Josh Gordon arrested for DWI in North Carolina


When Josh Gordon has his suspension hearing later this month, he’ll apparently have some fresh material to talk to the NFL about.

According to Matt Anderson of WKYC in Cleveland, the Browns wide receiver has been arrested for DWI in Raleigh, N.C.

The mugshot is here, though there are few details of the arrest.

Gordon was likely looking at a lengthy suspension anyway, and at this point, it’s reasonable to wonder if he’ll play again at all.

179 responses to “Josh Gordon arrested for DWI in North Carolina

  1. Holy crap… how can someone be so thick? That was a hell of a season he just had, too bad it might be his last for a long time.

  2. Some guys just don’t realize how good they got it until its all taken away. …just play football dude ..dang !!

  3. He’s now the answer to a trivia question in five years.
    Who? Oh yeah… That idiot.

  4. At this point it would be short-sighted to just call this kid an idiot. He clearly has bigger issues and needs help. I hope he finds it.

  5. this always bothers me. but wow. I saw this kid a few times this year, and he was unstoppable. evidently he is very easy to stop when you take structure and football out of the equation for even a minute.

    so if suspended for a year already, what does this do? I haven’t even heard of a guy doing this before this quickly. is he now suspended “indefinitely”

  6. Hahahahahahahaha.

    Get this scumbag out of the league!

    This Is awesome…Karma sucks Pettine.

    All of Cleveland deserves this, now hopefully Whitner breaks his neck and we never have to hear from him ever again!

  7. It is jow time to say goodbye to the beautiful girlfriend with the terrible attitude. Only so much abuse one can take. Its gonna hurt us to see u walk away Josh, but it hurts even more to keep you around.

  8. Ugh. Poor kid. I really hope he gets his life together. This situation reminds me of Koren Robinson. An elite talent WR with serious problems in decision making and alcohol abuse.

    I remember Brett Favre sticking up for Robinson in saying he should be allowed around the team during his ban, because it provides a better support system. I still agree with that. Favre would know, he went through a situation every bit as dangerous to his health (and potentially others) – he just wasn’t doing anything ‘illegal’ by NFL standards.

    I sure hope Gordon gets the help he needs, it’s not easy – what he’s going through. Hopefully he can get himself together in his long time away from football.

  9. The guy simply doesnt want to play football.. One of those people who hate to get up and put the work in.. Part of the work in is staying clean… This clown has the world in his palm.. Can do what he likes doing and earn a darn good living doing so.. I am all for second and third chances but if its obvious the guy doesnt want the lifestyle than he shouldnt be priviledged to it.. That simple..

  10. If they can trade him trade him now this guy is done at least they might get something for him. He is throwing his life away what a jackass. Cleveland is screwed they have him and Johnny idiot boy Cleveland has no luck

  11. yet the media stayed fixated on Johnny. Obviously he is much more distracting than a player putting lives in danger by DWI. It will be interesting to see what Haslem has to say about an actual arrest of a key player instead of talking about the latest Manziel selfie.

  12. He can change those stars on his mugshot shirt to moons (of the male kind), cause that’s what he is going to be seeing a lot of in his future.

  13. Sad to say, but this guy’s going to be the next Odell Thurman. Promising youngster who never makes it back to the league because of substance abuse. Just hope Cleveland doesn’t hope against hope for him to get it together like the Bengals did for Thurman all those years.

  14. Guess Cleveland will have to use the #1 overall pick in the draft from that trainwreck in Buffalo on a WR now. You have to give them credit for having the foresight to identify a sucker and capitalizing on it.

  15. C’mon Josh. Things are starting to snowball here. You are a talented pro. Don’t let this chance slip through you fingers man. Tie a knot and hang on!

  16. The Browns will have to release him. He will sit for a year. Bengals will sign him (and be heckled). Bengals win superbowl in 2015.

  17. This never happens to any players on the historic Minnesota Vikings.

    We’re ahead of the League in class – and wins.

    We control the NFL.

    Bow down to us, peasants

  18. Why does getting caught drinking or smoking pot cause a player to lose his employment? As long as they don’t do it at work. Just think if everyone who got caught lost their job.

  19. ahahahahahaha i’m so sorry but really will cleveland EVER be able to catch a break? Your new top notch talented WR is screwing his life up, your new rookie sensation QB is partying his ass off with the likes of Justin Bieber and making money phones and your new HC can’t get enough of himself in a rex ryan-esque manner. Seriously Cleveland it’s all just been on bad dream ever since 1989! But in all seriousness hopefully everyone gets their act together, i actually do want to see cleveland become a respectable team again!

  20. It’s easy to pass judgment until you have a loved one fighting alcoholism. It’s not always simple stupid.

  21. The C-town Browns need to do what Jerrah Jones did with Dez Bryant and get Josh a 24/7 babysitter.

    I suggest Johnny Football step up and offer his services.

  22. This guy should get a multiyear ban. I love the osters that say “let’s hope this guy gets help.”
    He has control over his own actions. How many chances does he get The only way he will learn from his actions is a multi-year ban.

  23. Well played, Titus Young 2.0.

    This dude clearly needs help. To have it all and throw it all away… How could someone possibly live a long life with that level of regret?

  24. I really don’t think the NFL should be able to use this against him, since he hasn’t been convicted of the DUI yet. Guys like Marshawn Lynch that have gotten DUIs have been able to stall and get continuances, and the NFL has not acted upon them until the case is adjudicated.

    It certainly doesn’t help the appeal, but it shouldn’t be used against him. He may not have gotten his suspension reduced anyways, but this should not factor in for the same reason Irsay hasn’t been suspended. The NFL is judge, jury executioner on their own drug tests, but this is a legal matter and the judge, jury and executioner should be a judge (publicly elected, not Goodell), a jury (of his peers, not Goodell) and executioner (punishment based on the state of NC’s laws, not how Goodell is feeling that day).

  25. Not again? Just suspend him for the other offenses, and be done with him. He clearly can’t help himself, so someone help him with treatment. Cleveland really do have their problems up there and Josh Gordon finds trouble everywhere he goes.

  26. i would like to believe browns fans just laugh at this team instead of actually hoping they ever will be good, kind of like how i deal with the timberwolves. they are a joke of a franchise and nobody would care or notice if they moved.

  27. As a Browns fan I say, see ya later mudder fugger and don’t spill any purple drank on the way out!

  28. Josh gordon just doesnt “get it”… by the time he does his career will be ruined…doesnt make him a “evil” person just a dumb one….adios josh

  29. Josh needs a year locked away in rehab, to get off the junk and also to enable him to see life with out the “posse” will be better.
    If he had real friends, they would be helping him straighten out.

  30. This is the one time of year where it’s really awesome to never see a player from your favorite team making headlines.

  31. He want need a baby sitter like Dallas does Bryant for a long time. 2015 If he stays straight.

    I hope he is not like Blackmon and just completely quit answering his phone.

  32. Do you think this hurts his chances of having the failed/missed drug test consequences reduced?

  33. Wow. Coming off probably the greatest season for a wide out in years (yeah, Calvin Johnson had an amazing year, but let’s lot act like Gordon had even half the offensive talent Johnson did, especially considering the QB play/flipping), gets suspended, then screws up again. If he ever plays again, it’ll be surprising.

    When Nike makes the Cleveland uniforms, they should design the helmets to look like paper bags. It would be nice to see bottom rung teams become good (Jacksonville, Oakland, Cleveland, etc), but in recent years, Cleveland has been a joke like no other. From Weeden, to the front office mess, to Johnny Party Time, to this. That franchise needs a culture change.

  34. i wonder how much $ he has from his contract?
    more then any of us will see, i bet.
    so he’s still searching, do the ricky williams thing josh, do some bed/breakfast, in Colorado, smoke urself silly, until u can’t stand anymore………maybe then you’ll get “satisfied.”

  35. Such a waste. His only problem was stupidity… if he had flown straight for even just ONE offseason, he could’ve been one of the game’s very best. Just cost himself more money than he could’ve ever dreamed of, all he had to do was put down the bong…

  36. I don’t understand. I don’t understand his thought process. He knows he’s facing a year long suspension and has to apply for reinstatement into the NFL. He is ruining any chance he has of reaching his potential to become one of, if not the, best receiver in the NFL. It’s a shame that the Browns blessed him with an opportunity to not only live his dreams but to change the lives of himself and his family forever. I’m praying for him and I hope that he can fix the issues he has and I pray my favorite organization doesn’t give up on an immense talent.

  37. enough already! it is time for the league to say goodbye to these losers once and for all. the fact he did something like this when he was appealing a drug suspension says all you need to know about this clown. get him the help he needs but let him find something else to do with his life besides play NFL football.

  38. Wow… he is definitely done this coming season and who knows if he fails another drug test when he comes back…. this is one of the biggest wastes of talent in awhile, Josh Gordon is an elite player, and his absence from the team will hurt what they could have done immensely. Browns have who else at receiver? You now focus on Cameron in the passing game and who else scares you on that offence?

  39. There is a lot to dislike about Josh Gordon and the many issues contained in this story but one inescapable conclusion?

    djshnooks is the scumbag.

  40. This is sad to see. Its just getting worse for this guy. I feel more for the Browns fans that look at this and wonder if they’ll ever get this team off the ground.

  41. This is exactly what happens !!!!! When in school. you get away with things, grades, rules, you do as you want, don’t have to learn or listen, because they cover you, protect you, make sure your well with in the standards to play a game !!! Your failing, they change your grade, you break rules, they turn the other cheek, You get in trouble they bury it, FOR WHAT-BECAUSE YOUR GOOD AT A SPORT AND THEY NEED YOU TO WIN !!! Where as if they started long time ago, punishing him, suspending him for games, for breaking rules and failing classes, He might of got the message way back then !!!! But no they ignored it all, now an adult, and still thinks hell I can do what ever I want, they will just cover it up, protect me, let me go, etc, etc, etc. BUT NOPE, NOW HE HAS TO LEARN WHAT HE SHOULD OF LEARNED LONG AGO !!!! Lifes not about a game, its not all about WINNING !!!! Society and our school system are ruining our future, Its about a game, or winning, its about learning, being productive and successful in life !!!! Seen this way to many times any more kids passed-pushed thru because of a talent in sports, even colleges….NOT BECAUSE THEY LEARN, OR DESERVE A COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP…

  42. Phenomenal player. Dumb as a brick. And I’m not even faulting the guy for drinking or smoking weed – call a damn cab!

  43. This guy should get a multiyear ban. I love the osters that say “let’s hope this guy gets help.”
    He has control over his own actions. How many chances does he get The only way he will learn from his actions is a multi-year ban.

    And this poster suggested Ray Rice only get two games…..oh I get it he is a Raven fan. Talk about messed up values.

  44. Perhaps the most talented young WR in the NFL. Very sad when guys like him & Justin Blackmon throw their careers away before they really get started. Hopefully they seek treatment they so desperately need & make the commitment to staying sober like Chris Carter & Jared Allen did.

  45. Sounds like Josh is on the same rehabilitation program as Justin Blackmon.

    As a sobriety test, the cops ask them to say “rehabilitation” three times in a row quickly.

  46. The Browns are not unlucky. They’re dumb. This guy was bad news in college but they decided do spend a 2nd round compensatory pick on a guy who had been kicked off his team for multiple failed drug tests. I guess it’s not working out too good.

  47. Deerussel…. Absolutely right on.. The American education system is failing America..where the hell is everyone when they see people falling thru the cracks???? The Browns own this one knowing the player and his so called support group…

  48. As a part time Browns fan, I say I still love JG but this is pretty much the nail in the coffin for playing at all this year, might as well cancel that appeal. Maybe he pulls a Pac Man Jones and gets his act together.

  49. bleedrangerblue says:
    Jul 5, 2014 3:49 PM
    As a life long Jet fan, Hail to the Browns!! Your team is a joke. Yes I can say that…


    I’m a Jets season ticket holder…Shut up.

  50. He doesn’t care about his job. He only cares about getting drunk and high. Suspend him for a year. Min. He prob should get the Blackmon treatment.

  51. Stop and get this guy some help. Alcon Smith also. Before they end up like Rae Caruth

  52. I’m not sure if Josh Gordon really has a substance abuse problem or is just incredibly stupid. He gets suspended last season for codeine (even though he had a prescription for it, he knew it was a banned substance in the NFL), he missed a drug test that could cause him to get suspended for the whole season, gets busted for speeding with a “friend” who has marijuana, and now gets a DWI when he could have got a cab. A once in a generation talent who lived up to his potential on the field but unfortunately has lived up to his reputation off the field.

  53. seahawksteven777 says:
    Jul 5, 2014 3:01 PM
    Man, the Browns have the worst luck. They had a talented player like Gordon and he goes and lets them down like this. Wow. What a waste of talent.

    293 13
    Report comment


    The Browns are not called “The Factory of Sadness” for nothing you know…

  54. What a let down! Sad that he could of become a megastar & now may never see the field again.

  55. All I can say is wow! How do these players continue to sabotage themselves? It’s incredible on every level. They just continue to throw their careers away. We’re talking millions of dollars down the toilet compared to a $25-$50 cab fare. What more can I say?

  56. Good that they traded away their pick instead of getting Watkins. As a Bills fan I knew they made the right move to trade up. Not just because Watkins was the best WR coming out since AJ Green… But because the Browns gave us the pick. Thanks Cleveland. Your negative equals out positive

  57. It looks like its going to be a photo finish on which team is most dysfunctional.

  58. Release him now. This guy just doesn’t get it and don’t think he ever will. Oh by the way Cleveland you should have kept that fourth overall pick and taken Watkins!

  59. jerrysglassescleaner says: Jul 5, 2014 3:18 PM

    When he is reinstated, the Raiders would be on hold on line 1 interested in a trade.
    Please check current events. The Raiders are using late round draft picks on guys with potential character issues.

  60. Lotsa talk on here about “he needs help”. It’s pointless. Help is assistance–as in he needs to do something too. Nothing will work for him until he decides he is wrong and needs to change. Until that happens it is just wasted time and resources.

  61. People keep talking about addiction from a non-addict’s POV; that they’re stupid, thowing away a life you fantasy FB players can only dream about. Not to mention the money. It’s not that simple; not an easy choice for them. You’re ignorant. For every guy like Gordon, they’re are 10,000 people in everyday life that throw away their families, jobs, home, lives, etc., and they haven’t been pampered and enabled like pro atheletes. Not saying guys like Gordon are completely blameless, but there’s a lot more to it than just being a moron.

  62. jxmiller says: “It’s not always simple”

    Yes, it is simple. Very simple. Don’t drive and drive. It couldn’t be LESS complicated or more simple. If you’ve been drinking, simply don’t drive. It might not be easy, but it is very, very simple. Just say no.

  63. Top 3 WR, Bottom 3 in brains at any position. Wow. Time to hang em up kid, it obviously isn’t that important to you.

  64. This is pretty crazy considering the stuff that Davone Bess has gone through as well.

    These guys need some professional help not just for football, but to get their lives straightened out which is obviously more important.

    Bess to me seemed to have some serious mental issues going on and I am not sure what has transpired since his latest incident because I haven’t seen his name in the news lately. Hopefully that is because he’s laying low and getting himself some help.

    With Gordon, he just seems to have a pattern of self-destruction. Whether that is due to addiction, poor choices, or because he has some mental situations too which lead him to turn to drugs for a solution, I can’t say. I just hope this guy gets his life together before he winds up dead or killing somebody else due to his drug usage.

  65. Funny thing is I know they could’ve easily gotten a second round pick for him last year, they got greedy and wanted a first round. Should’ve just taken then 2 that’s reasonable givin his one more and your out tag at the time.

  66. They won’t let him smoke something harmless like canibus. Gotta get drunk. It’s accepted. Shouldn’t have drove. But, hey. You make stupid decisions when you drink.

  67. I understand why this is news, but I don’t see how it would effect the appeals process or the legal process in any way. He’s already accrued his 3rd strike. Understand, while most people consider it a year-long suspension, technically its an indefinite ban from the NFL. Just that players tend to appeal it after a season and the NFL generally accepts them back in.

    He’s already on an indefinite ban so why should this have any effect on what’s transpiring? If he keeps his nose clean until next offseason (unlikely based on recent history) this incident should still be far removed enough to win his appeal.

  68. Remember when most parents and teachers at least tried to teach kids how to make good decisions? What happened?

  69. Reminds me of the Odell Thurman situation in Cinci. This guy has a very good chance of never playing in the NFL again. I’ve said he’s a one hit wonder, as most Cleveland “stars” seem to be, I didn’t foresee it being this way though.

  70. Factory of Sadness just hired on two extra shifts to cover the increased workload.

  71. That NFL program that provides drunk NFL players rides is working great. I wonder how much that driver makes?

  72. To the people who are saying “the Browns have the worst luck”… PATHETIC !

    It’s about this kid’s life spiraling downwards. It’s not even remotely about the Browns unless all you care about is the uniform and some weirdness associated with ‘your’ team winning.

    The same guy who says ‘we’ drafted this guy and ‘we’ lost last week. Get a life.

  73. the NFL should abandon this poor lost kid…let him waste his life by suspending him from football…take the only thing he has left to give him a fighting chance

  74. Just think of all the Cleveland fans who thought Banner was idiotic for wanting to trade Gordon!

    Maybe Banner is smarter than all the loud-mouth Browns’ fans are willing to give him credit for; he certainly would have gotten a high draft pick for Gordon and drafted Manziel as well as a wide receiver.

    Be careful of what you wish for, Browns fans. You just may get more than what you wished for.

  75. So, due to freakish athletic talent, he had the opportunity to make $10M or more per year, throws it away.

    He should probably move to Seattle. At least there, the minimum wage will be $15.

    “Would you like a hot apple pie with that Big Mac?”

    I wish teams would wake up and starting focusing on players that have a clue and an appreciation for the opportunities they’ve been given.

  76. Nobody would have touched Gordon, least of all with a 2nd rnd pick. It was well known about the strikes against him. All teams have that knowledge. The NFL doesn’t keep it a secret. Those guys never get touched for a high pick.

  77. He needed to play in the 70’s when nobody really cared what you did off the field. You can’t fart side ways now with out the whole country knowing.

  78. Sounds Blackmon and Gordon would be best of buds. Both of these guys are gonna be full of regret for the rest of there lives. Hope they can turn it around and get back on the right track. You can party all u want after u retire(still young) with millions.

  79. To those of you who are using this as an opportunity to rip Cleveland and/or the Browns, it must be nice to be so righteous. You’re pathetic.

  80. You can’t legally drive high or doped up in NC anymore than you can drive drunk for all you “let him smoke his weed” crowd. Probably any of the other 49 states + DC either.

  81. Man this guy just is begging to have his very own 30 for 30 special. This really pisses me off!! I really hate seeing talent go to waste. sighs

  82. anyone saying the browns are unlucky for this is clueless – the guy has been draped in red flags since his college days and went in the supplemental draft for a reason. they have only themselves to blame for expecting or relying on anything more from him than he has already given.

  83. John Wayne said, “life is hard, but harder if you’re stupid”.
    He must have been thinking about people like Josh Brown.

  84. Jesus, who is driving the boat for the Browns? Between this incident and the horrible selection of Johny Freakball, the mistake on the lake continues!

  85. People mentioning “luck” just don’t get it. It has nothing to do with luck. The Browns took a chance on a super-talented player with questionable decision-making; he panned out as super-talented and as a questionable decision-maker. That isn’t luck, that’s things going exactly as they should.

  86. People mentioning “luck” just don’t get it. It has nothing to do with luck. The Browns took a chance on a super-talented player with questionable decision-making; he panned out as super-talented and as a questionable decision-maker. That isn’t luck, that’s things going exactly as they should.

    Also, people saying that he can spend his life thinking about the millions he lost are pathetic. What kind of miserable person even thinks like that? Grow up.

  87. He will probably have regrets if he stays on this same road. Farmer is driving this boat but the Browns CAN’T hold his hand and make all his choices for him. he has to act like a responsible adult. he has to care about his actions and his career. I question his maturity and hope he get’s the help he needs to get his career on track. This is bigger than football, this is about a young adult who needs to make better choices or the help he may need to be responsible.

  88. Im sure we’ve all heard of grumpy unhappy players or players wanting out of a team by trade but we’ve never heard of a player that begged his employer to just fire him. “Get rid of me please, I dont want your money. Fire me please”!!Says Gordon
    Oh my, only in Cleveland. Only in the Cleveland Clown circus.
    Sign of another worst or I guess another “normal” Browns season

  89. ttommytom says: Jul 5, 2014 5:47 PM

    To the people who are saying “the Browns have the worst luck”… PATHETIC !

    It’s about this kid’s life spiraling downwards. It’s not even remotely about the Browns unless all you care about is the uniform and some weirdness associated with ‘your’ team winning.

    The same guy who says ‘we’ drafted this guy and ‘we’ lost last week. Get a life.


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