Mike McCarthy: Chuck Noll “someone I like to emulate”


Twenty-seven years ago, Packers head coach Mike McCarthy got his first coaching job, a graduate assistant’s role at Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas. Six years later, he became an NFL assistant in Kansas City, and his pro coaching career has taken off from there.

In a profile published Saturday by The Associated Press, McCarthy — a Pittsburgh native — noted he grew up “a big fan” of late Steelers coach Chuck Noll, but his admiration of the four-time Super Bowl-winning coach deepened after McCarthy made coaching his life.

“After getting in to the coaching profession, I really appreciated him a lot more, his approach, his style, his humility,” McCarthy told the AP’s Genaro C. Armas. “He seemed like a very consistent, tough champion.”

A healthy respect for Noll’s accomplishments is to be expected from any coach, especially one like McCarthy, who’s led a Super Bowl winner and knows how tough it is to repeat. Noll’s Steelers twice won back-to-back Super Bowls — a truly special feat.

But when McCarthy grew that greater appreciation for Noll, McCarthy did something special, too — he gained greater understanding of someone’s work by working in his profession. It is one thing to be taught; it is another thing to do and to learn.

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  1. It’s a ‘Burgh thing.

    Much respect to McCarthy — he does it right in Cheeseville, while also making us fellow Pittsburgh-ers proud. I wish he didn’t pick Super Bowl XLV to rise up — but much respect to MM.

    Coaching the Cheeseheads and being a native of “the ‘Burgh” — there has to be a cheeseburger joke in there somewhere, but I’m not witty enough to spring one up.

  2. Two class acts. Can’t stand the Steelers but I can’t imagine an NFL without them and Chuck Noll haven’t been there. Same for the Packers and Lombardi, Starr, Dickey, etc. Such a boring town and team, but such great history.

  3. Noll coached some very good teams. Repeating twice probably won’t happen again, considering the current financial structure. San Diego will probably win one before anyone comes close to matching Noll’s resume.

  4. As avid a fan of the Steelers as Mike is, it doesn’t surprise anyone he would speak of Chuck this way.
    If Chuck were alive, he may not feel as mutual. Or he would’ve felt pity on the fat nerd kid riding his coattails.

  5. Does this mean he is going to stop whining on every call that goes against GB. Only coach K is a bigger baby. Noll never complained. McCarthy makes baby faces on every call. Seriously, every call.

  6. Green Bay and the Packers always have a love and appreciation for the history of the NFL and what has made it great.

    Chuck Noll took a franchise that had gone decades without success and made it a winner. He is the turning point in Steeler history. Packers fans appreciate that success, not just Coach McCarthy.

    In McCarthy’s 8 seasons as head coach he has 1 below .500. He has won a World Championship.
    I hope that he will meet or exceed Chuck Noll’s Super Bowl win total before he retires.
    He has class.

    The only ones that despise successful franchises are those who have never tasted success and are jealous.

  7. McCarthy is closer to the weight of Chuck Nolls’ car than he is to the weight of Nolls’ football intellect.

  8. MM, the guy that kicked legend Favre off the field and out of town and caused a rift in packer nation.

    Without Arod this guy would be a nobody, just look what happened last year when he went down.

  9. Mike McCarthy knows that if he wants to be mentioned in the same sentence as Knoll, he will need to win a couple more Superbowls.

    The fact that one of Knoll’s Superbowl wins came against the Vikings shouldn’t be held against him because he did win three other legitimate Superbowls.

  10. Mike Zimmer has already said that Mike McCarthy is someone he’d like to emulate.

    But Zimmer coaches a JV squad so the emulating won’t begin until he gets an NFL head coaching job.

  11. I don’t care how smart my QB is if he wins me 4 superbowls…and before you all comment about the great defence he had playing for him, remember, he was SB MVP for the last two wins.

  12. The Packers planned for their reserve QB situation poorly last year. When Rodgers went down, they recovered just enough to hang on and win the North Division for third time in a row.

    The turning point for a reasonably successful season under very difficult circumstances was the come from behind victory over the Vikings. On paper it was a tie, but theoretically it was a win. The Bears owned the tie-breakers over the Packers and the tie was the difference maker.

    That impressive “victory” over the Vikings was led by a fourth string walk-on street agent. Nothing shabby about that. Another example of how thoroughly the Packers own the Vikings.

  13. Packers and Steelers – two great NFL franchises both with classic, rock solid uniform designs. Never change those boys!

    Let Nike gussy up some of the others … but keep the traditional, great designs the same for generations to come!

  14. The fact that one of Knoll’s Superbowl wins came against the Vikings shouldn’t be held against him because he did win three other legitimate Superbowls.

    That’s “Noll,” Mr. Football Genius.

  15. He’s off to a bad start. Bradshaw and Big Ben weren’t doped up for their SB wins.

  16. jonkoethe says: Jul 6, 2014 9:24 AM

    Who in the hell is Edward Einstein?
    Albert’s illegitimate half-brother. He was the smartest barber in Munich.

  17. InFact says:
    Jul 5, 2014 10:50 PM
    The intellect of Rodgers vs. Bradshaw is equivalent to Edward Einstein vs. Edward Scissorhands.


    Edward Einstein? Oh yeah, he’s one of those old-school brainiacs, like Tony Tesla.

    Seriously, there’s nothing like making a dumb joke about someone and unintentionally making a joke of yourself. Yeah, go tell us how stupid Bradshaw was, uh… Einstein.

    Stick to the bird watching, dude.

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