Financial problems continue for Bryant McKinnie

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Bryant McKinnie has made tens of millions of dollars in his NFL career, but he hasn’t managed it wisely.

McKinnie has been in financial trouble before, and now his car was repossessed and will be auctioned to pay off $21,354.69 that he owes attorneys who represented him in a previous case.

Past money problems for McKinnie have included a strip club claiming he had run up $375,000 in unpaid bills, and having his wages garnished when he was with the Ravens because he hadn’t paid off a loan he took out during the lockout.

McKinnie is currently a free agent, and he has said he’s just hoping for a chance to compete for a job somewhere. McKinnie may need to get a job somewhere, just to pay his bills.

70 responses to “Financial problems continue for Bryant McKinnie

  1. The lockout loan and his inability to pay it back made no sense since they didn’t miss any games.

  2. blows through tens of millions and will be on public assitance very soon taking money from all of us… i wish we could take all the losers like this, stick them on a barge and send it to sea

  3. And yet another tale of wasted talent.

    HOF size and physical ability with this guy… but an absolute zero in terms of intelligence, discipline, or any kind of moral character. He will be 400 lbs and living in a box in the not too distant future, and he brought it all on himself.

  4. Be he wishes he wasn’t partying so much that he got kicked out of the Pro Bowl now!

    Or showing up to camp at over 400 lbs.

    Or having a $50,000 bar tab.

    Not a Vikings fan, but most of their players have handled themselves better than this clown.

  5. $375,000 in bills from a strip club? He could have bought his own for that.

  6. Once you get that Viking stench in your system, recuperating is an uphill battle. He was doomed the moment Minny drafted him way too high.


  7. This should be a bigger story as an example of what not to do with your life in the NFL

  8. Well, he did start out as a Viking…that probably had everything to do with his problems.

  9. Dude could have been set for life but he had to live in the moment. Immaturity. I have more money than he does. A lot more.

  10. He may need to apply at Subway. It’s beginning to look like his time in the NFL is at an end.

  11. McKinnie is probably already borrowing against his future concussion lawsuit settlement money.

  12. What a total failure as a player and apparently as a person. The only 4 games of his entire career that he played any where near his potential was our 2012 post season. He has been his own worse enemy through out his time in the NFL. Could not stay out of trouble. Such a shame.

  13. Matthew 7:1 : Judge not, that ye be not judged. You guys in the comment section are sad, hurling personal insults at a man you don’t know. ever stop to think that maybe you consider him a bad guy because the media made money off of selling you that idea? wake up.

    I hope this still young man can get his life together.

  14. “every NFL Player should Be required to go to Financial training”

    They’ve been doing that at the rookie symposium for many years. I do hope that he finally gets it one day. Don’t see that day being anytime soon.

  15. This is where the word “deadbeat” comes into play. You borrow money and you don’t pay it back, in my book that’s stealing! He should be kicked out of the league!

  16. America is a “spend first, live with regret later” nation. And professional athletes who (largely) came up with very little all of a sudden having millions of dollars are very susceptible to this.

    Obviously McKinnie has never heard of a financial adviser, nor did he have the right people surrounding him. And now, assuming he doesn’t get signed by a team (and really, would YOU as an Owner/GM want this guy and his distractions?), he’s facing going from not only being set for life as well as a generation or two of his immediate family to being just another average guy.

    Much like what Josh Gordon has done, he’s thrown away the blessings he has been given, and it’s just sad at the end of the day.

  17. Bryant McKinnie is 34 going on 35 and has played 13 seasons in the NFL. He should not be heading towards retirement with financial difficulties.
    The $375K tab at the strip club just about qualifies him next to Pacman Jones in the Strip Club Hall of Fame. Sadly, he will probably be dead within 3 years.
    The NFL should be doing more to help these guys who appear to be out of control.

  18. Blow through 10’s of millions of dollars? Do you mean that socking away a few million and blowing through a few million less than 10’s of millions of dollars is not as much fun?

  19. Dude who blows over 21 million he couldve put that money in a cd or savings acct and lived off the interest alone stupid stupid stupid

  20. “I say your lips are moving Boy, but nothing’s coming out”

    Foghorn Leghorn

  21. My family and I went to a movie in Eden Prairie, Mn when this loser played for the Vikes. He and his hoodrats walked shoulder to shoulder through the theatre, making everyone else, including woman and children, move to walls as they passed. He’s a poor excuse of a man!

  22. The really sad thing is that this guy had a ton of God given talent. He could have been an all time great, but he did just enough to get by. He let the Queens down, then did good for the Ravens; for awhile. Got benched and came back to do a great job in the SB run, but slipped back into sloth right after that. Played at least OK for the Phins, but then did what seems to come naturally to him.

    He could outplay somebody like Michael Oher if he got back into shape and tried. He is/was that good. Nobody is willing to take the chance again though. Not for more than vet minimum after the first game.I’m not sure that a measly million will help him out, at this point.

  23. And to think that I thought the guy was going to be bankrupt within a year after retirement.

  24. That’s okay everybody, we lead the world in public assistance so he’ll get his Section 8 housing set up with his food and medical benefits taken care of for him and his family. No worries. Just keep working your butt off at work so we can pay for all this.

  25. He could make another 10 million and live a great life…………IF
    he lifted 90 minutes a week…..did 5 hours of cardio a week and eat reasonably.

    Basically workout an hour a day and this guy can still cash in big. . . . . BUT will he?

  26. I cannot possibly understand how he spent that much at a strip club. Average joes like me do just fine with a couple hundred and that’s if I’m spoiling myself. This guy is a complete nub.

  27. filthymcnastyi says:
    Jul 6, 2014 9:25 AM
    A washed up lineman? Better hurry Packers…instant upgrade to the North’s worst Oline!

    Really troll ? Bleacher Report says
    Packers Boast One of NFL’s Most Underrated O-Lines
    Too bad McKinney didn’t buy a huge boat He could have made a mint in Minnesota crising one of the 10000 Mudholes But then again Darren Sharper probably would have “got” all the girls

    Good Luck. Once again the only Lombardi Trophy you will have is a preseason paper one
    I would have to bet Bryant learned all he could about his finances from the same Organization that is 0-48 Championships

  28. Just look at these gems our colleges are putting out. They cant talk, read, write, add, subtract, but by golly they can play football. Just a “smidgen” of common sense can take you anywhere you want to go.

  29. He can always get a job giving boat tours on Lake Minnetonka, $15 per hour and all you can eat!

    It is not surprising that such a low life as McKinnie was drafted as a Viking, where the criminal element seems to develop more than the player.

  30. I recall when buffalo had a choice between this guy and Mike Williams in the draft. Though the Bills made a mistake drafting Williams, and this guy had a better carer, they both turned out to be losers.
    And by the way, what kind of management does that strip club have, giving him a tab of $375 K?

  31. How the hell does someone even spend $375K at a strip club?

    Even just using that figure for weekends only it would translate to nearly $40M per year.

  32. Vikings. Stole Steve Hutchinson with a poison-pill contract, thought they were going to get a ring by plugging him next to McKinnie. The closest sniffing distance they got to the Super Bowl afterwards was snuffed out by Tracy Porter. SKOL!

    Karma. That’s what you get for playing dirty with other teams’ front offices. SKOLOL

  33. “And by the way, what kind of management does that strip club have, giving him a tab of $375 K?”
    a stripclub management that wants to make big bucks gives him a tab like that,they know full well the NFL salaries and probably knew just how much his contract was for,375k was just a drop in the bucket for him at that time,he was at the time very well off so dont blame a club trying to make money from millionaires.

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