Adam Gase: Broncos offense can be better in 2014


There wasn’t much to complain about on offense for the Broncos in 2013.

They scored 606 points, Peyton Manning set a record for the most touchdown passes in a single season and five different players scored at least 10 touchdowns on the way to an AFC title. Most teams would be thrilled to simply repeat that kind of productivity, especially after losing wide receiver Eric Decker to free agency, but offensive coordinator Adam Gase has bigger things on his mind.

“Oh yeah, we can be better. We can do some things better, we can make better calls, I can make better calls, I can get us in better situations,” Gase said, via “There are some things we’ve got our eyes on.”

The one spot where there’s clear room for improvement would be in the running game, where the Broncos felt they underperformed last season even as Knowshon Moreno was running for more than 1,000 yards. The team ran for just more than four yards per carry, a number that could have been higher given how much respect opponents had to pay the Broncos passing game.

Moreno wasn’t re-signed and the team is looking to Montee Ball to carry the load well enough to set up Peyton Manning’s play-action game, something that second-round pick Cody Latimer could also help after John Elway called him the best blocking wideout in this year’s draft. Whether that leads to a better Broncos offense is up in the air, but just repeating would likely be good enough to get Denver back to the top of the AFC.

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  1. Statistically it might not be (those numbers last year were video game like) but creatively it’s possible.

    The return of Ryan Clady is an immediate, incredible upgrade to last years team.

    Julius Thomas tore up the league last year and his route tree was minimal.

    Eric “trip over my own two feet” Decker is gone and Emmanuel Sanders will be better.

    Still shell shocked from that final but got reasons to believe in this years team. (Just like every other franchise this time of year)

  2. Peyton will put up huge numbers during the regular season, as usual, and then choke like George W. Bush wolfing down a pretzel during the playoffs.

  3. Chargers will shut them down. Last year Denver had their two lowest regular season offensive stat games against the Bolts and our defense is majorly upgraded now. Chargers win the division and Broncos get a wild card.

  4. Sanders replaces decker and adds more speed to their offense. Latimore also adds speed. That offense will be just as good but it won’t put up the numbers it did last year because the broncos play the NFC west, home of the best defenses in the nfl.

  5. eh, you never know though, megahead is turning into an old fart, and even the legendary gunslinger’s production fell of the face of the earth following his spectacular 2009 season.

  6. Dont understand the “chokes in playoffs” handle Peyton gets.
    He wins them half the time and he’s always in them.
    Would you whine if your qb had 20+playoff games?

  7. Not likely considering that they won’t have the easiest schedule in the league again this year.

  8. To me it mostly hinges on the offensive line being better. Getting Clady back is huge but Franklin needs to better at guard and Clark needs to pass protect as well at right tackle as he did at left. I think those things can happen but we got to see.

    I believe Ball will be money but it’s also an unknown. He did have the 2nd best yards per carry in the NFL in the final six games.

    At the end of the day they don’t really need to be better on offense. Being much better on defense will increase there chances of winning the Super Bowl more. 3 and outs can change games so fast and allow the offense to find its groove. With the personnel that has been added and that are coming back from injury, Del Rio better get them playing as a top 5 defense.

  9. Lmfao Seahawk fans are so lame , you won 1 super bowl been to 2 stop it already. Denver has been to 7 won 2. By the way how are the Sonics doing? Denver has sold out every year every game win or loose period. The nfl felt bad for you guys for the last supper bowl you guys played in against the Steelers. And we had 7 defensive players out and the best left tackle in the game out. Good l luck in the 14 season you will need it.

  10. Sure, it is possible for the Donkeys offense to be better in 2014. The problem is that the Super Bowl will be played in 2015, and everyone knows that the old man chokes in the big games.
    Another issue……….even IF the offense is better… the Seahawks offense will be better also. AND their defense will STILL be better than the Donkeys offense

    Pete Carroll has built a dynasty team.

  11. Peyton Manning has 1 super Bowl win in how many years?

    Russell Wilson has 1 Super Bowl win in only his 2nd season.

  12. I don’t think they’re matching that point total considering they’re playing the NFC West this year so that’s 4 games right there that will be a dogfight.

  13. manning’s only in it for his personal awards, he doesn’t care about the sb. Another thing, donkey fans should stop whining about injuries already, each and every team had their share last season, actually some had more guys out injured than donkeys. You lost the sb 43 – 8, that speaks volumes about your wonderful team.

  14. I think the Super Bowl would have been a much different story if Denver had just 3 of their key players available, not injured.

    Ryan Clady, Pro Bowl LT, would have made a huge difference as SEA was able to get pressure rushing just 4 guys. He would have solidified LT, giving DEN the option to put Chris Clark at RT and slide Franklin over to Guard (which is what they will do this year).

    DEN actually did a decent job on 1st and 2nd downs, but was killed on 3rd downs by slot receiver Doug Baldwin. Pro Bowl slot CB Chris Harris would have made a huge difference, as he had the quickness and skill to cover him on 3rd downs, something no other CB for DEN could do.

    DEN also couldn’t get any pressure on Russell. Von Miller would’ve made a huge difference here as one of hte elite pass rushers in the NFL.

    There are many other injuries that hurt, including Derrick Wolfe at DT. But I think DEN would’ve had a real chance at winning that game if they just had those three key Pro Bowl players available.

    And for the record, SEA didn’t have any significant injuries in that game. I’m not making any excuses for DEN, just saying that they were not nearly as bad as they looked on that one Sunday, as some posters here have stated. I guess they missed the record-setting offense during the regular season and the blowout win against the Patriots in the AFC Championship game.

  15. Alot of teams did have injuries but not to as many key players. And if they did they didn’t break nfl records and play in the super bowl.

    Jim harbaugh has the best Nick name for the Seahawks. Team addiral.:-)

  16. Many teams had significant injuries, including ravens, NE, and San Fran…Like I said maestro, you donkey fans using the injury excuse is old and lame….was megahead injured?? He played and was supposed to put on a clinic for young Wilson, but from what the world saw, it was the other way around. Complete embarrassment! Megahead was allowed to meet with Gase during the offseason, which is against the rules…but nfl royalty doesn’t have to follow any rules…so let’s see if he can “get better.” What’s the next excuse going to be? Give Seattle credit for their complete domination of that game, instead of all the excuses.

  17. You are a Moran what happend to team adderal when they played in the afc best ohhhh yea that’s right they ran like a bunch of cowards. They was the only team in the afc west that didn’t have the tradition as the Broncos, raiders, chiefs, and chargers .And by the way the looks of those new uniforms it looks as if the cfl might be next .
    Shaun kemp…

  18. SCW….how did any of those teams you name do last year?

    One team missed the playoffs entirely. The other 2 lost in conference championship. DEN, meanwhile, set records on offense and blew out one of those teams you mentioned in the AFC Championship game.

    And if you read my post, you would know that I wasn’t providing an excuse for the SB loss; I was merely disagreeing with you and several posters who stated that DEN was not good.

    Thanks for proving my point!

  19. Not to hate, but why do people think Manning will make it thru the the season? Father time is on this dude like the grim reaper is on a SAMCRO cut. It’s not just the neck or the fact he doesn’t have the velocity anymore…. Those ankles are shot! We shall see that division like the NFC west will be interesting this year.

  20. Ton of good viewpoints on here, from real NFL fans who are passionate about, not only their team, but the Game itself, which is totally cool. Did the Broncos’ season tickets for 8 yrs while living there. I scour the NFL news 365 to check out my team. I pretty much lean toward realism, and that adds up to no Nancy-boy schedule in 2014.I’m a little pissed by Broncos lack of bringing in a vet running back to pick up the pass rush,sorta borders on arrogance. Handing the RB duties to 2nd yr Ball, and his UFA backups with no NFL experience to pick up a blitz? Playing NFC West? I think not! Peyton gets knocked out for the season and they are toast. Backup QB experience?=0 San Diego wins Division, Broncos potential wildcard.

  21. Big Donk head since the late 60″s. Highly unlikey they will put up offensive numbers like last year. What needs their focus is defense. Gotta shut down the bleeding.

    Denver has a killer schedule this year. But they will be ok, make the playoffs and have a deep run. Believe!

  22. It could be but, since they won’t have last years cupcake schedule, it won’t be.

  23. In the past 20 years no team that has lost the super bowl goes back to the super bowl the following year. bye bye broncos

  24. They had the easiest schedule in the whole league last year, this year they have a pretty tough one, and 50% of Manning’s yards were after the catch (against bad teams). Their offense will not be better this year.

  25. In the last 60+ yrs the Seahawks never won a bowl then they won . The nfc won like 13 strait super bowels then Denver won. We have never had a black president than we got one. Get my drift. Denver likes to break trends

  26. They need to put some $ in backup O-Linemen … when the starters go down they get into trouble and Knowshon’s blocking will be what is missed most!

  27. You’re still talking about injuries maestro….that’s the only point you insist on. All teams have injuries, 43 – 8 is the best point.

  28. Adam gase is not saying the Broncos offense will put up the same numbers, but they will be more creative on offense. I agree. The Broncos can definitely be more efficient on offense and far more creative with the addition of Emmanuel Sanders. As good as Denver’s offense was last year, they did make a lot of big mistakes in the process.

    And to all of you who is saying Peyton will choke, please tell me who your quarterback is. I would love to know because as far as I’m concerned, Peyton gives any team the best chance to win, so shut the hell up.

    And to all of you damn seahawk fans, Im not even a Bronco fan, but you are really annoying making fun of the broncos. Your quarterback ain’t better than Peyton. Russell is very good as a playmaker, but even an average quarterback can win with that defense that the Seahawks have. Russell gets saved by his defense. If you traded Peyton to the seahawks and Russell to the Broncos, the Seahawks would be winning every damn year. Peyton has always worked with a lackluster defense and a weak running game, both of which Seattle have that Peyton didn’t, so stop all this talk about how Peyton sucks. He can’t do it all by himself.

    The only quarterbacks who are comparable to Peyton is Brees, Rodgers, and Brady.

    Don’t knock Peyton for what he does and who he is, one of the best to ever play the game.

  29. Denver *is* breaking trends. They now have the most SB losses of any team. They were tied with Buffalo and Minnesota.

  30. The Donkeys will be right behind the Chiefs this year at the bottom of the league.

    Just fold baby.

  31. They need to run the ball much more effectively; teams that are much more slanted toward the passing game have great regular seasons, but tend to struggle deep in the playoffs. Balance – not just defense – wins championships.

  32. I guarantee the Broncos will win the afc this year. The defence will be a top5 D.
    And the best part is that we will keep contending for the next 10yrs mr. Elway is the best gm in football. Josh mcdummy sabotage my team then ran back to New England because Broncos are the only team tommy boy has a losing record against.
    Thank you again John for saving our beloved Broncos americas team

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