D’Qwell Jackson hopes someone helps Josh Gordon pick up the pieces


Browns receiver Josh Gordon has found himself in trouble once again, raising questions about whether Gordon has any future in the NFL. But one former teammate says the bigger concern is the future direction of Gordon’s life.

D’Qwell Jackson, a linebacker who now plays for the Colts but was Gordon’s teammate in Cleveland the last two years, wrote on Twitter that he’s concerned about Gordon’s ability to manage his life after Gordon was arrested for DWI.

“If you’re close to Josh Gordon please help this kid, it’s not about football anymore it’s about picking up the pieces of his life,” Jackson wrote.

Gordon is among the most talented players in the NFL: Last season, despite missing two games and playing in an otherwise terrible offense in Cleveland, Gordon led the league in receiving yards. But Gordon’s problems with substance abuse have always overshadowed his accomplishments on the football field. In college at Baylor, Gordon was suspended from the football team twice for violations of team rules related to marijuana, and he ultimately left college early and entered the supplemental draft. As a pro, Gordon has already been suspended once by the NFL for violating the substance-abuse policy, he has an appeal hearing scheduled for late this month for a potential one-year suspension for another violation of the substance-abuse policy, and his DWI arrest could lead to further league discipline beyond the suspension he’s currently appealing.

Gordon is only 23 years old. If someone can help him pick up the pieces of his life, he could have a great career ahead of him. If not, Gordon will be remembered as one of the greatest wastes of talent in NFL history.

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  1. This is just like Justin Blackmon. What is with these guys? They have it all, and they throw it all away. I think maybe they just don’t realize how powerful drug or alcohol addiction is.

  2. Let’s see…

    WR josh gordon who was kicked off two college teams had the 4th most dropped passes in the NFL in 2013.

    WR Davone Bess had the 3rd most dropped passes in the NFL in 2013, the 4th most dropped passes in 2012, and was institutionalized due to “personal issues”.

    WR Greg Little had the 6th most dropped passes in 2013, 7th most dropped passes in 2011, and the 2nd most dropped passes in the NFL in 2011.

    … but… it was ALLLLLLLLLL Brandon Weeden’s fault.

  3. This guy would be the biggest waste of talent EVER if he doesn’t straighten out. One of the 5 best offensive weapons in the League with 1st ballot hall of fame talent about to be flushed right down the toilet!!

  4. Yup. Pot use is harmless; just causes some people to choose a bong over perhaps $50 million. That is just what we want to teach our kids. Let the td’s come.

  5. Parents? The guy has been an adult for half of a decade. You should understand the consequences of what you’re doing and the opportunities in front of you at 23. He’s not 13.

  6. It amazes me these athletes can take to social media and demand people help him. Jackson was his teammate for two years and probably has his phone number. Why not give him a call and take a personal interest if you care so much? Instead put down you twitter and fb and doing something about it. And other NFL players upset over people bashing him need to get over It as well cause John Q public isn’t going to help this guy nor are they going to feel bad this spoiled man child can’t get his act together. As a browns fan it would be great to see him turn it around but oh well won’t let it bother me any. But if these colleagues of his are so concerned stop pleading on social media and reach out. It like it’s the middle of season and you’re all so darn busy.

  7. It is sad. This guy keeps making mistakes. I said when he was available in the Supplemental Draft that teams should pass on him. He’s got a lot of issues and I think he needs help with his personal life. If I were the Browns I would keep his rights but give him a year or so to get right. He needs to get his life right before he is given another opportunity to play again. Otherwise he is going to go back down the same road and will end up suing the NFL in a few years because he’s broke.

  8. At some point in time, we are all held accountable for our own actions. Maybe Josh Gordon will realize this before it’s too late. Maybe not. The choice is his.

  9. As a tremendous talent, he probably was told all his life he was “special” and received special privileges and passes for bad behavior-such as being able to enter the NFL after being suspended from Baylor. There has likely been no one except a few coaches, who were only briefly involved in his life, that expected any accountability on him for his actions. His “friends” were probably just interested in riding the gravy train and not concerned about Gordon. Too many of these “special” athletes have never had to grow up and don’t don’t know how to cope with fame and fortune.

    Here’s a crazy thought…maybe he places a higher priority on spending time with MJ and booze than he does a career in football.

  10. There nothing wrong with Josh. the dude blew a 0.09 on a breathalizer lol, what a MAJOR criminal

    Nobody said he was a major criminal, on the other hand he has a pending appeal to not be kicked out of the NFL for at least a year. So to help his case, he hangs out with convicted felons, speeding with a passenger with drugs in possession, and then arrested for DWI. Last time I checked a average person would try to stay clear of legal issues while his job and career is on the ropes. Goodell probably lost compassion for the situation after this arrest. You have to look at whole picture and not just this arrest.

  11. Weeden can’t even get away from a flag, don’t forget Gordon got more yards in a two game stretch vs. Steelers & Jaguars thany anyone, ever, in the history of the NFL. It was all from his skill set & breakaway speed, not Weedens throws!

  12. So sick of the attitude that these are just mistakes. It’s not a mistake to intentionally break the law. (Silly weed law or not.) It’s not a mistake to use PEDs. It’s not a mistake to drive drunk. It’s not a mistake to work for a corporation and agree to their rules then flaunt your idiocy.

    And why does every one assume these idiots are hanging with a bad crowd and that causes the problems. Maybe these players ARE the bad crowd and the ones with them are the decent guys just getting caught up in the moment.

    Just because you’re a football player doesn’t automatically make you a good guy.

  13. Punish him hard and quit making excuses. He’ll either learn real quick or be on welfare inside of 10 yrs. He’s been treated as a special person for far too long and he’s never been forced to take responsibility for his own stupid actions. Want to act like a 10 yr old, get treated like one. Ban him, suspend him, put him in the gutter until he learns the hard way. The way most of us learned.

  14. At least Johnny is smart enough to get a limobus to drive him and his boys around. Why do you need to be driving yourself around when your not even in your home town. There are plenty of driving services out there that will cater to young millionaires.

  15. Everybody learns the important lessons sooner or later. Most of us had to learn growing up and in school. If you don’t learn then, life will teach you instead. Except if you wait till then, the penalties aren’t bad grades, groundings, and suspensions, but jail and loss of $$, or possibly your life. This is why people wonder how some athletes can throw it all away; they don’t understand that some haven’t learned the most basic things about what not to do. Super talent + excuse-making teachers/parents/colleges = young adult without any comprehension of accountability.

    He is well past the point of becoming an adult and common sense hasn’t kicked in. This is what it looks like when someone is moving out of the coddled parent/school realm and into life where the penalties are real.

  16. As a human being I say, what a shame.

    As a Ravens fan I say, so what, tough luck Brownies.

    Shoulda went with Watkins ! Writing was on the wall and Farmer chose to look the other way.

  17. Without knowing Josh Gordon, it’s difficult to state whether he has a real addiction problem or he is a moron.

    Second, I think it’s insane if these players have real addiction problems for the NFL to shun these players into solitude and not do anything to help them with their problems. These players generally get into trouble not during the season but in their downtime when there is no structure to their daily routine. If you want to suspend players for PED usage I get that becuz that gives the player and the team a competitive advantage. For drug usage it’s idiotic and has nothing to do with the product on the field. Art Modell used to have a program when he owned the Browns called the Inner circle that used to help players with their personal issues, alot of them drug related.

    The NFL instead of punishing these players need to help these players. It’s idiotic to suspend these players for non performance drug related issues. Take 10 million dollars that owners and players contribute to and set up the support system in and out of season to work gradually with these problem players. It doesn’t help your product or the players to shun them when they probably need football the most. Is the NFL better when one of your best players isn’t playing? No!

    You care about fans you say NFL. These actions say you dont. I want to watch the best players on the field not suspended for personal issues that have nothing to do with football.

  18. All the rest of us realize that WE are responsible for our own actions and nobody is going to save us or save our jobs if we break the rules…All jobs come with some sort of rules, regulations ,dress codes, and responsibilities and if we break these rules, then we lose our jobs..The world doesn’t give a crap about you or your excuses, and these overgrown babies need to shut up and take their medicine- They are NOT special at all..period

  19. How many other NFL players would have blown a 0.09 or better over the 4th of July weekend ? 30%, 40%, even 50%.? It was stupid only as it relates to his upcoming hearing. And, his suspension is based on him missing a drug test. Whether its bad luck or no luck, things just aren’t falling good for this kid.

  20. Hard to feel sorry about Gordon when he already new he was in trouble and then puts himself in a bad position as a DWI.

  21. He has his own meaning of “Super Bowl”.
    It’s weed packed in a pipe and the he drinks and gets stupid. Who are his friends that let’s him drink and drive anyway?
    Those are not friends.
    Friends let you crash on their couches or demand you take a taxi.
    Not drive the hell off.
    AND YEA… I have ripped keys out of peoples hands and said “sleep on my couch or sleep in my yard but your NOT driving that car”.
    They thanked me the next morning.
    Tough LOVE.
    Your friends are not YES people.
    Tour friends slap you over the head when you are screwing up.
    I never lost a friend because they knew I didn’t Love them anymore.
    I PRAY for friends I have lost.
    But if they are making a BAD decision when they are high or drunk.
    I step in.
    This guy has “hangers on”.. not true friends.

  22. Maybe if quits the weed and the booze he don’t catch the ball so good anymore. Ever think about that?

  23. As a Cincy fan, I don’t want to have to see a receiver who can rival AJ 2 times a year.

    As a human, I genuinely hope Josh Gordon gets help. A young person drinking or smoking weed is one thing. A young person smoking weed and drinking and driving knowing that it could cost them millions upon millions is whole different animal.

    I don’t think that he is being dumb; I think that has a very real disease.

  24. It’s obvious he needs professional help right now.
    He must have a friend out there somewhere. What has happened to his family?? Driving like that is ridiculous, just wait for a fatality and then see what happens. Josh Gordon get help NOW.

  25. I’m .09 a lot. I don’t drive drunk and do not risk my career while I am. It’s his choice to if he wants, and DQ or nobody is going to stop him except himself.

  26. Listening to Mike & Mike this morning and they are on here saying things like someone has to help this kid with his life, to help save his life?? What the heck are they atlking about I don’t get it. He smokes some pot and got a dwi on a .09 is this stuff life threathing? Herm Edwards & Chris Carter makes him sound like he is losing his life lol maybe I’m being naive but man it’s pot and .09 saying he has demons now on tv. Com’on man this isn’t all that bad is it? I don’t get all this acting like he’s in so much trouble it’s weed/a little drinking not all that hard stuff people shoot up. Let him play I say.. So What!!

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