Ryan Pickett intends to play in 2014

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Ryan Pickett isn’t ready to step away from the NFL just yet.

The 34-year-old unrestricted free agent defensive lineman told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he wants to return for a 14th professional season in 2014.

“I’m going to play,” Pickett, a starter for the Packers the last eight seasons, told the Journal Sentinel‘s Tyler Dunne in a story published Wednesday.

According to the Journal Sentinel, Pickett anticipates signing by training camp. He declined to name any clubs with which he’s had contact, according to the paper.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy has said the Packers haven’t ruled out bringing back Pickett. However, the Journal Sentinel indicated Pickett believes it’s quite possible the club has gone in a different direction.

“You can’t blame them. They’re moving forward. They’re bringing in guys that do different things,” Pickett told the paper. “That’s what they’re supposed to do.”

The 6-foot-2, 340-pound Pickett’s greatest appeal could be as a nose tackle for clubs employing 3-4 schemes. He has started at least 12 games in 11 of his previous 13 seasons.

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  1. Ryan Pickett should be able to find a home. He’s a solid run plugger at 340 pounds. Maybe PHIL could sign him so QBs can’t just sneak for first downs on third and one or two like that great QB scrambler Drew Brees did on them 3 or 4 times in their home playoff loss. PHIL picked up a big man in the 7th round of the draft, but Pickett could be their inside rush picket fence. 🙂

  2. …. and an example of a free agent signing by Ted Thompson who did great for the Packers

  3. Non-productive ex-Packer players always end up wearing the hideous color purple where they finish out their career “enjoying the suck”.

  4. There is a reason the Packers signed Raji and put him in the middle. Younger, more athletic at the nose. They have a bevy of young guys wanting playing time. Pickett has been a good team player, and did the dirty jobs for a long time. But the Packers pass rush was nearly gone after Matthews got hurt and there was next to no rush from the middle.
    He’s most likely to latch onto a team needing a replacement during training camp if an injury occurs. He’s done in Green Bay.

  5. Mid 30s, fills a specific role on Defense, has experience playing in a 4-3 and a 3-4 as a run stuffer.

    There’s always going to be injuries, so Pickett will probably have to be a mid-season pickup for any team that needs help, so he’ll probably just wait for his phone to ring in October/November.

  6. He’s talented, but unless he’s signing for the veteran minimum, I don’t see it. Father Time caught up to him.

  7. Come to Minnesota and pass out towels on Sunday!

    Really??? He’s probably better than most of your paperweight defensive line. Embrace the suck adrian1985. It suits you well. Better yet, I think its time for a new motto for the 2014 campaign to futility. How about “don’t just embrace your suck, swallow it whole!”.

  8. Sometimes guys like this end up in a reserve capacity and then find themselves in the mix and performing very well when a starter or two goes down. Kind of like a light bulb burning brightest just before it fails for good. Kind of like Favre and the great year he had in his first season in Minnesota before throwing his “we told ya so” predictable interception, which was followed by a catastrophic second season. I wish this guy luck just the same. He performed well when the Packers needed him to.

  9. He was a fine player for Green Bay for many years and he still may end up back with them, but, his time is passed. However, he may still have a couple years left on those legs to be a rotational player. Good luck!

  10. “If you can’t make that rancid roster of garbage it’s time for a new occupation.”

    Yeah, it’s time for him to become a Minnesota Viking.

  11. Love the average age joke. Clearly someone has never even looked at the Packers’ roster.

  12. Don’t know much about him, but if he played in the nfcn then he’s soft as tissue.

  13. A packer fan called the Vikes D-Line Paperweight. Vikes D-Line is actually the only thing that has given you trouble over the years.

  14. He’d pair up nicely with 34 year old Peppers, BJ Raji’s 17 combined tackles in 2013 and Datone Jones’s combined 10 tackles. That’s a d a m n scary DL. LOL

  15. the packers already picked up a Vikings cast off for their Dline I doubt this scrub can take his roster spot.

    TT you da man!!!!

    In other news the may name a fence after him that goes around the practice field. LOL!!!

  16. A good guy.
    And a very good player: unselfish, tough, a leader, great instincts finding the ball …
    A Super Bowl Champion.
    Best of Luck Grease!

  17. “Come to Minnesota and pass out towels on Sunday!”

    “Come to Minnesota and pass footballs to our receivers on Sunday! We won’t know the difference!”


  18. Pickett and Woodson are the two best free agents the Packers have ever signed. According to the journalists, the most popular guy on the team in the locker room. His leadership got him a ring, and he’ll be welcomed back warmly whenever and wherever he winds up his career.

  19. Some real intelligent football coments here. In a 3-4 the point of a nose guard is to hold the center and guards off the next level not rush the QB. So the comment that the the Packers had no pass rush up the middle has nothing to do with Pickett or the resigning of Raji. Hello,that’s why these guys run in the 325+ range and why sometimes these players are the oldest players on the roster because the combination of size and intelligence to play the position is a rarity. A nose guard usually only gets a sack when somebody else chases them right into their grasp. Raji is a better fit at 3-4 DE because of his “athleticism” not a Pack fan here but isn’t the reason why they were slow to resign Raji this offseason because he struggled at nose and they already have young talent at the DE positions? Also didn’t they roll Pickett into NG from DE a few years ago to accommodate Rajis ineffectiveness at the position? Raji is talented but he is a better at 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT the latter was what he played at Boston College if memory serves me correctly .

  20. @reesesteel23: “A packer fan called the Vikes D-Line Paperweight. Vikes D-Line is actually the only thing that has given you trouble over the years.” — Not sure why people are thumbing you down over this. Other than Peterson, the Vikings defensive line has been only other Vikings thorn in the Packers side.

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