Gordon’s DWI arrest technically irrelevant to pending suspension

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In theory, the recent DWI arrest of Browns receiver Josh Gordon won’t impact his pending one-year suspension for his latest violation of the substance-abuse policy.  But with the Commissioner or his designee handling the appeal of the proposed suspension, knowing that Gordon has been popped for DWI likely won’t result in any discretion being exercised in his favor at the appeal hearing set for late July.

The substance-abuse policy establishes a separate track for violations of the law relating to alcohol.  Since Gordon has no prior DWI offenses, he may not be suspended; however, past suspensions for misconduct under the substance-abuse policy could expose him to suspension for a first DWI offense.

Speaking of first-offense DWIs, Colts owner Jim Irsay’s recent comments regarding alcoholism and addiction resonate with respect to players like Gordon and Colts receiver LaVon Brazill, who potentially are struggling with alcoholism and/or addiction issues.  Brazill has been and Gordon possibly will be ejected from the league for a year due to a series of failed drug tests.  Unless and until Irsay is subject to the same rigorous procedures, which expose players to up to 10 tests per month, a double standard will exists.

For Gordon, the double standard has become a double whammy, with a one-year suspension possibly resulting from marijuana issues and another suspension possibly resulting from his DWI arrest.

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  1. Goodell will suspend him and also take into factor this arrest. Once he’s been tarnished and no one takes him again, Goodell will periodically phone Josh to see how he is doing and offer any solicited advice on how to act civilian….just like he’s done with Tank Johnson

  2. Let me get this straight…
    josh gordon finished with the 4th most dropped passes in the NFL in 2013 and kicked off two college teams (Baylor/Utah), Davone Bess finished with the 3rd most dropped passes in the NFL in 2013 (4th most in 2012) and was institutionalized due to “personal issues”, and Greg Little had the 2nd most dropped passes in the NFL in 2011 and was consistently bad…

    … but… it was ALLLLLLLLL Brandon Weeden’s fault.

  3. Browns still gone win da division. Dis a weak yea fo the AFC North Browns gone go 10-6 AT LEAST

  4. Let’s see how the Irsay thing plays out but there is a vast difference between owners and employee misconduct, especially where a CBA covers player behavior only. Further, misconduct by a player can potentially reduce the effectiveness of that player and impact the competitiveness and morale of the team, thereby costing the team wins and money. Misconduct by an owner is embarrassing to the league and, if bad enough, could lead to a Donald Sterling situation but if the owner takes the right steps to address the underlying issues, the risk of future problems can be minimized. If the players truly think that a double standard exists, maybe they should address owner misconduct in the next CBA negotiation.

  5. Irsay writes the checks… Gordon and Brazill cash the checks… Big difference.. What about this don’t people understand. It’s only been that way since the beginning of the monetary system.

  6. As of this point, it still says 16 days without an arrest…does Gordon not count for some reason or is IT on vacation?

  7. This could be the best thing to happen to Josh Gordon in the long run.

    It should make it crystal clear that the decision to drink and smoke up has been made for him.

    It’s pretty simple really. Drink and smoke = No $$$$$. Get your act together = Get Paid and paid well.

  8. I think Gordon is struggling with maturity and stupidity issues, not addiction. Oh, and collusion issues.

  9. A double standard exists because Owners are not players…they are not the same in any way within the NFL except that they are human beings…one writes and signs checks and the other cashes checks…one watches football games and the other plays football games…Irsay will be disciplined when he is convicted of OWI…until he is convicted there is nothing to discipline him for…if he isn’t when convicted then everyone has a right to complain about “double standards”…until then just stop the politicking and wait and see what happens

  10. In theory and technically, that’s probably true. Two separate incidents. But whether they’re treated that way or not, you have to know that Gordon is going to get hammered (no pun intended) before this is over. I know a zillion people may disagree, but I feel badly for the guy. Some people just can’t leave the old life behind and will never adapt to their potential, and I think that fits Josh Gordon. Here’s hoping I’m wrong and he gets this mess turned around sooner rather than later.

  11. RIGHT, and my current affair is technically irrelevant to my wife’s divorce case for adultery reasons.

  12. How have the Browns not cut the cord on this guy yet? They already screwed the pooch by not drafting Sammy Watkins, so why compound the error by holding on to a guy who will only continue to bring more embarrassment to the franchise and zero positive ROI for any time in the foreseeable future?

    I just don’t get how some of these front offices operate, sometimes.

  13. Weeden can’t even get away from a flag, don’t forget Gordon got more yards in a two game stretch vs. Steelers & Jaguars thany anyone, ever, in the history of the NFL. It was all from his skill set & breakaway speed, not Weedens throws!

  14. That #12 tattooed on your back will likely be the number of arrests and not your jersey number.

  15. Gordon has put his “need for weed” and other substances above helping his team. I’ll bet his teammates would like to take him to the woodshed.

  16. People who think the Browns should’ve taken Watkins: have you ever heard of “position of need”? Or maybe front offices having “plans for the draft”? Not taking Watkins is Akin to going to a restaurant and ordering a meal and getting a hair in it; just because your dining partner didn’t get a hair in his or her meal doesn’t mean you should’ve ordered the same thing. Stop being stupid.

  17. And Jim Irsay needs to be brought into this story…..Why?

    Owner ≠ Player
    (I hope the crossed out = comes through….)

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