Bills buyers have until July 29 to indicate interest

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For anyone interested in buying the Buffalo Bills, the time has come to put up or shut up.

Or at least to say that there may be interest in eventually putting up.

According to WGRZ-TV, via John Kryk of the Toronto Sun, potential buyers have until July 29 to submit a non-binding “indication of interest.”  If the potential buyer is approved, a non-binding opening bid may then be submitted.

Per Kryk, the Bills then will select finalists, who will be invited to submit a second bid.

The winning bid ultimately will be determined based on standards that aren’t publicly known.  If money is the key factor, an ownership group with designs on moving the team to, say, L.A. could prevail.  If keeping the Bills in Buffalo is one of the primary mandates as crafted by the late Ralph Wilson’s will, the high bidder may not matter.

Ultimately, 24 total owners must approve the sale.  Which means that the factors in Wilson’s will won’t matter if nine or more owners don’t want to accept the winning bidder into the most exclusive club in America.

22 responses to “Bills buyers have until July 29 to indicate interest

  1. Hard to see the NFL trying to override a reasonable bid from a quality buyer committed to keeping the team in Buffalo. I’m sure such an attempt would prompt the trust to seek legal relief if Wilson stipulated in his will that keeping the Bills in Buffalo was controlling variable in the decision. Moreover, the NFL would look like avaricious carpetbaggers if they try to force a sale that means relocation. Suspect NY politicians would tie them up in litigation ad infinitum.

  2. Hurry, this offer ends July 29th. Act now, and we’ll give you this free set of Ginsu knives. And that’s not all! If you buy the Bills for the regular price, we’ll give you this second NFL franchise absolutely free! And the first five callers will get a free “I love my Bills” BBQ set and apron, just for calling. So call now. Have your credit card ready.

  3. This is such a joke, you keep bringing up LA, like it’s that easy. The current lease clearly states that if new ownership even talks about moving the Bills out of Buffalo before the 7th year (when they have exactly one month to move them) then the owner can face criminal charges by the county.

    By 2013 LA will have probably gained and lost 2 teams, but neither will be the Bills!

    Long live the Buffalo Bills and good luck to Jim Kelly!

  4. I want to buy them and call the the Wings, and keep them where they are. Then sell the hell outta cheap chicken refuse. Win win Profit…

  5. Odds of Bills ending up in Toronto= ZERO, Zilch, Not a chance. Keep the Bills where they belong, in Buffalo. Toronto does not deserve an NFL team. It would be successful at the gate in the beginning, but only because it would be the new flavour of the month. Long term, Toronto would not be a good market.

  6. The only way they stay is with a new stadium.Period.Cant keep play at the Ralph…it doesn’t pass the beauty test like the Taj Mahal built by Jerrah in Dallas.

  7. Awesome, the more bids the better. Only the big boys will be around at the end.

    It’s time to think of a name for the new Toronto franchise. 🙂

  8. Toronto will eventually be a great NFL market because it’s very rich and very large, the third largest metro area in North America. But it would be a lousy choice for the Bills and it won’t happen.

    Mediocre attendance at the Bills Series games in Toronto isn’t relevant here. They were trying to charge fans special event pricing, which was FOUR TIMES what the tickets went for in Buffalo. People in Toronto aren’t rubes. Most knew they were being scammed, so they didn’t go.

    There isn’t a big BILLS fan base in Toronto though. Support is split among at least a dozen teams. And there’s NO support for stealing a team from a nearby city that supports their team. Put an expansion team in Toronto, or move a team that has below average fan support, or can’t get a decent stadium lease. Pilfering the Bills would be a dumb move.

  9. gmen32 says:
    Jul 4, 2014 4:16 PM

    Odds of Bills ending up in Toronto= ZERO, Zilch, Not a chance.


    More likely closer to 50/50 than your zero.

    Toronto is wealthy; Buffalo is poor. Toronto is big; Buffalo is small. Toronto is vibrant; Buffalo is kinda dull. Toronto has a viable domed stadium which could house an NFL while a new one is built to current NFL standards. Most important: a Toronto franchise bringing along many of the 30+ million Canucks coast-to-coast) would likely spike TV revenues more than than having the Bills staying in New York, even more than an LA franchise (although not as much as a London team).

    If the Bill don’t cross the border, the next most likely move would be to Niagara Falls.

    It would be sad to see the end of Orchard Park. Unlike the modern NFL stadiums which have destroyed general admission fan sightlines by vaulting their upper decks too high, the Orchard Park upper deck provides the best sightlines in the NFL. (Great tailgating, as well). Unfortunately, NFL moguls could care less about the sightlines for general admission upper deck fans, who have been supplanted by club seats and suites.

    There is a reasonable probability that this will not result in a happy ending for Bills fans near Orchard park.

  10. @ravenswinsuperbowl47: having a franchise in Canada doesn’t absolutely nothing for the US TV networks. Doesn’t matter at all that 30 + million people live in Canada. If Bon Jovi and MLSE buy the Bills, it will be an embarassment to the league as the team will need to play in Buffalo for another six seasons. The other owners will not want to see a franchise with 20,000 people in the stands waiting to eventually move to Toronto. Understandably, Bills fans would turn their back on the team. I repeat, zero chance the team will move north. Bottom line, the league wants them to remain in Buffalo.

  11. @ravenswinsuperbowl47: Toronto has always been wealthy, Toronto has always been big, Toronto has always been vibrant. What is so special now about Toronto? If it is such an amazing city for an NFL franchise, why hasn’t it happened over the past decades? Toronto isn’t a football market. Zero chance of the Bills ending up in Toronto.

  12. gmen: You crack me up, you know nothing about Toronto and you know nothing about business.

    Keep talking though. SMH.

  13. @joetoronto: appreciate you listing all the details of why I’m wrong. You offer a strong argument (cough, cough)
    A few details, I’ve lived in Toronto for 50 years and have forgotten more about football than you will know in your lifetime.
    I’ve had a successful business career for the past 26 years, but thanks for the lecture.
    Lastly, I tend to respect John Kryk’s opinion on these topics just a wee bit more than Joe from Toronto. Just continue to ignore the facts Joe and wish real hard.

  14. Thanks Joe. My goal has always been to use you as my standard for success. I’ll sleep easy tonight. Since it is obvious the Bills will never come to Toronto, enjoy the season cheering for the Patriots, Cowboys or Steelers as it is a given that you cheer for one of those three teams. Very predictable.

  15. gmen32 says:
    Jul 4, 2014 4:16 PM

    Odds of Bills ending up in Toronto= ZERO, Zilch, Not a chance.


    If the Bill don’t cross the border, the next most likely move would be to Niagara Falls.
    0 credibility after this statement, because it’s written as if it’s a bad thing.

    If you had any knowledge of the situation aside from what you read on this site, you would know 99% of Bills fans would be thrilled with a move to Niagara Falls, NY if the only other alternative was Toronto. In fact, a stadium in Niagara Falls would be equidistant for the residents of the city of Buffalo, Southern Ontario, & Rochester, as well as the suburbs north/northwest of the city. We’re talking about no change in travel time to the stadium for 75 percent if not more of the game goers.

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