Whitner takes aim at Bills and Talley, too

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Last night, Browns safety Donte Whitner didn’t confine his Twitter ire to the horribly flawed players-supposedly-vote-but-no-one-knows-of-any-player-who-votes Top 100 list  on NFL Network.

Whitner, a top-10 pick of the Bills back in 2006, made this observation as well:  “Wonder how you Bills fans gonna feel when the team is moved? LOL,” and “Can you say Toronto Bills?!?!?!?!

As best we can decipher from Whitner’s timeline, the wife of Bills (and West Virginia University) legend Darryl Talley took issue with Whitner’s comments.  And Whitner fired back.  And Darryl Talley eventually got involved:  “I’m gonna have 2 go all Louis Vuitton suitcase on this negro .”

Talley later made reference to Whitner’s new team’s November 30 trip to Buffalo, and to Talley’s own presence in the franchise’s Ring of Honor:  “When u come out the tunnel in November look up and left. U’ll never see ur name there or anywhere.”

So Whitner eventually challenged Talley to a boxing match.  Talley accepted.  We think.

“I’ll have a grip around ur mother f–king throat,” Talley tweeted.  “U have no idea how far my reach will reach. Bitch.”

It’s unclear whether or when the fight will happen.  But there’s no way that two guys bobbing and weaving with their fists will be nearly as entertaining as two guys sparring and parrying with their fingers.

46 responses to “Whitner takes aim at Bills and Talley, too

  1. After whitner made a comment about Talleys kid…. Hey whitner remember when the Browns and Lebron left to win championships elsewhere?

  2. The only thing I got out of this is Darryl Talley is married? If that dude can score a chick, their’s hope out there for everyone. I guess his deep pockets didn’t hurt.

  3. We all know Talley wouldn’t have made the Top 100 cuz the media was all so against him #dangerfield

  4. Talley is getting edgy because Whitner’s current team is seriously chasing the Bills of the 90s as the greatest Heartbreak Kids of all time.

  5. Something tells me if Talley had not attended WVU this would have never came to your attention

  6. if there is a god, PLEASE let these 2 box! I would love to see “hitner” get the hell beat out of him by Talley!!! The name change would become Donte Hittee. The reason you didn’t make top 100 is same reason your a free agent in Cleveland , your not any good!!!

  7. It’s unfortunate to see someone of Daryl Talley’s stature get pulled down into the muck with Donte Whitner. Whitner has no class. Talley should one day be a Hall of Famer; Whitner’s a journeyman at best. So while it would be fun to watch Daryl Talley beat Whitner savagely, he shouldn’t tarnish his dignity over trash like Whitner.

  8. is there anything that makes you look stupider than challenging someone to a boxing match over twitter?

  9. Whitener’s, Whiffner’s, Whiner’s hardest hits only come in social media.

    Does this guy know what team he is on?

    The same team that lost a franchise to Baltimore.

    Not to mention the best highlights this guy is in occurred in college or with his back to the camera chasing down a td, blown coverage, can’t tackle,

    He is replacing a guy who left Cleveland for a winning culture.

    Someone check this guys brain for Tau Proteins.

  10. Before anyone is allowed to post on twitter there should be a 3rd grade I.Q. test. That would cut users down by at least 90%.

  11. Whitner is clearly an idiot.

    Unfortunate though, to see Talley take the bait like that.

  12. “Wonder how you Bills fans gonna feel when the team is moved? LOL,” and “Can you say Toronto Bills?!?!?!?!“

    Come on, Donte!

    We don’t want to keep the “Bills” monicker and all the stench that comes with it.

  13. Darryl Talley is one of the All Time Great Buffalo Bills, I believe he is still the All Time leader in tackles. Talley’s play enabled Bruce to go all out, because if he missed( which wasn’t very often) Talley was there to make the tackle. Donte Whitner was a good player for the Bills, hard hitting etc. The only problem with him was his size. In a Division where the Pats had Gronk and Hernandez, Whitner was going to get Isolated on one of them, and couldn’t cover them. The same thing happened in SF, check the Superbowl Tape and see who is trying to cover Anquan Boldin on his 2 TD’s. Good coverage, but too short.

  14. He knows what team he’s on. The team that’s 4-2 v BUF since ’07 & 12-7 vs BUF all time. Seems that no matter how bad my Browns are, and they’re usually pretty bad, the Bills are always good for a W.

    If you don’t like the person/player’s comments bag on the player. No need to drag his team or his city into it.

  15. Did Mr. Talley seriously suggest that during a boxing match…presumably with Boxing gloves, he’d be able to grip someone’s throat? I suggest Mr. Talley try on Boxing gloves first, and then rethink his position on that comment.

  16. Darryl Talley… wow… I haven’t heard his name in a long, long time. Great player and everybody over 35 will know how good he was but damn… he must be in his late 50’s by now and wants to fight a young, fit man in his mid to late 20’s?

  17. I’m sure Whitney’s talk meant something when he had Willis and Bowman to back him up…not so much now.

  18. Donte Whitner is a legend in his own mind. An average safety with below average cover skills that thinks he is headed to the hall of fame. What a loser.

  19. Whither is simply an idiot who has bounced from team to team in the NFL. If only his quality of play matched his sel-inflated ego…

  20. Gee, another wife /girlfriend causing trouble 8 ways from Sunday. Who woulda thunk it.

  21. Daryll Who? Didn’t his brother play for the Pistons? So the brother of a basketball player is an honoree member of the Bills ring of honor? I understand they haven’t had many good players over the years but that is really reaching.

  22. Apparently the “Big Top” has come down in New York(Jets) and gone up in Cleveland. Come one come all!
    From a filthy staph polluted locker room to a criminal investigation into the owner. Or from a wide out who can’t put the blunt down to a star aligned can’t miss Heisman QB who likes to party. This is surely the new base of operations for the Greatest Show on Earth!

  23. Isn’t Cleveland the garbage dump where the fire dept. had to come and put out the river? Yeah, that’s right! The RIVER caught on fire! Cleveland isn’t the end of the world, but you can see it from there. How many SB’s has Cleveland been in? They still talk longingly about Jim Brown, who rode a Brontosaurus to the games. They talk a lot of trash for a team who’s been a regular speed bag for the Steelers, Ravens and Bengals. Maybe Whitner is still reeling from that tazing he got from the Cleveland police. Old, slow with greasy hands when the ball hits them is no way to go through the NFL son. Maybe try putting your helmet on face mask forward from now on.

  24. ubepunkedagain says: Jul 4, 2014 10:59 AM

    Daryll Who? Didn’t his brother play for the Pistons? So the brother of a basketball player is an honoree member of the Bills ring of honor? I understand they haven’t had many good players over the years but that is really reaching.

    I am not a Bills’ fan, but your post really shows your ignorance….

  25. There you have it browns fans… Just an FYI for every big hit he makes… He’ll have 5 missed tackles and another 10 blown coverages. . Talley is one of the most underrated players in NFL history. Made big plays and won some big games… Where as Donte is just a punk who couldn’t carry his jock strap.

  26. Sorry Clownfan, having a winning record against Buffalo is no prize especially when both teams aren’t on the road to the Super bowl. If you want to count, count AFC championship rings. Never thought I would hold that over a team.

    Enjoy your popcorn your team has just added another ring to its circus.

  27. I love how people post saying they’ve never heard of a player, as if that is some sort of insult towards the player.

    If you don’t know who Darryl Talley is, it says alot more about your age or actual knowledge of football than it does about Talley.

  28. So what if some don’t know who Talley is or remember his playing days. He may be been great for the Bills but questionable as an NFL HOF’er.

  29. I remember when LT juked him out of his jock and left him in the dust back when he was a bill and LT was a Jet, he might have some big hits but he is more bark than bite

  30. Dear Bills fans….please leave this between you and Whitner and leave the Browns team and fans out of it as I’m sure they don’t care.

    Otherwise the Browns will have to embarrass you in yet another highly anticipated nationally televised match up between those two storied franchises that will be so “high scoring” fans might think it was a world cup soccer match.

  31. Whitner is a loser. The only reason he was any good the past few years is because he was playing in front of one of the best front 7’s in football. Whitner falls in the category of players that will not make a bad team good but they will be good on a good team. Don’t forget Donte you almost signed with the Bengals when you were a free agent. Do you think you would still be going on with your bad self if that happened. I think no.

  32. So, I will post this again, since it was removed earlier.

    Florio won’t use the term ‘Redskin’, but he uses a quote in an article that uses the term ‘negro’. See quote below:

    “And Darryl Talley eventually got involved: “I’m gonna have 2 go all Louis Vuitton suitcase on this negro @DonteWhitner.”

    Can you imagine the outrage at and the reeducation programming required if a white player (e.g. Riley Cooper) had used the same or similar term to describe another person.

    Both were wrong and should be called out on it!

  33. Whitner lewdly insulted Talley’s daughter as part of this twitter rant. No one will ever accuse Donte of being a classy guy.

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