Chris Johnson tells Johnny Manziel to keep on partying


Jets running back Chris Johnson said plenty in a recent slow-week interview with  As to Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, the man formerly known as CJ2K opined that the man currently known as Johnny Football (among other things) should continue with his fast life.

Be your own man,” Johnson said, via Dom Cosentino of  “Do what you got to do.  It’s the offseason.  That’s when you get time to do whatever you want to do and live your life.  I’m pretty sure once the season gets here, he’ll be all right.  He’s going to focus in on football.  But this is the time now to where he’ll be able to hang out and do some of the things you want to do.  Because once the season gets here, you really have no life.  It’s just football and football.”

That’s fine, but when a owner who has developed a Steinbrenner streak says “tone it down,” it makes sense to tone it down.  At least a little.

Instead, Manziel responded by doing that one thing that would have seemed like that outlandish, phony multiple-choice option aimed at generating an easy laugh:  “Party with Justin Bieber.”

It remains to be seen whether Manziel’s open act of defiance costs him when the Browns reconvene, and whether the Fourth of July weekend produces any other images of Manziel partying with the likes of Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, and/or one or more of Kardashians.

56 responses to “Chris Johnson tells Johnny Manziel to keep on partying

  1. If Chris Johnson is defending your lifestyle you should probably change it

  2. CJ could well be the last person on this planet from whom I’d take advice!

  3. CJ2K is about the last person I’d ever take advice from and honestly, unless he wrote this down – can you even be sure he actually said it?

  4. I like how everyone predicts he will decide to tone it down once the season starts.

    Dude couldn’t focus in for a weekend at the Manning football camp when his future was still up in the air and his image was hurting his draft stock.

  5. Not a Manziel fan at all, but I find it hilarious that people are so called worried about Manziel partying. Most of the negative comments will come from people who hate the kid and want to see him fail in life.
    Does Manziel needs to be humble? Nope
    Does Manziel needs to stop partying? Nope
    All Manziel needs to do is stay drug free and be prepared for the start of the season, not my friend or a role model for my kids. That’s my job.

  6. Cj2K not lately
    May not be the guy to look to, talk to Chris Carter then take a hard look at Josh Gordon being “his own man”.

    Pretending to be a teenager like Beiber is not being a man, taking your responsibilities and making them a priority over parties is being a man,

  7. I agree. Do it while you still can, Johnny. In 3 years, you’ll be so washed up, even MC Hammer wouldn’t party with you.

    This kid is Jimmy Clausen 2.0 with added hype and a silly nickname that will work against him when he inevitably flops.

  8. Alcohol and Partying late on Friday & Saturday weekends do not make for elite playing on Sundays.

  9. What a dilemma for people hate Johnson and love Manziel. How can their hate for CJ2k survive, yet agree with him that Johnny should “party on dude”?

    That’s one of them, thar conundrums.

  10. Please ~~~, all his future opponents think that. His irresponsible ways will make him that much easier to defeat since he’ll either flame out, be benched, be suspended or be hung over. Or just just be very under-prepared.

    Party on, Dude.

  11. I’m guessing that within 10 years (maybe even 5), Chris Johnson is going to be one of those guys you read about who blew all his money and is broke. While Manziel will still have tens of millions of his rich daddy’s money to be living off of.

  12. I love the excuse-makers of Manziel. Show me one elite QB who drank and partied like that after being freshly drafted. This is not exactly the blueprint for success. The red flags are flying.

    I can’t wait for his first season.

  13. I remember as a kid reading an article that when Bobby Orr was a rookie with Beantown Bruins, a few of the guys cut him up with razor blades and knocked him around to toughen him up…

    My guess is that there will be a few defensive guys that will ride Johnny hard behind closed door.

    By September you will see a different Johnny.

  14. He focused enough to beat Alabama and turn a garbage A&M team to an SEC powerhouse… You guys need to chill… By the way the “name one quarterback” people don’t know what they’re talking about if they think successful quarterbacks don’t party on weekends in the offseason.

  15. Johnny plays his best when he’s in the spotlight. He appears to crave the attention – he loves it and he has no fear.
    Chris Johnson is wiser than he looks, he offered great advice. Be yourself, Johhny Football. Restore the Browns to greatness.

  16. “By the way the “name one quarterback” people don’t know what they’re talking about if they think successful quarterbacks don’t party on weekends in the offseason.” Hmmmm, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Tony Romo, Steve Young. How many stories are in the press about their parties on the weekends? Surely they have been higher profile than Manziel for a significantly longer time.

  17. There’s a reason guys get to the NFL. They are the best. Whether that’s a product of talent or hard work. CJ is of the “talent” variety, and those guys get to the NFL, but they rarely make an impact. When defenses caught up to him, his talent couldn’t take him any further.

    Manziel has been coddled his whole life. Since the media, players, and coaches started weighing in on the issue, Manziel has responded the only way you could expect from someone who’s never been told “No” in his life.

    I like Manziel, when he’s got the hot hand he’s flat out dominant, but I think he’s out of the league inside of four years.

  18. Look for all the love or hate you may have for Manziel and his lifestyle he is just doing what most every other just signed to a multi million dollar pro football contract would do during the few months of off time before training and the season starts. The only real difference is he made history winning the Heisman trophy as a freshman and because of that has some famous friends due to the sudden stardom from that win. Add on the fact that the press pretty much follows EVERYTHING he does more so than probably most any other pro football player who isn’t getting arrested and this is what you get. Look someone should slap him for partying with Beiber cause Beiber is the DEFINITION of D-Bag but cut the guy some slack until the season starts and lets all see what happens.

  19. Johnson didn’t tell Manziel to keep partying. He told him to be his own man and to do what he wants while he can. Still, Manziel does “keep partying” at his own peril. Eerily silent are his own teammates and coaches. Is Manziel in shape at all now? Does he have his own program he’s going through? Will he turn off the sidebars when football starts? Or will we still see him out whooping it up at 3am on Mondays? What’s odd is I see all these articles about P-A-R-T-Y but not a single one about C-O-M-M-I-T-M-E-N-T. Some guys out there drafted high but didn’t do well in the NFL because they just liked having a good time more than football. Time will tell who Johnny is.

  20. Oh yeah, and Josh Gordon chose to keep on partying too. Fate unknown. When football starts, Johnny will probably be throwing to someone who doesn’t party so much–that is, if Johnny himself is still around to throw.

  21. What the hell is browns organization going to do if he doesn’t tone it down? He’s hasn’t broken any laws. What honestly can they do? They’d look like idiots if they cut him. And Johnny would be
    happier in Dallas anyway lol.

  22. Chris Johnson also told him to tell anyone who would listen that he could throw for 6000 yards, 60 TD’s and could out-run Vick. Remember it’s not how you play its how you run your mouth that counts.

    Rule #1, shut your mouth and play pretty.
    Rule #2, every second spent not learning the playbook is wasted.
    Rule #3, getting wasted with Bieber makes you a bad gamble.

  23. I mean he’s not getting in trouble, the only thing he’s doing is living his life. Chris Johnson isn’t saying anything wrong the title of the article kind of misleading cause he only said “Be your own man” “Do what you got to do” …

  24. The idea that all young people party is a myth. This is the real world, not a 1980s John Hughes film, Sporto.

    To succeed at the highest level takes dedication to your profession. Party when you retire or when you actually win something in your profession. In the meantime, get to work.

  25. Perhaps the Browns actually told Manziel to keep leading the media on by making appearances (or “partying” as the media ties to sell) with famous people so there’s a built-in excuse for the browns to start Hoyer, which was the plan all along.

  26. I love the excuse-makers of Manziel. Show me one elite QB who drank and partied like that after being freshly drafted. This is not exactly the blueprint for success. The red flags are flying.
    Joe Namath and Ken Stabler come to mind.

    I would really love to know what this guy has done to piss off so many people. Sounds like jealousy to me.

    Why does someone have to fail so you can feel better about your own life? I don’t get it.

  27. Man. everyone is going to hard on this guy. even peyton, drew brees, tom brady… everybody has a beer and parties on the weekends. he hasnt been arrested or failed a drug test so obviously hes doing something right. hes still the first on in to practice and the last to leave so whats the big deal? who wouldnt have fun on the weekends if you suddenly started making that much money at that age?? the only reason hes news and no one else is is because this dude is watched more closely and more hyped than even Tim Tebow. Dont judge a book by its cover, soon enough we all will see how focused he is.. and my guess is very.

  28. I can’t wait to season opener when Pittsburgh welcomes him in the toughest division in football

  29. Now that johnson is in NY he hasn’t shut his mouth… Another 15 min he thinks.

  30. Have fun Johnny, but Johnny be Good. Learn your play book! Show your team you’re 100% committed to the team!

  31. Leave the poor kid alone, he knows exactly what he’s doing. After all he took the Josh Gordon rookie behavioral class and aced it.

    At this pace it won’t be long before he’ll be able to hang out with his new friends Josh Gordon and Darryl Washington. If that doesn’t work out he can hang out and learn from his owner before he goes to prison…..what a match made in heaven.

    And you wonder why Cleveland is a perennial loser…..I feel sorry for their fans.

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