Report: Some close to Gordon worried about reinstatement if he draws one-year ban


Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon could learn later this month whether he’s facing a one-year ban under the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

And according to a published report, there’s some trepidation about how a long absence away from the NFL could affect him.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that “sources close” to the wide receiver are worried Gordon could struggle to eventually be reinstated if he’s banished from the club and kept away from the team’s “support system” for an extended time, with the sources cited by Cabot reportedly drawing a parallel between Gordon and the Jaguars’ Justin Blackmon, who was banned indefinitely last year.

The Browns’ most dynamic offensive player and one of the game’s top receivers, Gordon made the Pro Bowl in 2013, hauling in 87 passes for 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns. But off-field issues have affected his collegiate and pro careers. Per multiple published reports, he failed multiple drug tests at Baylor, which dismissed him from the team in 2011.

The 23-year-old Gordon served a two-game NFL substance abuse ban last season. Were he suspended for a year, his reinstatement would be in the hands of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, per the league’s substance abuse policy.

69 responses to “Report: Some close to Gordon worried about reinstatement if he draws one-year ban

  1. Yup DOPE is far more important to these guys than, actually staying straight and performing. I mean when you get paid millions to play “A GAME”, what problems do you really have? You can’t wait until you retire at 31/32 to spend your days in “DAZE”?

  2. WHO CARES! he did it all thru college and yet still got drafted HIGH (2nd round supp. draft) so the team and him both get what they deserve. break rules pay price!!!

  3. Sounds like they’re just trying to think of an excuse for his ban length to be as small as possible

  4. Like them or not, the rules are the rules. Either make millions and play football, or smoke ganja. Seems pretty simple….

  5. They are worried what might happen if he’s away from the support system that he failed at least 2 drug tests with?

  6. He can start a reality show with Justin Blackmon and Ritchie Incognito and call it DOH! I’d watch that.

  7. The risk(being banned for a full year w/o pay) vs the reward(feeling high for a couple hours) is not even remotely worth it for this guy, and it makes you wonder how he could have his priorities so unbelievably messed up. I’ll be the first to agree that marijuana use amongst NFL players shouldn’t be treated along the same lines as PEDs, or other harder, more illicit drugs, but Gordon was fully aware of the risks involved with him deciding to toke up. It’s not like this is an isolated incident either, Gordon already paid the price for his use of marijuana in college…failing drug tests, being labeled as a guy with “off-field issues,” and eventually being taken in the supplemental draft instead of the real draft. Marijuana has already cost Josh Gordon millions of dollars and it looks as if it just cost him yet another big chunk of cash.

    The fact that this guy smokes marijuana is probably the least of the Brown’s worries…I’m sure they are much more concerned over the fact that this young guy has yet to learn a lesson from all this.

  8. Gordon is not a child if he can’t control his need for weed then playing in the NFL is no longer for him. That’s it.

  9. Lions fans are glad to have the best receiver in the league on out team and we also love never having to worry that he’s going to pull some chucklehead move like Gordon or Blackmon. The rest of the league could learn a few lessons about class from the Detroit Lions.

  10. Amazing how we root so hard for a group of borderline criminals that can’t stay out of jail or off drugs for three weeks while they are away from their employer. Really, really sad stuff.

  11. So let me get this straight. They are afraid he might do bad things if he can’t hang around their ‘support’ system? Fat lot of good it has done him so far to be around that ‘support’ system. This dude doesn’t get it and nobody should feel sorry for him or make excuses for him. He’s a grown man (or at least he’s old enough to be) and if he can’t avoid the behaviors that got him suspended then he doesn’t deserve to be resinstated. I seriously doubt if he ever plays again which is a shame because he showed last year just what he could do. Still, everyone makes choices and it’s nobody’s fault but his own that he’s in this predicament.

  12. Weed works like as a pain killer, anti anxiety and viagra all rolled into one.


    Because of BIG BUSINESS pill making companies, this is still illegal.

    All about the money.

    Retired cop here, who worked in Narcotics for 15 years and the weed smokers were basically harmless people who bothered no one. Crack heads and drunks are a whole different animal.

    Who cares if Josh Gordon smokes weed?

    Seriously stupid…

  13. If he gets 16 games or ten drug tests a month as part of his reduced suspension, cut him. He’ll never make it and he can go back on the talk show circuit and be an ESPN regular all year. Idiot.

  14. ttommytom…

    I agree 100% with everything you just said, as I’m sure most others would too, but that’s a different topic for a different day. The main thing in question is Josh Gordon’s inability to prioritize that which is most important in his life, and his short-term goals of getting high shouldn’t trump his longer-term goals of sustaining a successful professional football career.

    There are players in this league that provide a very good example of how to carry one’s self the right way as a professional, and then there are other guys who provide the blueprints on how NOT to carry yourself. Both are equally as useful for the rest of us to learn from, and as of right now Josh Gordon clearly falls into that unfortunate 2nd category.

  15. Very well said ttommytom!! I myself work in the Medical field. You are completely correct on every level!! Alcohol and Tobacco, Synthetic Opioids kill more people in one day! Then Marijuana does in one year!!

  16. So he never had a “support system” all the other times he did drugs and got busted? No, it’s time for him to put on his big boy pants. It seems the drugs stunted his maturity.

  17. Is it stupid that the NFL runs by Mr. Mackey rules and punishes players for using weed? Yeah. But it’s also dumb that Josh couldn’t go Hey, if I stay in line and do my job right, I can make tens of millions of dollars, and then buy all the weed and munchies I want for the rest of my life. I think I can give up weed for 10 years or so.

  18. This league really needs to see Cleveland have a playoff winning season. It really does.

    In an era of parity you really have to have a pretty horrible front office to not make the playoffs at least once every 5 years.

    You could easily put 4 or 5 AFC teams in this same bucket.


    NFC there aren’t really any teams with a recent history of horrible FO’s. The exception of possible the Lions but since finally getting rid of Millen they’ve done better. But seriously, fans of those other teams deserve better. I’d love to see all 4 of them make the playoffs this year.

  19. Because that worked out SO well with his current support system already…

    He deserves what he’s got coming to him. Man up, Josh.

  20. hurry up and abandon this weed smoker – his career is OVER if and when this suspension comes down

  21. ballplayers don’t play forever, especially in the NFL..

    If he can’t make it as a grown man one year without the support system from the team…

    HOW is he going to make it from like 35 to 75 yrs old then?

  22. Pay the crime – do the time. Tired of these entitled professional athletes.

  23. It p!$$e$ me off that nobody will report the truth, which in turn allows all of the responses above that are completely ignorant to the scenario.

    Here is the truth to Gordon’s situation & why they are worried about him leaving his support system. JOSH GORDON DID NOT FAIL A DRUG TEST THIS OFFSEASON!!! Gordon was on vacation in Europe, learned he had to take a random while there. Booked his flight back to get into the states to take the test. Unfortunately for Gordon, his flight was delayed, thus causing him to miss the window for him to test. Upon return, less than 24 hours following the deadline, he took a test & passed. But, a missed window in an AUTOMATIC FAIL.

    Gordon has been clean & staying clean, with his support system in Cleveland. This is also why it has taken so long for the NFL to announce it officially. A lot of red tape on this, considering the circumstances, as he did attempt to resolve & asked to take the test in Europe, but was told there were no approved testing facilities there & that he must return to the states to comply.

    In addition, like Browner, Gordon was jumped from Stage 1 to 3 without a Stage 2. He has only failed one test, which was during his rookie season.

    After being the leagues best receiver in 13′ & realizing his true potential, Gordon did clean up his act. He is in an unfortunate situation at this time & his hands are & were tied. I’m certainly hoping that the NFL takes all FACTS into account here!

  24. It is bizarre that it seems to be taking so long for the NFL to announce Gordon’s (probably well deserved) suspension. But I keep coming back to “why the delay?” If it really is simply taking time to follow the process and hear the appeal, I wonder if Brazell had the same consideration deliberation. His suspension sure seemed to be express lane fast.

    Then again, maybe there is some other factor in Gordon’s case delaying the inevitable outcome? If it really is a case of a 3rd failed test, wouldn’t the suspension be swift and sure? It feels like anything but that, and more like there is at least a growing possibility of some sort of negotiated “less than a full year ban” going on. Honestly, though, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did get a full year. Tough to read what’s really going on.

    Oh well, we’ll know by the end of the month…

  25. mattcloudobr – interesting theory. if true, it would turn around the negative views on Gordon’s maturity & guilt in this case.

    How do you know Gordon was in Europe and missed the drug test? Do you have a link or source you can cite?

  26. This guy is going to end up costing himself tens of millions of dollars because he likes to smoke weed.

    He should stacking $100 bills more.

    I just hope he gets his act together and straightens himself out.

  27. Blackmon suspended indefinitely for abusing a legal substance (alcohol). If Gordon gets anything less than Blackmon then Justin should be reinstated immediately.

    Arbitrary punishments by his Majesty, Roger Goodell is getting out of hand. With all of these “executive orders/actions” he will fit right in as a presidential candidate in 2 years.

  28. Mattcloud,how do you know this about Gordon’s flight delayed?? It makes sense ,just want to know how? Cause we are talking about a kid who didn’t “show what he can do”!!!! This kid is just getting started! He seriously can have a hof career!! Let’s hope your right!

  29. donnymacjack:

    I wouldn’t put Jacksonville in that set. For one thing, they did manage to make the playoffs in 2005 and 2007… which unfortunately actually hurt the team in the long run. Yeah, the front office then was bad. Jack Del Rio is a good defensive coordinator but not a good head coach, and neither Shack Harris nor Gene Smith should have been drafting players or signing free agents. Sadly, Wayne Weaver stopped caring.

    Luckily, a new owner is in charge, and has hired a pretty good – I dare say great – front office to rebuild the team from the ground up (right up to Mark Lamping, a key figure for the team). Last year, the first season with Gus Bradley and David Caldwell in charge, the team drafted a solid rookie class, found another good player after the draft, and picked up some contributors in free agency; during the season, you could see the team get better and never stop fighting despite how bad they lost at times and the jokes made about them. This offseason, they brought in some good veterans, and the draft pulled in a QB of the future (who they’re doing the right thing with), two nice receivers, some offensive linemen (and they signed a good guard), and some nice defensive players. I won’t be stupid and claim the Jaguars would make the playoffs this year, but they’ll be closer to 8-8 by the time it’s over. One more offseason like those two, and Bradley leading the team, and it’ll be back to competing for the playoffs each season, built and run in the same manner as the team Bradley left (Seattle).

    So yeah… don’t bash the front office of the Jags. The prior one? Sure. The new one? No, these are good guys, who are doing the necessary work of completely flipping a roster and setting it up for long-term success.

  30. He doesn’t seem to do well when he is on the team and has the support system. Stupidity and immaturity, not addiction, seem to be his problems.

  31. The team shouldn’t be an addicts support system and in reality the opposite is true. He needs professional help to beat drugs because one day his playing days will be over he will still have a life ahead of him.

  32. Odell Thurman was suspended and never reinstated by Goddell for a lot less than Gordon has done.

  33. If he is that dumb and stupid that he can’t put the weed aside and loose millions because of it there is no hope for him. All the support in the world can’t fix STUPID. He must have a IQ of 40.

  34. Yeah cause him having access to all those support systems and the club have kept him out of trouble to this point lol.

    When he is suspended he at least has stayed out of trouble. Maybe that’s the solution. Stay away from Cleveland

  35. Gordon made the Pro Bowl in 2013, hauling in 87 passes for 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns.


    Now just imagine him with Jerry Rice’s focus and drive.

  36. “sources close”=people who directly profit from his money

    – You just nailed it. His Agent and his personnel don’t want the difficulty and responsibility of helping Gordon, but want the income he can generate. They failed at keeping him clean in the past and are now relying on Roger’s kindness to give him a softer suspension.

  37. What Gordon does or doesn’t do during his suspension is not the issue.

    If he is that stupid to toke up again and gets caught so be it. He is old enough to make his own decisions.

    He broke the rules plain and simple.

    In many cases, missing a drug test is treated as a failed test in the real world so why should Gordon’s case be any different?

    Because he is fast?

    Because he can catch a football?

    Because the Browns will struggle without him?

    The answer to all of these questions is a loud NO !!!!!!!

  38. The league doesn’t want to suspend him for long because the will be Manziel’s top target. plus so many guys puffing weed in the NFL it’s like a Rastafarian rich mans club.

  39. Stop it people Browns fans aren’t feeling sorry for Gordon, they’re feeling bad for themselves.

  40. the fact that this guy is incapable of putting weed down should lend to some serious thought about what tidal wave is about come down on the states that legalized it…..

  41. Why would the NFL want to ban the WR who led the league in yards over a missed drug test, it’s just bad business. All teams fear Gordon, especially the Steelers after racking up over 200 on them! Most negative posts on here are from their fans, out of fear.

  42. How about some personal responsibility from Gordon? Is there going to be a support system around Gordon for the rest of his life?

    Best example that Gordon could follow: Cris Carter

    While in Philadelphia, head coach Buddy Ryan helped to coin one of ESPN’s Chris Berman’s famous quotes about Carter: “All he does is catch touchdown passes.” He was let go by Ryan in 1989, however, due to off-the-field issues. Carter was signed by the Vikings and turned his life and career around, becoming a two-time First-team, one-time Second-team All-Pro and playing in 8 straight Pro Bowls

  43. Someone is seriously whining about Odell Thurman? Really??? Multiple failed drug tests, assault charges, and a DUI. Yeah, poor Odell. Everybody be picking on him. He just needed that fifth or sixth chance.

    Give me a break!!!

  44. As a true Browns fan and NFL fan, my thought is this…if he failed a test, suspend him. If he MISSED the test due to being out of the country, maybe cut him some slack. The fact is, wether it’s MY team or not, everyone has to be accountable for their actions….

  45. The “weed is a harmless drug crowd” needs to just go away. The real point is it’s illegal and the employer forbids it. Speed limits may be stupid but if I worked for a trucking company that paid millions (as if) and I could get fired for breaking speeding laws then it would be my own stupidity if I drove 80 and lost my job. Just like these nozzle heads who can’t quit smoking weed and throw their lives away.

  46. Gordon needs to man up and stop being a putz. He’s a very talented athlete, but seems too immature to get it together between the ears.

  47. The new American way – guilty until proven innocent.

    I can’t believe all the hate.

  48. Punish him, but don’t ban him. He needs the support system of the team and the NFL to possibly put the weed thing behind him once and for all. At least it is just marijuana and not something more serious.

  49. captainwisdom8888 says:
    Jul 4, 2014 6:41 PM

    I agree 100% with what you are saying.

    One needs to play by the rules or be an agent to change the rules.

    I seriously just hate the big drug companies.

  50. I suppose the Browns and Roger Goodell got him wasted before he got behind the wheel of a car last night. Final nail in this troubled guy’s NFL career. Make a living like the rest of us now.

  51. Wow. My comment above was written this morning before the latest blunder. I guess he can call it a career now…

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