Teddy Bridgewater thinks he can be a marketing star


Dead spots in the NFL calendar lead to a lot of filler and a frequent topic of conversation is where various quarterbacks rank in relation to one another.

Those discussions focus on their play on the field, but quarterbacks also compete with one another away from the game. They are the most visible faces of the league and, as a result, wind up trying to best their peers as pitchmen for various companies and products. Vikings rookie Teddy Bridgewater has already inked deals with Nike and Cadillac and thinks that he can continue to find success in that arena.

“Of course, I feel I can be that guy,” Bridgewater said, via the Pioneer Press. “With my personality, I just feel that’s something I can definitely do.”

Bridgewater’s teammates and his business manager, the former NFL safety Abe Elam, agree with the rookie’s feelings about how his personality will play on Madison Avenue. Wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson even suggested that Bridgewater could sell the gloves that have created debate among observers because he wears them on the field.

That just leaves the little detail of Bridgewater becoming a productive starting quarterback since the marketing possibilities are limited for players who don’t fit the profile between the lines.

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  1. Maybe, just maybe, he should strive to be a football star before worrying about being a marketing star.

  2. This guy has been hanging around Peterson too much. Big head…….small hands.

  3. The are 4 rules for being a success in the NFL. 1. Get hired by team. 2. Earn money. 3. Get paid. 4. Repeat steps 2 thru 4.

    These young players better take their first snap in the men’s NFL and do something productive with it before working on the side.

  4. I guess RGIII started a new breed of QBs that know everything before ever taking a snap. Sure, Robert and Teddy and likeable guys. That feller in Cleveland….not so much. But all had better focus on their game first. Doesn’t seem to be the case. Teddy didn’t even do it all at his pro day if I recall. Terry Bradshaw didn’t get to where he is now by “marketing.”

  5. Delusional much? Qb is the hardest position to master in the NFL so you would think he would just go back to his video game playing to prepare himself for the upcoming season.

    I don’t know who is more delusional, Teddy
    “Mr. Endorsement before he even took a snap in training camp” Bridgewater or the Viking trolls predicting a Superbowl after finishing in last place in three out of the last four years. My money is on Bustwater.

  6. “Special talent.”

    — check

    “Electric personality.”

    — check

    “Student of the game.”

    — check

    “Drafted by a talented up and coming team.”

    — Here’s where this falls apart.

    “In a couple of years, this guy will be able to sell snow to an Eskimo in the wintertime.”

    — check.

  7. With Bridgewater having proven nothing as yet in a NFL game, pre-season or regular, why is this talk OK and met with silence from the Johnny Football haters (especially Viking fans)? Even Manziel has not come anywhere near to voicing this level of stupidity.

  8. ….he said with humility and modesty. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Perhaps he could represent the “bridge to nowhere,” too. Here’s a novel concept. Accomplish something first.

  9. Sell me on being able to lead this team on the field and i’ll buy whatever crap you market.

  10. Marketing lots of stuff is making the world think he’s a good QB. Sorry, old school here. Perform first, then be the spokesman.*

    *OJ Simpson not included.

  11. Let the young men use their image to sell all the stuff they want. I mean, seriously, how often do we see someone break into the NFL and turn out to be a total flop? We’ve certainly never seen that with a Vikes QB have we? Hello? Hello?

  12. (Yet still more) first round draft pick QBs for the Browns and Vikings….this time each one acting like a hot shot before taking their first NFL snap. No chance that can backfire, nawwww (wink wink).

  13. Voiceofreasonsays says:
    LOL have fun with this moron

    This guy is a first round draft pock in the nfl and u call him a moron? Lol what do u do for a living? It will be funny when this guy actually plays and proves ppl wrong. If he didnt have a bad pro day he wouldnt have slipped in the draft.

  14. The lack of integrity in that statement tells a lot about the vikings 2nd choice and why everyone else did not want him.

    When he claims he will do anything for money, certain things come to mind (perjury, prostitution, politics, etc).

    Is that the morality you want representing the vikings?

    How convincing is a sales pitch from an inexperienced kid without integrity?

    Usually a player has to be:
    a) on a successful team
    b) a starter
    c) have some accomplishment

    An exception was local bank in Minnesota once ran commercials with “Benchwarmer Bob” until he left to play for the Seahawks.

  15. vincelombardisghost says:
    Jul 4, 2014 10:21 AM
    ….he said with humility and modesty. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Perhaps he could represent the “bridge to nowhere,” too. Here’s a novel concept. Accomplish something first.

    are you a millionaire? no. case closed

  16. Packer “fans” proving once again they’re obsessed with the Minnesota Vikings.

    Can’t say I blame them.

  17. He shouldn’t put the cart before the advertising horse until he proves he can play the game at an above-average level.

    On the good side, he’s not in Green Bay, where the marketing opportunities are Sally’s House of Polyester and Frank’s Brat and Cheese Shop.

  18. Can’t blame him. Gotta strike while the iron’s hot, as his marketability will never be any higher than it is right now! 😉

  19. Packers make far more money in endorsements in the state of Wisconsin than players do in Minnesota. Mostly because the fans are more die hard rather than fairweather folks we have here in Minnesota. Endorsements go far beyond the city of Green Bay. Of course when you have players as good as Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews, you get national endorsements.

    I live in Minneapolis and I’m shocked to see how few Vikings have big endorsement deals in the state compared to when I go back to Wisconsin. You can’t turn on the TV in Milwaukee without a commercial featuring a Packer player. People just don’t care that much about the Vikings. Probably because they haven’t won anything ever and the fan base is fickle.

  20. IMO, I’d rather have my rookie QB spend a weekend in Vegas instead of spending days and days shooting commercials and making public appearances promoting the products he endorses.

  21. I don’t fault what this guy said. Look at his answer. He is obviously answering a question that some media person asked. It’s not like he’s going around screaming this crap. When have any of you ever seen any athlete say they couldn’t do something? Whether it’s step up and fill a role, can they play unto their contract, can you make all the throws, or even endorse products. Or really how often do you see anyone say they can’t.

    Media people have nothing to due. They are like a giant herd. They move slowly from one topic to another. When they find it, they graze the crap out of it. They always follow the lead of someone else. When nothing is happening your stuck with a bunch, of writers/reports who aren’t very good at either writing or reporting, who really just want to be on tv. So when they don’t have a current hot topic to mine to death, they have to try to think. Usually it’s the rolodex list of questions, but when some of them get creative they will ask such introspective questions like, “Do you think you could be a big time spokes person?” And then when they review what they have, they look for what is going to get the most hits. Got all of us to look.

  22. What’s up with this draft class!? If they aren’t calling out future HOF QBs they are hanging with Bieber or talking about how great they are….And they haven’t even been in training camp yet! What ever happened to working hard and proving to your teammates and fans that you were worth the draft pick? I sense a lot of busts coming out of this draft.

  23. Wow, it only took 4 or 5 posts before the usual ‘Tiny Hands’ crowd showed up. You guys are really pathetic. The joke is stale and unfunny. Get some new material.

  24. Bridgewater can certainly get local endorsement deals in Minnesota if he pursues them since the fans are quite keen on promises of hope for the future vs. reality. It’s easier for them to be attracted to that than endorsements by players that are already known to not be a difference maker when it comes to winning a championship.

  25. Remember when the Vikings were relevant?

    It was when they had a Packer at QB and their MVP fumbled away a chance to go to the Super Bowl.

    Relevant for all the wrong reasons.


  26. Remember when the the Packers were relevant?

    John elway ran over your defense for a first down to win the super bowl! After that play turd bay has has been bottom feeders in every defensive statistic since!

    HAPPY 4th!

  27. We’ll have to see if this guy can actually play football – otherwise it’ll be Teddy “Bridge-Over-Troubled-Waters” … which in Minnesota would mean business as usual.

  28. You cant make this stuff up. Between his Madden training and now this I cannot help but laugh and he hasn’t even put on pads yet. Who is his life coach Peterson?

  29. The Packers have been relevant every time they’ve won a championship, which happens to be the most in the NFL.

    Bottom feeder defense that was 6th overall in 2009 2nd in 2010 in points allowed and has been better than the Vikings over the last 5 seasons in each one. So if there is a bottom feeder on defense that nomination has to go to the Vikings.

    It amazes me how uneducated Vikings fans are when they embarrass themselves with their lack of NFL knowledge.

  30. Hey, if Nike and Cadillac offered me money to pitch their products, I’d take it. And I haven’t thrown a pass in the NFL either. I can’t believe people are comparing Bridgewater to Manziel just because he answered a question exactly the way anyone would answer it.

  31. When has a Vikings player had a national commercial? Is there a more insignificant franchise in professional sports? Maybe some hockey teams, but nobody really cares about hockey anyway. It’s rare to read much about them nationally outside of this site…and that’s because Florio is a fan. Bridgewater seems like a great kid and hopefully he succeeds after all of the nonsense that went on with the kid’s workout leading up to the draft. He could be the next Aaron Rodgers and advertisers wouldn’t care because he plays for the most insignificant franchise in the NFL…and one of the most insignificant in all of professional sports. While people that actually follow the game know that Peterson is totally overrated (Peterson knows it too. A player that’s secure wouldn’t lobby for MVP like he did or have to say how great he is), but he has had some success and if he played for a worthwhile franchise he would have some major commercials. However he plays for Minnesota and nobody cares.

  32. This guy should roll his fist into a tight little ball and stuff it in his mouth until he has completed season one.

    All hat…..no cattle…..just like their fans.

  33. Peterson is totally overrated (Peterson knows it too. A player that’s secure wouldn’t lobby for MVP like he did or have to say how great he is)

    The Packers are totally overrated (Packer fans know it too. A fan that’s secure wouldn’t crow about how great they are and how terrible a supposedly irrelevant team is).

  34. The Packers ARE rated highly…..it’s not a matter of opinion. Don’t you read?

  35. Teddy Bridgewater is Akili Smith 2.0, he should be more concered about beating out Cassell and Ponder then thinking about marketing deals.

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