Can undrafted RB Antonio Andrews make Titans’ roster?

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When the Titans moved on from Chris Johnson, they parted ways with one of the NFL’s true featured backs. Whether you love Johnson’s game or not, he was durable, dependable and versatile for Tennessee. He sat out but one game in six seasons with the Titans, and he could be used in just about any situation.

Now, the Titans are essentially starting over in the backfield. Second-round pick Bishop Sankey looks likely to play a major role, and veteran tailback Shonn Greene will probably also get some work, too.

With this lack of a standout runner comes an opportunity for the Titans’ backs. Sankey likely has a real chance to take this job and make it his. The door is also open for Greene to earn more carries than a season ago, when he received just seven per game behind Johnson. However, Greene is coming off right knee surgery.

The backs down the depth chart also have a chance to shine. Take undrafted rookie Antonio Andrews, who will try to capture a reserve role for Tennessee.

Andrews told the Nashville Tennessean he knows he needs to make the most of his opportunities with the club.

“You’ve got to show that you’re trustworthy, that they can depend on you no matter what situation they put you in,” Andrews said, per the Tennessean‘s David Climer.

Dependability could be the determining factor for Andrews, especially when he’s competing against a back like veteran backup Jackie Battle, who’s made a living doing a little bit of everything. But there’s room for a fresh face to make an impact in Tennessee with Johnson gone. Sankey is the probably favorite to fill that role, but if that doesn’t pan out, then who knows?

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  1. CJ has a ton of talent, but he’s not a playmaker. Nor was he a leader or inspiration to others. Word is he was just the opposite. He got his money then rode it out. Now he trash talks the Titans.

    I’m glad to be rid of him and to be seeing others finally get a real chance to play.

  2. A lot of undraft players make rosters because they feel like they have something to play for.

  3. Not a playmaker? Seriously? You can question his YPC average going down, but the guy is still a threat to go the distance any time he touches the ball.

    I’m not a fan of him denigrating his old team, nor of his “me” attitude that he’s cultivated in the last few years. But I’ll give credit where credit is due. CJ makes plays, and he’ll make plenty of them for the Jets. Unfortunately, he’ll also get tackled for losses too many times. Feast or famine, that’s just how he is.

    -Titans fan

  4. Playmakers MAKE plays. CJ waits for the perfect hole and if it’s not there then he doesn’t go. Then he blames the Oline.

    It doesn’t matter if he’s threat every time he touches the ball if he doesn’t make any plays. He does just enough to stay relevant and make money.

  5. CJ is a me player. Only cares about his stats. Rather get 1,500 yards and miss playoffs than go 11-5. Having said that, he is/was an amazing talent than can make huge plays. The problem is that you have to give him the ball 30 times, accept 25+ minimal gains, and then hope he can pop one. Can’t make long drives with this approach.

    I too am glad he is gone. It should be easy to replace his production for the past couple of years – any RB can suck. And I suspect he has lost a step…he hasn’t had that flash-through-a-hole or get half-a-step on a guy and run for long TDs. Seems like his occasional long play is when he was wide open – not like the “old” days.

    Glad he is gone. Two years too late.

  6. I’m pretty sure the money was what prompted the Titans to let CJ go. I don’t think their problems running the ball were his fault, but rather the OLine’s, but why pay a back the kind of money CJ was getting when you can’t run it?

  7. Sounds like this kid already knows something CJ never did: how to be a team player.

  8. If you want to maintain a single drive Jet’s fans, you better hope this guy isn’t your every down back. The 3 & outs after he falls down for -1 & .5 yards will drive you insane.

  9. There’s one thing this kid has right now is that he’s hungry!!! I say wait til pre-season comes around to see what he looks like and if he makes some plays then why not? Give him a shot… Have an insurance policy in case Shonne Greene goes down this yr…again!

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