Seahawks have high hopes for “redshirt” class

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The Seattle Seahawks had to watch several members of their Super Bowl championship depart for new homes this offseason. Receiver Golden Tate (Detroit), tackle Breno Giacomini (NY Jets), defensive tackle Clinton McDonald (Tampa Bay) and cornerback Walter Thurmond (NY Giants) are just a handful of the players no longer with the team as the 2014 season approaches.

Also gone are defensive ends Chris Clemons and Red Bryant, who were released by the team in salary-related decisions.

While the majority of the Super Bowl winning roster remains intact after an offseason of contract extensions to some of the team’s most vital pieces, the Seahawks are looking for a group of “redshirt” players to take steps forward into productive roles this season.

Defensive end Greg Scruggs, linebacker Korey Toomer, cornerback Tharold Simon and defensive tackles Jesse Williams and Jordan Hill are former draft picks of Seattle that missed all, or most, of the 2013 season due to injuries.

Head coach Pete Carroll has been impressed with every member of the group this offseason and is looking forward to seeing what their impact can be for this year’s team.

“Those guys come back and with their redshirt year behind them, they really add to the roster and the competitiveness of the whole thing,” Carroll said during mini-camp.

Hill was the only member of the group to play last season, appearing in just four games after being selected in the third round last year. Scruggs and Toomer, both members of the team’s 2012 draft class, missed the entire season with knee injuries. Williams (knee) and Simon (toe/foot) missed all of their rookie campaigns to injury as well.

In addition, tight end Anthony McCoy is back with the team on a one-year deal after missing last season due to an Achilles tear and Christine Michael, the team’s second-round pick in 2013, is expected to get an increased workload as well.

The group of seven players is now back to full health and all took part in the team’s mini-camp in June.

The return of that group basically gives the Seahawks a second draft class to work with this fall in addition to the eight players they will bring to camp that were selected in the 2014 NFL Draft in May.

It remains to be seen whether Scruggs, Toomer and company can replace the production of the players Seattle lost in free agency, but they have plenty of candidates ready to give it a shot.

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  1. If you look at the San Antonio Spurs, they have a similar philosophy w/their draft classes. They draft some foreign player and put him in the D league for a couple years and groom him. Then they call him up. It seems harder to pull that kind of stunt in the NFL because you can only activate so many players. If you send one to the practice squad, they’ll get stolen by another team. Who knows…maybe PC can pull of a similar strategy though.

  2. That’s the way it is supposed to happen.

    When your team is good, rookies don’t start, they learn.

    Rookies have to learn the NFL game and get eased into it for success as they earn time.

    The Packers are looking at maybe one rookie starter. The 49’ers likely one rookie starter.

    When your team is bad like the vikings, somehow wishful thinkers believe that a rookie QB might save the franchise. They will claim the Seahawks had a bad draft of nonstarters when in fact the Seahawks are doing things right.

  3. The strong get stronger.

    McCoy was their best receiver at TE.

    Scruggs lived in the backfield during preseason before getting hurt.

    Toomer and Simon have extreme athleticism and size.

    And Williams and Hill are beasts if they stay healthy.

    Hawks D will take a step forward and the offense will take a huge step forward.

  4. Also, Benson Mayowa. Avoid the rush and buy his jersey now.

    It’s just so completely unfair that the ‘Hawks can let their top pass rush specialist walk in free agency and still manage to upgrade the position using a homegrown beastly UDFA.

  5. The future is bright for the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks.
    Fun fact in four Super Bowl losses the Minnesota Vikings only man aged 34 combined points. Nine less than the Seahawks scored in their 43-8 triumph on February 2, 2014

  6. Can’t wait for the dude that calls himself “Tha Monstar” play this season. I hope he has a crazy sack dance.


  7. Seahawks are actually deeper with talent this year. But the road to the SB will be tougher with a target on our back

  8. Fully expect sidney Rice , bruce Irvin and Malcolm Smith to start the season on pup list . Any ped slander is jealousy from a fan who’s team can’t go 6-10.
    We have a new trophy case, and a new banner. Try and get one

  9. Just what makes that little sea hawk, think he can do anymore than talk. Everyone knows a hawk can’t, do anymore than talk. But he has …..high hopes….

  10. If even half of them make an impact plus a couple of this years rookie, I’d say that’s more than enough to keep them going strong.

  11. Anyone remember Seattle fans talking of a dynasty 3-4 years ago? No? Me either.
    Every team that wins a SB thinks they’re the next dynasty. Just look at how Baltimore/Green Bay fans talked after their SB wins. The modern NFL is set up to prevent dynasty’s from happening, and so far it has worked.

  12. A true football fan enjoys an amazing game, no matter if it’s their team or not. Although not a Hawks fan, my friends and I agreed that SB was about the best display of how football should be played we’d ever seen. It was tough, smart, and the most important, it was entertaining, likened it to a freight train that just couldn’t be stopped. It was a true team effort, don’t let anyone tell you differently. Some of these trolls (most) are just jealous, enjoy your win and know you guys will probably be just as good, if not better than last year. Too bad you have yet to receive credit for such a historic beatdown, and I think part of the reason for that is because of “who” you played…good luck next season!

  13. Curtis Crabtree usually writes article that have much more depth and understanding of Seattle’s roster than 95 % of the other sports writers out there.

    The only loss I thought could be a factor was Golden Tate because of his PR ability being top tier. Seattle has young guys with potential at everyone they let walk. One guy I think that also has potential that wasn’t talked about was Benson Mayowa who flashed in pre-season last year.

    To the fans trying to compare Seattle to Ravens you are clueless. Seahawks won the Super Bowl with the youngest roster in NFL history. They retained their key pieces and let the older veterans walk. This team isn’t going to be exciting with Percy Harvin and a much improved (hopefully healthy) offensive line.

  14. I am loving all this Hate for the seahawks! as a fan of the team since I was 8 years old we have been through so many dark days and the fact that Pete is running this team right where he focuses on not just 1 player but work as a team. It’s how we all where taught as kids and he is bringing that back to the NFL. It makes me be Proud of this team. I don’t know if we are going to be a Dynasty that will only tell how Russell plays from here but I do know that this team will be a top 5 team for a long team.

  15. The Seahawks personal program is in full swing now. Seattle has 3 players left from the 2010 roster and have added 23 new faces to the roster in 2012 and 2013. I look for Seattle to add 13 to 16 new faces this year. The Seahawks continually sifts through talent to upgrade and improve their depth… all the while they are building a core group of young veterans.. In the age of free agency and cap ceilings..that’s the only way you can keep winning…Even Montana likes what he sees in Seattle…as well as some other informed football vets and coaches.

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