RG3 looks as fast now as he did in 2012

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Robert Griffin III’s brilliant rookie season ended with a serious knee injury that seemed to slow him down throughout his second season. But as Griffin prepares for 2014, he looks as good as new.

That’s the word from Washington offensive coordinator offensive coordinator Sean McVay, who said on ESPN 980 that Griffin looks as fast now, in offseason workouts without a brace on his knee, as he looks on film from that great 2012 season.

“I don’t think there’s any question: he looks explosive,” McVay said, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “He looks like he is exactly what he was in the 2012 season. I think people underestimate when you have a brace on your knee how much that truly restricts you.”

McVay believes Griffin is going to be a constant threat with his feet to opposing defenses.

“I think that’s going to be a big part of what he does,” McVay said. “And he’s continuing to get more and more comfortable feeling some of those soft spots in the pockets, and being able to remain a passer while also understanding that hey, I do have this elite trait with my legs and athleticism, that if things do break down I can create that way also.”

If Griffin can play like he did in 2012, running for 815 yards and seven touchdowns while also having a passer rating of 102.4, that would be great news for Washington. But only if Griffin can play like he did in 2012 and stay healthy.

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  1. Two key points here. First, fast does not equal a good passer rating. Two, Fast does not equal durable. that is, if Griffin can run like he did in 2012, does that mean the same serious injuries like in 2012? That is, concussion and torn up knee? Early or late? Hey, at least he’s bigger than Manziel.

  2. Um, if I remember correctly, did he not get hurt because he ran so often ?

    I don’t see how this is good for the Redskins, 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

  3. And he’s gonna expose himself to another season ending injury same as 2012. All that education from Baylor and still can’t figure out how to work in the pocket….

  4. If you are a running QB you will not remain healthy. RG3 is more like Vick then any other QB. And don’t try to compare him to Russell Wilson that’s laughable. Goodluck with that running around and multiple injury issues though!

  5. 2012. The year the Read-option was going to take the league by storm. Until teams realized that having your QB get hit every other play wasn’t a good longterm plan.

  6. People talk about his accuracy. Those are the same people who like to kick someone while they are down. His accuracy is superb when hes healthy. He is a tremendous thrower. Look at his first season. That was one of the best first seasons of any QB in NFL history. I got a feeling Mr RG3 is in for a big season. But I also expect improvement from him to read defenses correctly and to assess that. His accuracy I am not worried one bit about that at all.

  7. Football is better when RG3 is clicking. The excitement even opposing defenses expressed at watching him in 2012 (remember the Giants’ awe?) is something special. I honestly think people have forgotten how amazing his rookie season was.

    If he stays healthy,
    If his mechanics are back to form,
    And if DJax plays up to his potential…

    The Redskins could be dangerous.

    Assuming, of course, that Tyler Turnstile Polumbus either improves or gets beaten out by Moses. Otherwise RG3 is going to have .3 seconds each snap to get rid of the ball.

  8. Last chance. If he doesn’t step up in a major way THIS SEASON, he is officially a BUST! Lucky for the skins they have Kirk Cousins ready to take that job if RGIII proves to not be up to snuff.

  9. “RG3 is like Vick!”

    Why? Because he’s black and fast? Their games are as similar as Peyton and Big Ben’s.

    Reality: Vick was never a good short-to-intermediate thrower, but had a great deep ball. RG3 throws an ok deep ball, but is a far more polished passer than Vick was on shorter stuff. RG3 in his rookie season was one of the best play-action passers in the league, and Vick never was. Vick was a much better open-field runner.

    The comparison can’t be made.

  10. Yeah… let’s hope a guy like Haloti doesn’t jack the side of his knee again… or any other QBs’ knee, seeing that would be bad for anyone.

  11. The most important thing for Griffin is to completely FORGET about running for yardage, and only run to escape or extend a play.

  12. So Haters…why so concerned? Why is it you Seattle fans are concerned that he may be compared to Wilson? See you in week 5 and you can compare for yourself.

  13. Hope for his sake he only runs during away games. Because the field he plays his home games on is an embarrassment to the NFL and will shorten his career by years.

  14. but I thought he got hurt playing the way he did he did in 2912 and it was all shanahan’s fault. so does that mean if the same thing happens again this season it will it still be shanahan’s fault? or does he only get the blame for the injury and not the success he had in 2012?

  15. I would liked to have gotten behind this guy, he seems likable, smart, fun to watch.

    Here’s the but. Taking shots at your coaching staff, current or former, through the media, is a flaw. That tells me right off that the guy doesn’t have the character of a Brady or Manning, and I say there’s trouble down the road.

  16. He’ll be fine…. He’s more akin to Steve Young than Mike Vick. Rookie yr-3200 yds, 20 td’s, 5 int’s…..& 3 of those hit the wr’s in their hands! He doesn’t need his feet, but the speed & mobility makes defenses think twice. That’s the key.

  17. Redskins fans are an interesting bunch. If fans of other teams don’t praise Griffin as one of the best QB to ever play the position, then we’re somehow haters.

    Fact is Griffin may or may not be as good with his legs as he was in 2012, but doing the same things he did in 2o12 WON’T work in 2014.

  18. Will never be smart enough to lead a team like Russell Wilson.
    He’s an egomaniac and that’s why he didn’t get along with Shanahan.

    He was good friends with Josh Gordan though so yal have that at least

  19. He can be as fast as usain bolt. When you throw like like Vince young you are not going to be a good qb. And the jury is in 12-0 guilty of sucking at qb

  20. Not to call out Redskin fans looking praising his passing rating of 2012 but watching those games teams had no clue how to defend the read option. He would come out of those play actions and his first read was opened with 3 yards of separation at least over the middle and a few big go routes like he did in college.

    Teams got tape on the young QB just like they did Wilson, Newton, Kaep, were more aggressive against read option and took away the first read and you get what you see from RG3 in 2013. I think he can bounce back but instead of just talking about fast he is…Is he going through progressions, is he working on his footwork, is he ready to take the negative shots that all leaders take for their team and not point fingers?

  21. I know that it is the slow news time of year but there seems to be an RG3 story every day. Maybe if this guy won some games instead of mouthing off we would all think more highly of him. Why do we hear more about him than Russell Wilson or Joe Flacco. They both have won something, at least.

  22. You can not praise him, but saying he sucks or he’s a bust. Or wishing him injured dis the crap we’re sick of. The fact is is that his guy receives an odd amount of hate and it’s our contention that a lot of it is due to jealousy.

  23. I hope he’s back to his old self. That’s great for the league and is fans. Looking forward to it.

  24. If you’re a RG3 fan or not – what else do you expect the OC to say? I mean, his 2012 self is what the franchise drafted and expect him to be. If he’s not able to return to that, the OC will soon be out of a job in today’s NFL.

    Let me know when you find an OC that says “Yeah, I’ve been watching X QB and I’ll be honest…I think he’s lost a step.” Now that’s a story.

  25. I don’t want him to run a lot either. I think the OC is just talking about when receivers aren’t open and he runs, just like Aaron Rodgers or Luck does, he’ll take off and be real effective at that. At least I hope that’s what he means. Qbs can’t survive the NFL if they run too often.

  26. I clearly remember this time last year.. Dr. Andrews calling him a freak how well and fast he recovered and all these Skins fans amazed at camp at his speed and arm strength… then week one happened.

  27. LOL at all the critics…

    yes he regressed as most 2nd yr QBs do.. but he was also less than a year recovered from ACL

    RG3 is the real deal….. and by end of the year the discussion will be whether he or Luck is better and which will be the 5th true elite QB

  28. A QB can be faster than a cheetah but if he can’t stay healthy for 16 games due to getting creamed after runs, then he may as well be caged kitty cat.

  29. and for the guy saying don’t compare him to Wilson…. I agree completely

    RG3 is a whole level, or two, better and of higher potential than Wilson….. and I like Wilson

    and he is at least 2 levels better than the rest of the young guys (other than Luck)

  30. Also, running in an of itself isn’t the problem. Not sliding is. Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick haven’t even come close to getting injured. They slide yards before contact. Russell Wilson could slide a little more than he does, but he still does a great job of protecting himself rather that squeezing out unnecessary yards.

    RG3 said he was gonna enlist Bryce Harper to teach him how to slide (there’s that ego again). I hope he follows through.

  31. Even though he talks a lot it is usually a positive message. I really don’t see much ego in anything he says. He just calls it the way he sees it.

    Anybody who goes through what he did in year 2 is going to change their game in year 3. There is no doubt as I have followed his entire career from high school that he can take a hit in the pocket. A pass rush does not affect his ability to read and throw, but his injuries have occurred on plays where he was individually creating. He will keep that in check this year and just play…and I suspect it will be at a rather high level.

    I just laugh at people who think he is a bust, but yeah, it could happen, but it won’t be because he is not a great QB.

  32. As a REAL Washington Redskins fan from the days of 1970 forward, I hope this clown RGME is injured and never comes back.

    The Redskins are full of crap – they drafted a player who has no real QB skills – he is a running back who can complete passes of less than 15 yards, can’t read a defense, holds the ball twice as long as GREAT QBs, cannot run a two minute offense in less than four minutes, fumbles the ball more than average, has never exhibited any leadership on the field ever in college or the pros, and has to run in order to buy him time (not because of the offensive line) – because he uses the mismatches to hide his inability to read any defense quick enough to make decisions.

    I actually saw this clown in college and he is not pro quality at any function you would demand from a QB – he was a gimmick and will never be more than a gimmick. He has a 386 processor when you need quadcore. He is inherently selfish and uncoachable – he is arrogant and foolish.

    And if he has his legs back, he’ll NEVER become a pro quality QB – he’ll be damaged goods and hopefully that will be a career ending saga. You’d be hard pressed to find a more overrated player in the NFL and we can only hope that this is the end – he gets his legs back and returns to being a gimmick – and we all know how that story ends.

  33. Lol – the naysayers are right on schedule. Keep praying on his downfall, hoping he’ll be injured by mid-season. It’s most likely the anti-rg3 trolls will just be grasping at straws by then.

  34. I’m not a hater. I don’t think he’s that good. I do not want to see this man get injured because I want to see him and the Washington fan base explain his lack of REAL quarterback skills without an injury for an excuse.

  35. I don’t mind what Graymares said. I disagree, I guarantee I’ll show up if he plays bad, but usually naysayers are ghost if there opinions prove to be wrong. So maybe you’ll show up when RGIII is in that MVP race.

  36. Can’t believe people are saying RGIII has no real QB skills. The hell? He can make amazing throws and good reads. To the supposed Redskins fan who hates RGIII. I just hope you don’t jump on the bandwagon when the Redskins are winning.

  37. @skinsfan91, I have eaten a lot of crow over the years and I will be around and admit it if I’m wrong. But I’m really confident I’m right on this one.

  38. This team is going to be awesome next year. Robert Griffin III, the dual threat quarterback with intense speed and a very powerful arm, throwing to long bomb specialist DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. Alfred Morris is there running the ball, and he is looking to have a great season like he has the past 2 years. This offense is going to torch teams with bad defenses like the Cowboys and the Eagles. As long as RGIII doesn’t hurt his knee again, this team will lead the division and have a great run in the playoffs.

  39. Even the mentally slow Forrest Gump was smart enough to SLIDE…

    ya’ll remember his famous saying…

    Run Forrest Run…

    but it’s the 2nd part that has been lost…

    It really goes like this…

    Run Forrest Run and then slide Forrest slide…

    Forrest was NEVER on the DL…

  40. Compare RG3 to Russell Wilson Laughable =
    your right!– RG3 will CRUSH WILSON with a healthy knee and the weapons he has this year!!

  41. What do we know about running QB’s? They’re great and fun to watch, until they inevitably get hurt.

  42. As long as the playbook has very few planned running plays for him and he makes the right decisions on when to GO, I do see him being a SERIOUS threat.
    If the playbook has him as the optional ball carrier alot I don’t see him lasting very long.
    He doesn’t appear to have the lower body frame to last long with more than < average contact for a QB, i.e. chicken legs. IMO

  43. Not a redskins fan but I think rg3 has quite a bit of talent. He is like most young players however in that he has a lot of work to do to get to the elite level. Andrew luck is about as polished a player as we have seen come out of college recently and he is still and int machine. Of the elite qbs out there now, only Brady and Manning were great from the get go. Brees, Rodgers, and most others built up to where they are now. The only concern I have around rg3 is that he had this expectation around him that could really prevent him from just accepting that he may suck at some parts of quarterbacking and may just need to acknowledge they so he can humbly go about fixing it and getting better.

  44. “This team is going to be awesome next year.”

    What about this year? I guess you admit RGKnee will falter this year, and they’ll be starting Cousins next year. Sounds about right.

  45. I love all the random Seahawks fans (half of whom probably weren’t even fans before last season) coming out all the sudden beating their chests about knocking the Redskins out of the playoffs when if Griffin was healthy for that whole game – you lose.

    They were tearing you up before he got hurt – and so many Seahawks fans breathed a sigh of relief when he went down.

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