De’Anthony Thomas: I’m a player no one’s ever seen before


While in college at Oregon, running back De’Anthony Thomas contended for national titles and individual awards thanks to his game-breaking ability on offense and special teams.

He’s taking a step up in class this year after being selected by the Chiefs in the fourth round of the draft in May, but he doesn’t see too much changing for himself. Thomas told that his goals for his rookie season include winning Rookie of the Year, leading Kansas City in a slew of offensive categories and making a trip to the Super Bowl. What gives Thomas the confidence to set such bold goals for himself?

“I’m a player that nobody’s ever seen step on the football field,” Thomas said.

The big question will be how much Thomas gets to step on the field. While a role as a returner looks to be his to lose, Thomas isn’t locked into an expansive role on offense for the Chiefs as a rookie. His speed makes him a intriguing prospect, but he missed OTAs because Oregon was still in session and he’s smaller than most players who are holding down the every-down roles it takes to make good on those goals.

If the Chiefs find a way to use that speed a handful of times a game, Thomas won’t be winning any hardware at the end of the season. Their offense will be more threatening, though, and that could make Thomas’ team goals more realistic.

37 responses to “De’Anthony Thomas: I’m a player no one’s ever seen before

  1. I’m not sure Black Mamba will be effective in the NFL. Sure he’s elusive but nowhere near as tough as Sproles or Woodhead. I guess the two questions that need to be answered fairly soon is 1. Will Thomas be able to add muscle to his frame and remain quick?
    2. Will he be able to take an NFL hit?

  2. There are hundreds of players in the NFL that are fast, strong and experienced that are trying to feed their families or otherwise are highly motivated. They put a lot of work into their craft and I doubt De’Anthony Thomas quite understands that yet.

  3. I can’t believe this article didn’t mention the name Jamal Charles. Seems that guy will be a pretty big ceiling on what kind of rookie season he has.

  4. Everyone thinks they are innovators now-a-days. You’re a dime a dozen dat. Nothing special. Stop listening to your mama…

  5. I haven’t seen this guy before, never heard of him. And that somehow makes him better then the players I have seen and heard of, like Watkins, Bortles, Manziel, Evans, and Mason?

  6. If you think about in a sort of abstract sense he is right. After all, he is a unique individual…

  7. Chip Kelly saw him and passed, but he did pick some Oregon guys so he was well aware.

  8. Just Andy Reidd’s latest Brian Westbrook/LeSean McCoy. So actually, we have seen you before. You might just hope you can live up to their standards. And oh btw, the guy you’re behind on the depth chart, pretty good.

  9. Yeah I’ve seen him before. He’s an Oregon Duck who looks good in the defenseless Pac 12, but stinks in the N.F.L…

  10. Are these people who are saying they’ve never heard of De’Anthony Thomas being serious? No wonder there are so many dumb posts. Watch a game every now and then.

  11. LaMichael James, Jaquizz Rogers, Steve Slaton, Dexter McCluster etc. etc. etc. ….never was and never will be…..

  12. Again, what is up with this rookie class? When they aren’t hanging with Bieber or calling out future HOF players….their telling us how great they are and how they are gonna light up the NFL. First step..go have your first training camp. Second step…go have your first preseason game. Third step…show you are worth a crap in the regular season…Talk is cheap and we have heard a lot of it as NFL fans to know it means nothing unless you bust your butt from day one and throughout your career.

  13. just worry bout taking kick and punt returns to the house and not fumbling, ok rook? then next year we can talk about how you can step it up when Jamal misses his obligatory 2-4 games annually….after Knile Davis gets a shot first.

  14. Yeah, nobody in NFL history has ever seen a skinny 170lb player like him before 😏. I predict he misses half the season being hurt. He isn’t even close to the best player college football had ever seen.

  15. I think “DAT” compares to Tavon Austin so maybe we have seen a player like him. But I do think if the Chiefs use him the right way, he will be a very exciting player. A good pick who will impact special teams right away.

  16. He’s perfect for the Chiefs and their fans because he’s completely delusional.

    Just fold baby.

  17. Dante Hall is 5’8″, DAT is 5’10”. Both were/are playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, who by chance have one of the BEST special teams year in and year out, just saying. If Knile Davis and Demps can score in there, what do you think DAT will do? I say teams don’t even kick to him from the get-go. If you think DAT is too fragile and cannot take a hit, you might wanna actually watch him first. He’s barely even touched with blockers in his vicinity.

  18. He does realize he’s going to play for the chiefs right? Yeah by my name I don’t have much room to talk, yet. But all the same. The chiefs haven’t won a playoff game since ’93 and I know it’s been a lot longer since they’ve been to a superbowl. Before anybody brings up last season, they didn’t beat 1 team with a winning record last year and lost in the 1st rd of playoffs. Nothing to see here folks, just another chief talking about delusions.

  19. As a rabid Chiefs Fan, I am happy with the Black Mamba pick. Size does not necessarily translate to failure in the NFL. Someone else already commented on how many smaller players have thrived in the NFL. It’s a misnomer…..
    We needed a return guy & a player to fill McCluster’s role & he has all the tangables. Speed kills in todays League. Just ask anyone who has defended Jamaal Charles. Oh yea, he was considered to be to small. To be a powerback, remember?
    Not saying he is even close to JC, I just like his potential & his confidence. Sounds to me like he just wants to succeed & that’s a GOOD thang, Yo!

  20. now that DAT’s first season in the NFL is in the books, most of you here look like fools after DAT just had a great season. He showed heart and didn’t even call for a fair catch during any of his punt returns. The guy’s a beast and a darn good NFL player! WTD baby!

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