Tanard Jackson humbled, hopeful he can make most of opportunity


Safety Tanard Jackson will be trying to get his career back on track this summer when he goes to training camp with the Redskins after spending the last two seasons on the outside looking in after being suspended by the NFL for a third time.

It will be an uphill fight for Jackson to land on the 53-man roster, but he has a couple of things working for him.

Jackson is playing for defensive backs coach Raheem Morris, who was the head coach in Tampa while Jackson was there, and that long relationship should help him as he fights for a spot this summer. Fellow safety Ryan Clark predicted that Jackson will “be awesome this year,” but Jackson’s experiences the last two years have stopped him from assuming that he’ll just pick up where he left off.

“Going from playing football to working in a warehouse at a 9-to-5 job is a humbling experience,” Jackson said, via the Tampa Tribune. “It’s taught me to never take anything in this business for granted.”

Clark, Brandon Meriweather, Bacarri Rambo and Philip Thomas will be the competition for playing time in Washington, although Jackson’s own rustiness after such a long spell on the shelf may loom larger when it comes time to set the final roster.

10 responses to “Tanard Jackson humbled, hopeful he can make most of opportunity

  1. Sorry I have no sympathy for repeat offenders… Athletes really are treated different the main stream society.. Been there.. Not done that!… 53 guys on a team 35 -38 are great guys.. 15-18 give all athletes a bad image

  2. If he can get it together and get back to old form, that man can do some damage! I still remember when Dallas Clark paid the price for going against him on a pass. Granted it was 2 years ago but I’m sure Dallas is glad he’s leaving before he goes back to that situation lol. YouTube that one, its always worth a ” damn how did he get back up from that?”

  3. You were suspended 3 times… From at least a 6 figure job to working in a warehouse. I wouldn’t call it humbling, I’d call you a complete idiot

  4. I am now rooting for this guy . I’m a firm believer in learning from your mistakes and coming back better and more focused than ever . People like to quickly give second chances and reality is that they hardly ever learn anything (Gordon) .

    I’ve personally gone through a similar humbling experience and it made me come back more focused determined and harder than ever to deny . It pushes me to the level I’m at and on the verge of and This lesson will carry with this guy the rest of his life and he be even more successful bc of it .

    Good luck you’ve got this Seahawks fan rooting for you . Long road but persistence pays off, capitalize on your opportunity which I’m sure he will be doing everything in his power to do .

  5. I’m actually proud of Tanard for getting a job in a warehouse. So many young noodniks & recent college grads think they are above working low wage jobs while driving a car or screwing with a smartphone a parent is paying for. Respect yo.

  6. We ALL make or have made mistakes in life. We ALL have been idiots at one time or another. People CAN change and I’m living proof of it. Once a alcoholic and drug abuser but clean and sober for the past 15 years. Sometimes it takes a dramatic event, such as losing a 6 figure job and going to work in a warehouse and sometimes it only takes looking at yourself in a mirror and not enjoying the view to bring about this change. We need help at the safety position and if he has changed Jackson can provide that help we desperately need. I leave it to you “prefect” readers to now cast the first stone!

  7. what was he taking? weed? the marijuana laws in this country are just outdated and stupid

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