Johnny Vegas, part two

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Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel remains 0-for-0 as a passer.  As a partier, he’s 2-for-2 when it comes to major holiday weekends spent in Las Vegas.

Via Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Manziel is back in Vegas this weekend.  Per Clarke, the rookie drew a crowd at the XS Nightclub.

Details regarding possible champagne spraying (and more importantly social-media photos) have not yet emerged.  Also, there’s no word on whether Manziel is hanging out with Gronk or the Biebs or any other famous/notorious types.

The news comes at a time when the Browns reportedly have told Manziel to tone it down.  Which happened only a few days before Manziel showed up at a party at Justin Bieber’s house.

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  1. He probably gets paid for appearing there. Anyway, thanks for a Manziel update, was wondering what was taking so long.

  2. Leave manziel alone let him live his life. Go bother teddy bridgewater telling him he’s gonna be a bust in this league.
    Carr> Manziel and bustwater
    Khalil Mack>Barr and Clowney

  3. What is the big deal? I suspect half the draft picks are doing the same thing.

  4. Went to Vegas once and hated it. It’s such a shame that with all of the amazing natural beauty in the west so many people gravitate to a such a vapid, artificial place. Actually, that’s probably why Johnny loves it so much.

  5. If this kid keeps thumbing his big ugly nose at the league like he has been, some veteran LB is gonna break it right off his face. He may even pay Joe Thomas under the table for the privilege.

  6. My employer never told me where I can or cannot go to for vacation. I just find it hard to believe that a 22 yr old with money, going to Vegas is news.

  7. Its just the same old age saying that some people are committed to the party/money not the profession that they chose for themselves. Its quite a common thing these days in all professions. That,s why the best professionals in their respective fields or the life changing professionals are truly dedicated.

  8. If I knew I was only going to last a few years in the league I would also party now while people still knew who I was.

  9. Instead of hitting the playbook, he’s hitting the town?! He’ll become just another bust that had a sence of entitlement coming out of college.

  10. Well, this isn’t even a real news story until we get the
    details and the pictures. As of now it’s just a rumor.

  11. good for him, enjoy and make money while he can as he only has 2 maybe 3 years left in league

  12. He should talk to Mark Sanchez about living it up in the spotlight when you first get into the league and how it all goes away when you do play well enough.

  13. In the NFL if you aren’t working on your trade, you are falling behind others who are. It’s important we showcase for posterity the morons who would rather party during their shot at the NFL, instead of preparing to succeed. It’s a privilege not a right.

    Now I can think of some reasons why Johnny Boy might have a legitimate case to be made that he feels he can safely unwind a bit here or there, and that partying down every weekend isn’t holding him back.

    Johnny Boyziel must have mastered the playbook, know every line call, and have a perfect relationship with his receivers and know where everyone will be at any point of any route in the playbook. Knows to take something off the slower receivers and put something extra on the faster receivers.

    He should understand the defenses of those he’ll potentially face in preseason/regular season. He should know their tendencies and know their personnel.

    If he doesn’t have all the above and more, he’s wasting his time and his shot in the NFL. That’s reality. Some people want to ignore that fact. They want to say the bare minimum is enough.

    The work for NFL players has already started, they are not in the off-season, and so he isn’t partying in the off-season, but merely in between camps for which the Browns are expecting him to not only maintain his mental and physical status, but to improve them. He should be more ready day 1 of training camp then he was the last day of OTA’s.

    Besides, whatever you feel like is ‘enough’ time to prepare for an NFL season, the question most of you should be asking is…what is Brian Hoyer doing?

    If Boyziel wants to overtake Hoyer, he should be working harder the Hoyer. He should be doing everything Hoyer is doing and much more to catch up to him.

    It’s not like Boyziel is behind Peyton Manning, but Brian freaking Hoyer. Even as a rookie if he can’t beat out an journeyman, below mediocre QB, it’s beyond sad.

    So while Boyziel is partying, others are preparing, and they’ll be ready, or at least a whole lot more ready. As for Boyziel, we’ll all have a chance to see how ready he is if we get the NFL network, where every NFL preseason game will be shown.

    He must be showcasing to us that he is ready not to make many mental errors. That he has everything down pat.

    His mastery will be shown, or we’ll see he should of been partying less and preparing more.

    After all he’s got plenty of shots in the NFL like everyone else, right? Plenty of mulligans in professional football. It’s not Boyziel in party football, it’s supposed to be Manziel in professional football.

    This is the sort of effort he gives people who have given him millions of dollars. This is the sort of respect he shows them by ignoring their sage advice.

    He’s not going to change anything about himself, because to do something prudent and wise is not being himself? He’s caught up in a bunch of bull crap sophistry that he believes means something. What a moron.

    Clearly Boyziel has no inkling of what it takes to be a professional.

  14. I agree the coverage if this is a bit much but the concern is real. One of the hardest positions to play in sports in QB in the nfl. There are plenty of partiers that did well in the nfl, rothelsberger and Favre come to mind, but they benefited in their youth from being around good players and coaches. They didn’t have to carry their respective teams their first two years. For manziel he is expected to save them now. The browns just lost their main offensive threat so the challenge just got that much bigger for him. Of course a lot 22 year olds like to party, but this is a guy making it a focal point of his life when the job he was drafted for requires incredible effort. Sure, he’s just a kid doing what kids do but it sure looks like a train wreck is on the horizon.

  15. Going to Vegas isn’t the’s who he’s hanging out with and the constant pictures that annoy most people.
    As for the people who continue to compare themselves to him and his situation…YOU’RE NOT HIM!
    The person who says his employer doesn’t tell him where he can or can’t go..does your employer also expect you to be studying for your job when you’re not at work? I doubt it!
    An NFL QB is not a regular 9-5 job. He’s expected to know the playbook inside and out by the time training camp starts. If he doesn’t know it, he’ll be hearing the name Ryan Leaf a lot more than Justin Bieber and his teammates won’t be celebrating with him. They’ll be cursing his arse out more often than not.

  16. Johnny it’s time to grow up. When you sign a contract in pro sports you must act like you’ve been there. Stop embarrassing your team and yourself. You are not invisible. It’s all gonna backfire with these bad decisions you’re making. Try to spend a little more time reading your play book, not your Playa Book

  17. We Americans live in a free world. The man pays his taxes like everyone else. Let him be. Most people that hate him do so cause they couldn’t live that life nor get beautiful women attention. Hate on. Not a Browns fan by the way.

  18. Unless they found a dead hooker in his room. I don’t see a problem with a person that has the means to have a good time and enjoy that stage of life. If he’s 35 and still acting this way then there might be a problem.

  19. For the record I don’t like Manziel and think he will bust out.

    But with that being said, I would bet that on any given weekend during the off season that at least 100 active NFL players are in Vegas.

    Where are the reports on them?

    Or, lets say that Manzeil was a lower profile guy who instead of going to clubs, he went to vegas and hid out in the high rollers room playing blackjack for 10 grand a hand, would the same scrutiny be applied?

    Really what it comes down to is that a kid that would still be in college if he wasn’t a ball player, is acting exactly like every kid in college does all over the country.

  20. Hope his rental car made it up the Calabasas Grade. I had one that almost didn’t. He probably didn’t rent an economy car like I did.

  21. Everyone on here is a hater. While your sitting at your desk tomorrow checking how many thumbs up you got on your pointless comment you might want to stop and think if you were 21 with a few million in your bank account what would you be doing. Stop hating he probably had the weekend off for the holiday.

  22. in re: jmc8888:
    what a windbag!

    Just take a deep breath, and come up for air. People like you frighten me.

  23. Bridgewater is home playing video games thinking that is going to help, I would rather go with the normal 22 year old who realizes there is more to life than playing video games.

  24. Nice story. Compelling. Rich.

    Unless Johnny got into some trouble in Vegas, how is this noteworthy?
    Athletes, like any other person, will occasionally go places for entertainment. What did you expect him to do? Stay locked in his room until training camp begins? Really?

    Please alert us when he visits the grocery store.

  25. Manziel played all NFL teams for fools(especially the Browns) when he tried to convince them all the partying and distractions away from football were behind him.

    All young people party and have fun but this guy has been given a great privilege to become an NFL QB and a first round pick. Most of us would be in Cleveland studying our playbooks and spending as much time with our coaches as possible to be the best player we could be. I hope Manziel proves me wrong but I just don’t se him being an NFL success.

  26. I don’t understand the Ryan Leaf comparisons. Did Leaf go to Vegas a lot? I thought his downfall was that he was a roided up headcase? Has Manziel shown anything like that to date?

  27. News flash, many pro athletes from all sports know to go to Europe to party. No kiss and tell and almost anything goes. They mostly don’t know who you are or even care. Johnny, get to Amsterdam and let the good times roll. Just be ready when the bell rings.

  28. It’s a zero-sum game; somebody wins and somebody loses. That’s all that should matter when it comes to JF as long as he isn’t breaking the laws. So what he does on his own time is irrelevant and the article was posted solely to get everybody riled up and create web-site hits.

  29. Good for JFF. All the pressure. All the hard work. Its a good thing for a rook trying to earn his place to periodically go and blow off steam. As long as he doesn’t drink in excess or do something illegal. So what? Its as if some people want to use a double standard for JFF vs. other players. I’d bet 90%+ party on weekends. He’s not a monk you know.

  30. defenses are gonna rock this guy. even in his own div, afc north, the defenses are generally stout.

    the only thing worse than manziel’s immaturity is the browns stupidity for drafting him.

    i predict hoyer beats him out, at least this year.

  31. @jmc8888 you dont know how hard hes working during the offseason he was in vegas for two holiday weekends your passing judgment on a young kid who has never played a down in the league yet you also sound like a 38 year old guy who probably still lives w/ your parents

  32. There are probably 50 commercial jets a day going into McCarren Int’l Airport in Las Vegas carrying politicians, athletes, crooks, priests, winners, losers, and a host of celebrities. We are now reporting news of things like they have happened, when they haven’t happened and may not happen. This is ridiculous. Yeah, Johnny should tone it down, but so should the fools spinning this up. Johnny could paint his house and there would be hourly reports on how the paint is drying.

  33. I wonder what Justin Gilbert, the Browns REAL 1st round pick is doing tonight. Maybe working out, went for a run, protein shake. Maybe he’s reading a book or getting some spiritual support? I dunno. But somehow Johnny doesn’t seem to me like he’s approaching his first training camp countdown the right way. Manziel should remember 21 teams passed on him, including his own Cleveland Browns.

  34. Nofoolnodrool says: Jul 6, 2014 6:17 PM

    Y’all couldn’t wait till he went somewhere.

    Hopefully he behaves in elevators…
    Or maybe a bar restroom like Ben huh Skippy?

  35. I bit,I clicked. What did you good folks do this weekend? Celebrate a little freedom,drink some beer,hang out with friends or family,grill a little,travel some,shoot off some fireworks (legal or illeagal)? Nobody followed you though, but someone is following him. Creepy.

  36. billybone says: Jul 6, 2014 9:07 PM

    It’s a zero-sum game; somebody wins and somebody loses. That’s all that should matter when it comes to JF as long as he isn’t breaking the laws. So what he does on his own time is irrelevant and the article was posted solely to get everybody riled up and create web-site hits.

    And you posted, so it is working perfectly….

  37. Who freaking cares what a 21yo kid does in a month off before he goes to work? This kid isn’t breaking any laws (looking at you Josh Gordon), cut him some slack.

  38. cornellsteelers says:
    Jul 6, 2014 6:08 PM

    Went to Vegas once and hated it. It’s such a shame that with all of the amazing natural beauty in the west so many people gravitate to a such a vapid, artificial place. Actually, that’s probably why Johnny loves it so much.

    Well said!

  39. As long as he doesn’t buy a property specifically to torture & kill dogs for kicks &/or knowingly infect innocent women with incurable disease, I am ok with almost anything else he does.

  40. cornellsteelers says:
    Jul 6, 2014 6:08 PM
    Went to Vegas once and hated it.


    Yeah, because your lifestyle and his have so much in common…

    Dude had money before he ever signed and NFL contract and now he has more – you girls jelly much?

  41. Where do you think Manning, Brady, Rodgers and Brees were in July of their draft years? Certainly not Las Vegas.

    Only Browns’ fans would defend this twerp. Maybe it’s just Cleveland fans’ blind faith in their hope for a winner…but something tells me Browns’ fans just want to break out their old Tim Couch #2 jerseys from mothballs.

    Manziel doesn’t even care about pro football…the Browns have been made suckers again, just like with Quinn and Weeden.

    The fans should be buying Brian Hoyer jerseys, because he’s the QB that will be starting; and in three years Manziel will be an afterthought just like Tim Tebow.

    It’s looking more likely this kid will be “Johnny F–k Up” rather than “Johnny Football” in Cleveland.

    He needs to get his butt outta Vegas and his nose into a playbook.

  42. Is the media going to get their knickers in a wad everytime this guy goes out to have some fun on a holiday weekend like millionsnof other people. This is getting a little over the top considering this guy has yet to take a single snap.

  43. He will put all this to rest by playing well… or being distracted and not playing well. Time will tell.

  44. He just needs to learn how to make excuses like JaMarcus Clowney. Nobody ever gives him any flak, and he’s lazy as hell.

  45. What a %#¡@)+)¿-¡.
    Giving Bortells and Bridgewater even more credit for focusing on football while the short lived Tebowmania like frenzy goes on. Its fine to party hardy but don’t go begging for the attention and purposely doing it. A saner smarter person would party in private. Especially since he’s done zero yet. I doubt he will duplicate what Tebow, a classier guy, did and take a team to postseason and even win a playoff game. I mean Boyer is projected starter and he’sddisrespecting team that gambled and drafted him. He seems to be asking for trouble in future that will ruin his career. Just watch. Little stupid things will make negative news as these next two seasons go on. I honestly see him in another uniform within 3 yrs. He’ll be a Jet or Raider. Oh well. Glad he ain’t in my team:))) Really glad. I’d be embarrassed and wouldn’t have a defense for the heckling. Only brown fans will tolerate it cause its been decades since any success. So I expect many thumbs down and each will be by a CLV fan.

  46. I will almost guarantee that during the off-season the kid works hard during the week. So he plays on weekends during the offseason. Probably a good idea. One can get so intense about a goal that he loses his edge. As long as he is doing nothing illegal or against NFL rules, or abusing alcohol, who cares. Really, I don’t care if he abuses alcohol in the legal sense; I just know how alcohol can hold an athlete back from performing at his peak and would like to see him perform up to his ability. But partying and a four drinks or less on a Saturday is nothing.

  47. This kid has never been told “no”. Ever since his days at Kerrville Tivey, he has been put on a pedestal and worshiped.

    Did the browns expect anything less?

  48. so in an article about Johnny Manziel you bring up the Ravens. and you don’t think you are a troll? well, you also believe the Steelers are some kind of moral high point for the nfl, Ben has never done anything wrong, and Santa and the Easter bunny are real. what a joke

  49. I have no have no feeling one way or the other. For 2 reasons: # 1, He’s not better than Hoyer. #2, He hasn’t played one down in the NFL. So no feeling one way or the other if he decides to go all Josh Gordon on the Browns.

  50. Manziel spent the entire compound talking about Russell Wilson, how he was that kind of player.

    You know how Russell Wilson has spent every summer since being drafted? In the film room or at a hospital visiting sick kids. Wilson literally showed up at the Seahawks HQ the day after the draft talking about wanting to watch film and learn the playbook. While the media and even most Seahawk fans criticized the Seahawks for drafting Wilson after bringing in Matt Flynn as a free agent, Wilson took it seriously enough to COMPETE every single minute of every single day and won the job as starter in the preseason. Russell Wilson doesn’t party, he prepares and wins. When other players were taking it easy in the Pro-Bowl, Russell Wilson played like his life depended on it. That’s how champions play.

    So while Manziel likes to say he’s like Wilson – he’s not even close. The kid doesn’t have 10% of Wilson’s work ethic. And to those who ask how I would know that?

    Go back and watch the “Real Rob Report” videos of Russell Wilson after he was drafted. All that kid does is live, breathe and eat football. He knew the playbook by the second week of his first preseason and spent his entire first offseason, after just being drafted, working with the entire Seahawks WR corps.

    Manziel will bust.

  51. I can’t wait until this fool falls flat on his face and his benched. Then the Browns will wish they never got rid of Brady Quinn

  52. Bobby Layne was an All-American at Texas. He entered the NFL and led the Lions to several NFL titles particularly over the Browns. Bobby Layne drank and partied. In fact during a game against the Baltimore Colts, Art Donovan yelled at Layne after a tackle that he reeked with alcohol. For some reason in this country we put athletes on pedestals then expect them to act like Thomas Aquinas. They are human beings. They come from the same pool-the human race with all of it’s failures. If Manziel fails as a player then please you have a right to question his antics. Until then it is his life. Perhaps failure on the field is what he eventually will need.

  53. Its funny how many people on here think he shouldnt go out, and should never be seen. Last time i checked there were 24 hours in a day. Lets say he studies his playbook from 10 am to 6 pm and goes out after. That a solid 8 hours of studying. Typical work day for most of us, maybe not the specific hours but length of time at work.

    Gee hes having fun. What a crime. Hes in Vegas, wow another crime.

    His success in the NFL wont be contingent on staying inside and being a hermit. Hell Tom Brady couldnt win with the ineptitude of the Browns front office. No one would be successful with the way the Browns draft.

    I hope they sit him all year. Have you seen the Browns WR crew? Nice job Farmer not drafting Watkins. Brilliant decision. You needed him regardless of whther Gordon was going to play or not, which obviously now he wont be.

    This is why the Browns lose consistently. Dumb drafting and decisions.

  54. Might wanna start saving some of those $$$$ Johnny cause your gonna need them when you bust out of the NFL !!!!

  55. People keep saying let him live his life, or leave him be.

    He’s young it’s the off season this shouldn’t be an issue.

    To the people thinking this way I have one thing to remind you of.

    1998. Peyton was asked if he was drafted No. 1 what would he do. His response was typical Peyton. Talking about how he would get into the facility right away and start learning.

    Ryan Leaf was asked the same thing. His response was. He would go out and party in Vegas. He showed up to camp overweight and and I believe got in late from partying till 2 am or so inVegas.

    Peyton is a hall of fame QB, possibly the best of all time, and Leaf is in prison I believe for stealing prescription drugs.

    Leaf was far away more talented than Manziel. This is why he needs to stay away from Vegas, and out of the spot light if he wants a chance to make it.

    Where do you think the best QBs like Manning, Brady, Brees, Rivers, Rodgers etc were this weekend…

    Sure they were out on a boat or something on the 4th, but over Saturday and Sunday I’m sure they spent at least 6-8 hours reviewing film and working out. Johnny needs to be putting in more than this if he wants to get to their level specially right now in the offseason.

  56. this guys begining to be old news…he will crash and burn soon enough!

  57. Haters gonna hate. All this talk about a lack of work ethic because a guy parties on the weekend during the off-season. That’s nuts. If anything, doing something like that clears out the cobwebs and allows him to focus and work even harder during the week. Give the man a little slack!

  58. Everyone has an unhealthy obsession with Johnny Manziel that is media driven… No one really knows why they dont like him, they just dont… No matter what he does away from the field… my guess is because Manziel is living everyone else’s fantasy… Indeed…

  59. Browns fans getting a little testy, News Alert for all Browns Fans his name is Johnny Football and you new it before drafting this clown so get used to it….

  60. You can’t compare prior eras to what is happening now. Just because Bobby Layne partied back in the 50’s an still QB’d the Lions to NFL titles doesn’t mean Manziel can do it.

    Modern athletes have to be more dedicated than ever, both mentally and physically, compared to 60 years ago. There’s a reason Babe Ruth could play on a diet of whiskey and hot dogs, but Derek Jeter doesn’t.

    And NFL quarterback is probably the most challenging position.

    If people think Manziel can “work out” and “study hard” Monday to Friday and has to blow off steam in Vegas on weekends, they are as misguided as Manziel.

    College was easy for him bases on talent. But at 5’11” in the NFL, he has no chance of success without work ethic.

    QB’s like Drew Brees and Russell Wilson came into the league unheralded and with a chip on their shoulder.

    Manziel comes in with hype and a silver spoon in his mouth. He grew up a spoiled rich kid with great ability and a sense of entitlement.

    Maybe there are lots of NFLers partying this off-season in Vegas, South Beach and other places.

    But I doubt any of them are quarterbacks. The last prodigal QB with a taste for partying I can remember was Matt Leinart. And the Cardinals took him 12 spos higher in his draft than the Browns did on Manziel…

    At least Johnny won’t have to deal with the disgrace of ending up in Arena League or Canadian football just to get a paycheck…he’ll have his daddy’s money to fall back on…

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