegedly) how great he could have been. He was coming out of the backfield, lining up in the slot, lining up out wide, and on the line… So versatile!

    I love Hoo man, but if Hernandez had been there last year, even w gronk out, things could have gone differently.

    Very sad story. For the families of the Slain, for AH family, and for a young man that was given the ability to be great and pissed it away…

    Imagine if Tebows soul had hernandez skill set…. Hall of fame, humanitarian, and probably popular politician later in life…

    Very sad. All over a spilt drink, or something equally asinine

  15. In another article on Fox Sports part of the reason for moving him to another facility was so he could be closer to his attorney. However, in the last few weeks PFT posted an article that he couldn’t afford his attorney’s fees any longer and may have to change counsel. So if he can’t afford the attorney he has, why move him in order to facilitate their meetings?

    It seems these days that making a victim out of the criminal is the new norm for defense counsel. Guess in order to keep him off death row they have to victimize him to the public in some sort of fashion….

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