RG3: This year there are no ulterior motives in Washington

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Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III thinks his team is going to be more united this year — and he hinted in a recent interview that some aspects of the team were divided last year.

“What I think is going to help us most this year is that everybody in that building is going to be for us being successful and for us winning,” Griffin told FOXSports.com. “There are no ulterior motives. That will be great. Jay has been phenomenal. [General manager] Bruce Allen has done great job of getting the right guys in that locker room. I tip my hat to them. They have given us everything we need to be successful. We’re going to work our butts off for them.”

Griffin didn’t explicitly say so, but when he says that everybody being for the team’s success this year, he sounds like he’s implying that not everyone was for the team’s success last year. And he may be suggesting that it was head coach Mike Shanahan who wasn’t doing everything he could to make the team succeed last year. Griffin has implied before that he wasn’t always thrilled with Shanahan, and in praising new head coach Jay Gruden, Griffin hinted again that he welcomed the change at the top.

“Jay played the position of quarterback, so he can see what we’re seeing,” Griffin said. “He can feel what we feel in the pocket. It’s a different coaching philosophy and everyone is enjoying it.”

There wasn’t much to enjoy in Washington last year. This year, Griffin sounds like he expects that to change.

99 responses to “RG3: This year there are no ulterior motives in Washington

  1. when is this clown going to stop talking and trashing his old coach. the guy got fired because of him, lets move on. instead of blaming everyone else, maybe RG3 should focus on his issues, namely:

    1. he is not an accurate passer which is kind of a big deal.
    2. he cant read a defense and coaches didn’t trust him to audible because of that.
    3. he cant go thru his reads and the limited him to two receivers.

    things were a lot tougher in his second year when teams took away the easy throws around the line of scrimmage…he just isn’t a good enough or smart enough QB to make it in this league.

  2. Was he handing out RGIII branded merchandise as he said that?

    Also, when he said he was 100% healthy last offseason and he wasn’t, did that make him for or against the Redskins being successful?

  3. Translation:

    “I won’t have to compete for my job this year”

    I hope the trade Cousins to another team, he’s a better QB and should be starting somewhere.

  4. The Washington NFL football team is cursed until the change the name. It’s all fun & games here in D.C. until his knee bows out again…

  5. Well Griffin has certainly removed his ability to throw somebody under the bus if his performance isn’t A-1. Loves the coach and says he’s doing a great job and says Allen has filled the locker room with the right guys. Which means if the offense doesn’t do what it’s expected to do, the blame will fall squarely on the shoulders(knees?) of RG3 himself, without an escape hatch.

  6. What did this guy do to be hated so much? O yea his first year he creamed all the other teams in the conference.

    -non NFC East fan

  7. Is there another player in the league who casually refers to their head coach by their first name only?

  8. “he’s not an accurate passer and that’s kind of a big deal”
    Least you forget he was either the most or in the top 5 of accurate passers in year 1. Last year coming off injury in which yes he should not of been playing so soon. I think you’ll see a QB more like year 1 this year.

    Haters never look towards the future, always the past and at any inkling of bad play just harp on that like their experts. Short sighted people probably in dead end jobs.

  9. Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
    The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
    And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
    But there is no joy in Washington D.C. – mighty RGIII has audibled out.

  10. It’s fine to complement your own coach, but to suggest that one would have to play as a QB in order to be effective at teaching another to play the QB position is rather disappointing and disrespectful to hear. It does sound though that whatever he was getting for support in the past sure didn’t get the job done, there’s no disputing that.

    There were other people available at the time who haven’t played the QB position that could have done a better job, why not analyze who would have been the best choices from that group and what could they have accomplished? Compare the qualified best from that population set with the other and that would help to establish the point he is trying to make. But the team failed to set that up last year.

    Either way it sounds like RG3 is sold and happy and confident in his coaches, so good for him if he can produce his best for us all to see what that can be. I’ll be tuning in to watch that, who’s got a link for a Sunday Ticket promo?

  11. Cannot believe they traded what they did to get this guy. It’s almost as bad at that laugher of a Falcons trade for Julio Jones when they had no offensive line or defense to speak of.

  12. Hate all you want, this team will field one of the most(if not THE most) prolific offense in the NFL this season. QB RGIII, RB Alfred Morris TE Jordan Reed WR Pierre Garçon, Desean Jackson, Andre Roberts, Santana Moss. Good luck to any defense trying to match up with this lineup. HTTR!

  13. If he really is implying that Shanny doesn’t understand quarterbacks, he truly is lost in the NFL. He coached quarterbacks in SF in their heyday and unleashed Elway from prior conservative coaching.

  14. I believe that some very astute NFL pros on the business side and in the press have implied that Mr. Shanahan is (was) one of the most conniving folks in pro football.

  15. Looks like expectations for RG3 are low around here. I think he’ll have a good/solid year, but those of you who think Cousins is better- wow. Can’t agree with that.

  16. Much like his city-mate Bryce Harper, this guy seems to have no clue how he fits into the scheme of things.

    What’s the over-under for how many games before he throws a new coach under the bus if they don’t win right away?

  17. No ulterior motives except, you know, making the RG brand and logo generate money outside the nfl system so the team and league get no cut.

  18. All of the people ripping him clearly don’t remember his 104 passer rating or the fact that he threw ONLY 4 ints his ROOKIE season(NFL RECORD) when he was healthy. As far as BLAMING Shannarat, he has EVERY RIGHT. The guy was an example of how NOT to coach. Throw the towel in on a season 2 yrs running and one of them we MADE the playoffs. As a fan of the team and football as well as a competitor, I don’t EVER want a coach deciding to QUIT competing. Wether his public outcry to be fired was a factor or not doesn’t even matter, Shannarat lost me when The Skins were in position to tie the game last season vs the Falcons and LOST when Shanny tried a FUTILE 2 pt attempt. At that point the writing was on the wall

  19. People respond to these statements like RGIII just said them out of the blue, without thinking about the fact that he was more than likely asked a very specific question when talking with the media.

    I agree that less talk and more “show me” is needed… But we’ve got enough of the typical politician in DC as it is, so at least he was honest when asked about it and didn’t dance around the question.

    Enough talk… let’s get to work.

  20. I can’t wait until he starts defecating on the rest of the league. Good numbers and performance will shut all you haters and naysayers up. Some of you will still find a reason to hate because you’re plain miserable.

  21. I find it amusing that people find ways to hate this guy. Where is the appreciation for an amazing athlete and the makings of a legit role model. Sure, he got hurt. It’s unquestionable that he’s better now [with an offseason] and with the weapons he has and a former quarterback as his HC, why wouldn’t he be excited about the possibilities?
    I’m extremely happy with him [full disclosure: as a REDSKINS fan] as well as where we are after a dismal season that wasn’t focused on winning but, politics and egos. Bring on the hate but ensure it’s warranted and remember to stay off his jock in December and January. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS! #HTTR

  22. It’s good that RGIII is getting his interview skills honed up for the season. There is no way that caused a distraction last year. When does the 24hr ESPN coverage start? Boy I can’t wait to turn that off.

  23. I do blame the coaches for the lack of success last season. They have an RB who averaged 5 YPC and they still abandoned the run. They were dominating the Broncos is the first half, then came out in the second and did nothing but pass their way to a loss.

    RG3 isn’t perfect. He talks too much, and has issues in his game. But when you have a QB coming off a major knee injury, you don’t just abandon the run every game like the Shanahans did. Better play calling could seriously help Griffin develop. If it doesn’t, then he’s not the guy. If it does, then Jay Gruden will look like a genius. Gruden is the best thing to happen to that team in years.

  24. So Shanahan was secretly trying to cause the Redskins to fail?

    Sorry, this is BS from a player stroking his own ego. Shanahan was, to every unbiased observer out there, a proud guy trying to make a QB who had a great deal to learn but wasn’t doing the necessary work because he was also an even prouder guy, stop looking in the mirror and instead do his homework.

    You can’t run a team where the QB runs to the owner every time his feelings get hurt. We’ll see if RGIII has grown up any- my bet is that he will be OK because he is very talented, but he won’t be as good as he could be if the team management were less dysfunctional and could actually coach the team in Belichick style. I expect Gruden to last 2 years max, then the next guy will come in and try.

  25. I don’t know how he’ll do this year, but I think the RGIII is just another example of how football is a team sport and one guy, even if special, cannot save your franchise. They gave up too much to get him and now he is trying to get back to where he was before the injury. Football GMs need to take a moneyball approach where they find a lot of bargain guys who can contribute. One or two supposed “superstars” doesn’t work, especially if they turn out to not be a special as advertised.

  26. So, still blaming everybody else. Accusing someone like Shanahan of not being interested in winning win is just ridiculous. Watch your back, Gruden.

  27. We will have everyone singing HAIL TO THE REDSKINS by years end. All the neg comments just proves all of you are worried.

  28. I am so proud and happy that RGIII is a REDSKIN. He’s an excellent human being as well as a super-talent on the field.

    Before his career is done, I know that RGIII will bring at least one super bowl trophy to the REDSKINS.

    Hail to the REDSKINS!

  29. how pathetic the overreaction to RG3s struggles last year..

    by year end, the debate will once again be whether RG3 or Luck will be the next true elite QB and which is better

  30. I really dislike this kid. All he does is blame his issues on other people. Maybe if he swallowed his pride and sat out for the first month to recover, he wouldn’t have been as awful as he was last year.

  31. Sure RG/ME…Your old coach secretly wanted you to do bad and under mined you all season just so he would get fired and lose millions of dollars and probably never get another coaching job again? Or is it the truth hurts. TWO major knee surgeries have made you normal? You were exposed because you can not read a defense? You were so average that your own coaches won’t let you audible ? Your offensive line just sucks? Even with MeSean Jackson you have a very average WR corps. Your defense sucks as well. Most important and my favorite the “trade” for you…lets see Rams get Greg Robinson, Micheal Brockers, Alec Ogletree, Janoris Jenkins, Isaih Pead, Stedman Baily, Zac Stacy..Skins get YOU…easy call to make there

  32. 65% completion as a rookie and 60% as a second year player is pretty accurate to me. He is not perfect but still has an amazing ceiling he can hit. A work in progress with the media, but it does show he cares about winning , as far as getting money outside the No Fun League constraints I am all for that , make as much as you can young man. In the NBA this is applauded, so lay off the guy. He is going to get better and have a great year

  33. An honest Redskins’ fan analysis:

    RG3 has to clean up the accuracy issues. Last year he was atrocious, and most people rightly attributed that to the bad footwork resulting from the knee injury. Less obvious, however, was his poor accuracy in his FIRST year. The numbers may look good, but the numbers don’t take certain things into account. He often threw poor balls to receivers who were wide open, but because he failed to hit them in stride, they would have to dive to make the catch. Touchdowns were downgraded into first downs.

    On the flip side, RG3 does not get nearly enough credit for his improvement in going through his progressions and getting to his third and fourth receivers. When he first started he would focus on the first receivers, but toward the end of the second year he was really making strides in fully going through his reads — a task made extremely difficult given his more limited running ability and what was arguably the worst pass-protecting offensive line in the league.

    I expect RG3 to make some huge strides this year now that he is totally healthy. They brought him back way to soon last year, and the wheels came off the team, but the haters are about to get a serious case of foot-in-mouth. This is going to be a huge year for him.

  34. how many owners can say “I loved this team as a kid growing up, now I own it?” ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. the answer is one, which is why the name will never change

  35. Just moved to Alexandria…the ‘Skins fans and Steeler bandwagoners were thick in Virginia Beach…here its insanity.
    Did RG3 create a more unifying self logo?

  36. Look, I hate Shanarat as much as the next guy, but why would he intentionally try to lose? That’s not good for him or his son. It makes no sense.

  37. I have to agree with RG3 – Shanahan seemed to have not only lost his coaching ability, but also his mind the past couple of years. It was WAY past time to take the car keys away from Grandpa.

  38. I see that people think they know what RG3 is actually implying when he said ‘ulterior motive’.

    You’re wrong.

    You don’t.

    Stop posting.

  39. I love all the haters chiming in on Redskins post it let’s me know you’re worried. I don’t care for the bs that went on last year with shanny leaking every story to his pal Adam Schefter (he had all the inside info perk of helping pen your book) now we down to just football no rehab just football watch the dude work. But don’t question his drive ( how many qbs would rehab like that plus a double major in 3 years with a heisman) he’s a student of the game rehabbing like a gym rat makes you miss out on film studies and mechanics. This showed last year and he still put up better numbers than half the league. With an offseason under his belt you’ve all been put on notice the dude is gonna set fire to that backside!!! HTTR and even if we change the name they’ll always be MY REDSKINS!!!!

  40. I wonder what will go on longer in Washington: Obama blaming Bush for all of his shortcomings or RG3 blaming his shortcomings on the Shanahans?

  41. I think we know why some of you continue to side with Shanahan. He intentionally tried to end this kid’s career to salvage his own. If you support that, there is something seriously wrong with you.

  42. Few players like Shanahan, Broncos paid Shanahan to not come back and stay quiet. Just saying.

  43. RG3 just can’t get it. He’s got 2 years in the league, must of that riddled with injuries. You don’t want a reputation of being the youngster who goes around throwing your coaches, past or present, under the bus. The coach is not his peer.

  44. Looking back and insinuating blame on his superior….who gave him the leg up….is disrespectful. Yes, he’s got his free speech, but he is foolish complaining over something that is done, that he can’t change. RG3 is forever now the young QB who throws his head coaches under the bus. Not to mention, much of the controversy last year was caused by RG3 shooting off his mouth.

  45. “That guy that used to play for the ‘skins like five years ago.”

    – everyone reminiscing on QB busts 5 years from now

  46. Not a Redskins by any stretch – they beat my Bills I’m the superbowl, but I’m a huge RG3 fan. I wish him success I think he’s a dynamic player and boy is he fun to watch! Can’t wait to see him throw to djack this year. I hope they pound on the Cowboys as well.

  47. I, too, am confused about all the hating for this qb. He is 13-15 as a starter. He had a great first year, a bad second year. Yes, he markets himself too much for my taste, but he’s trying to financially maximize his football years. I think that’s what we’d all do. Meanwhile, show me where it’s affected the team. I hope he plays well to shut up his critics.

    Anyone who paid any attention to this team last year knows the terrible season was Shanahan’s fault. He was duplicitous and ego-maniacal. And for those of you who are admiring his past as a qb coach, that has nothing to do with head coaching. Even Terrell Davis, when he visited a ‘Skns practice, said he didn’t look like the Mike Shanahan’s of old.

  48. I know somewhere somebody is concocting a conspiracy theory scenario where Ronald Reagan is to blame for all of this.

    I just have one question. When this team gets together and they try to psych themselves up during practice of before a game and they start that team chant thing going, what do they say?

    “Who are we?”
    “The Washington Football club!”

    “Washington Football Club on three….one, two, three!”


    I can’t wait to hear the post game interviews, “How do you feel being a member of the Washington Football Club?”

    Rookie, “Um…thought the team was the Red[censor bleep].”

  49. I really dislike this kid. All he does is blame his issues on other people. Maybe if he swallowed his pride and sat out for the first month to recover, he wouldn’t have been as awful as he was last year
    Swallow his pride, that was a coaches decision to play him or not. Was Shannahan not the head coach and vice president of football operations, with the final say on football matters.

    So it was Shannahan’s decision to play him or not. He choose to play him, bad move on his part and a factor in him not being with the REDSKINS another year.

  50. I would like to know what all of you haters of RGIII are looking at when it comes to his performance???

    You say he hasn’t done anything and is not a good passer blah, blah, blah, blah!

    He was the rookie of the year with his jersey and shoes put in the Hall of Fame. With the best qb rating and passing percentage.

    He took his team into the playoffs after winning the division while being injured.

    Last year came back from a horrible knee injury and there were only 15 of the 32 quartbacks that had better numbers than he had. He had 3200 yards passing, over 450 yards rushing and missed the last 3 games of the season. He had a 60% completion last year with 12 interceptions.

    Colin Kapernick had a 58% completion and 8 interceptions.

    Even if you hate his guts because he is out spoken, a 65% RGIII is better than at least 16 other quarterbacks and Cam Newton, Alex Smith, Andy Daltons and Sam Bradford are among those whom he out performed.

    You ask the question why would they give up so much for him?

    The better question is what has St. Louis won with all that they got for him and the answer is nothing. So he has been worth everything that they gave up to get him.

    He didn’t get Mike Shanahan fired. He and his son got themselves fired. All of you non Redskins fans need to find another hobbie because trying to assess RGIII and Redskins business is showing how ignorant you are, especially you bums with the star on the helmet whose qb was #9 and you still couldn’t win the division.

    When is the last time you won the division? Well look forward to another disappointing season with your broken down qb that for all of the hype, hasn’t won anything.

    What has your team done that you should even open your mouths??

  51. Right now, the team is 0-0, like every other team in the league. The Redskins suffered through playing with a team that had $18 million less to spend while dividing up that money and giving it to all the other teams it faced. he other teams have lost that free money this year. The Skins had to depend on 6th and 7th round draft picks to build a team. This year, they stand on an equal footing financially and personnel-wise. The OL still has a long way to go, but even they have made strides. You won’t see a 3-13 team this season. How far the equality of the money has made them is yet to be seen, but you won’t see them go 0-6 in the NFC East this year.

  52. For all of yall haters it is the coach fault. For one his rookie year Mike left him in the playoff to end his carreer so Cousins can start. Second he struggled last year because he missed ota’s and preseason and Shannahan just exspect him to just be a pocket passer right away thats kind of hard to do in the nfl. They had a terrible o-line. He doesn’t blaim everybody else for his mistakes every game they lost last year he took the blame and told the media that it was his fault this I know for a fact. This is not the first time a Qb didnt get along with his coach. Shannahan came in coach like he coached the Broncos so he was preddictable. The team is not cursed whoever thinks that must dnt believe in God and he will have his best season this year bye HATERS

  53. Jay was soft handed with Andy dalton as well. He isn’t rough on qb’s. So he won’t be on griffin either. Griffin will get plenty of chances to throw it now. And jay hand picked dalton for his anticipation and accuracy. So if griffin isn’t accurate then he will have problems

  54. Still laying the blame for his dismal performance on others.
    Things he obviously needs to learn:
    1. How to read NFL defenses
    2.How to be a team player
    3. How to defer to authority

    Until he learns the team dies not revolve around him he will flounder.

  55. He is 1000% correct!
    We had Daddy Shanny propping up junior Shanny.
    We had a special teams “coach” /friend, who was so bad even he was penalized in a game.
    And Daddy threw himself and the team under the bus when he benched RGIII. He should’ve done that THE FIRST 3 GAMES!!!
    Giving up on your team is inexcusable. Even for your kid!

  56. what rg3 is saying is very accurate, so why hate on him, name calling and bringing up his stats… if your not a fan of rg3 why comment on posts about him or the redskins…worry about your team they might not be doing or looking to good and I wonder who’s there quarterback, I bet rg3 is better then your team quarterback, and now that he’s back healthy you should all jump on the bandwagon like you eventually will by seasons end lmao… oh how they all really wish he was the savior of their teams… dream on and keep hating lmao

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